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Below are all of the digital copy code vouchers that I was forced to pay for them when I purchased physical discs, despite only wanting to purchase the physical discs. All vouchers have been TESTED and are VALID. (Ultraviolet vouchers work perfectly fine on Vudu, and are not affected in any way by the UV shutdown on July 31, 2019.) The voucher may be either SD or HD or 4K (check the details below to see what the format is). 4K versions may only be available at Movies Anywhere, even if the code can also be redeemed on Vudu. The voucher is only guaranteed to be valid within the United States (or with a U.S.-based account with the various movie service providers). Due to the nature of the item, all sales are final, there are no returns or refunds.

• PRICES: Individual vouchers are $5.00 for SD or HD formats, $10.00 for 4K format (some exceptions may apply); based on the format of the original disc or the format it validated as at Movies Anywhere (where relevant). Prices vary for bundles and TV seasons, but I have priced them cheaper than on Vudu. The individual prices are not negotiable. They are as low as I can afford for them to be since the price includes all third-party processing fees. You are also paying me for my time and effort to type in the information, get the years and actors for the movies, and most importantly, to test out the voucher information for you. So, please don't waste any of our time asking if I'd accept a lower price. That said, I AM WILLING TO WORK OUT DEALS FOR PURCHASES OF 6 OR MORE VOUCHERS.

• HOW TO BUY: Click on a title in the list below to be taken through the secure PayPal checkout process. If you want to order multiple vouchers, you will have to go through a separate checkout process for each. These vouchers must be purchased separately from the physical items listed elsewhere on this site.

• INSTANT DELIVERY: Upon completion of the PayPal checkout process, you will automatically be taken to a special page containing the voucher in text format. (IF YOU'RE ON A MOBILE DEVICE, YOU MAY BE REDIRECTED TO THE PAYAPAL APP INSTEAD OF MY CODE PAGE, SO PLEASE TRY TO ORDER ON A DESKTOP/LAPTOP COMPUTER IF POSSIBLE.) Be sure to copy, save, or print out this special page as you will not be able to access it again in the future. If, for some reason, you are not taken to this page, please e-mail me (or send me a private message) and I will send the code manually later when I'm on my desktop computer.

• ORDER WITH CONFIDENCE: I have many years of 100% positive feedback selling vouchers on eBay. I have also promoted them on, where users have also left me feedback.

• SERVICE PROVIDERS & FORMATS: My testing of the vouchers show that they work on different sites. Below are the results of my testing, presented in an easy-to-read format. MA = Movies Anywhere / VU = Vudu (formerly UltraViolet) / AP = Apple TV (formerly iTunes) / GO = Google Play / MS = Movie Spree (Mill Creek). If a code doesn't validate at Movies Anywhere, I will not be able to know the format without using the code, so I'll just state it as either "4K?", "HD?", or "SD?" based on the disc format I got the code from. Although vouchers may work on sites other than those I have stated, I can only guarantee that they work on those listed here. DO BE AWARE THAT VOUCHERS MAY ONLY BE REDEEMABLE WITH UNITED STATES-BASED ACCOUNTS WITH THE STATED SERVICE PROVIDERS. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN IF TRYING TO REDEEM OUTSIDE OF THE UNITED STATES.

##### VERY IMPORTANT ##### - For 4K format, I highly suggest that you redeem at Movies Anywhere, where applicable. That is the only site that confirms the format to me without needing to use the code. Other sites only tell me that the code works there, not what the format is. Do be aware that I get some product early, so for NEW RELEASES, if you try to redeem the code before the product's release date, you may get an error message. Please wait and try the code the day AFTER the product's release date. If it still doesn't work, then I'll refund your money. If you redeem a 4K code on Movies Anywhere *BEFORE* the product's release date, you may get a "This title is currently not supported in 4K" message (see screenshot). That means that, although you redeemed the 4K code (it will say "4K" in the line with the rating and runtime), they haven't uploaded the 4K copy of the movie yet to the service. The message *should* be replaced with the 4K copy of the movie when the product release date arrives.

• REDEMPTION SITES: You can redeem on the following pages:
    * Movies Anywhere:
    * Vudu:
    * Apple TV: [unknown]
    * Google Play: [unknown]
    * Movie Spree:


This is a special limited-time offer unlike any I have ever offered before. I have several codes that when used at will let you choose from 1 of the 66 movies listed below (PROOF IMAGE). The movies are either HD or 4K, as noted below. I'm selling them all at the SD/HD price of $5.00 EACH. You can order as many codes as I have left (change the quantity in the cart), as each code will get you 1 movie. If you want to buy 5 or more, e-mail me and I'll make you a bulk deal.

Since I have several codes for sale, it isn't practical to set up an instantly-delivered checkout system for this. I will have to send you the code(s) manually. Please give me 24-48 hours to see your order e-mail and e-mail you the code(s) to the e-mail address you have registered with PayPal.