Release Date: November 10, 2004
Cover Date: April, 2004
Cover Price: $2.95 (regular), $3.50 (painted)
Story: Andrew Dabb
Pencils: Steve Kurth
Inks: Serge LaPointe & Michel Lacombe
Colors: Blond
Letters: Ed Dukeshire
Editor-In-Chief: Sebastien Clavet
Cover: Steve Kurth, Serge LaPointe & Blond (regular), Dan Brereton (painted)
Ghostbusters' Secretary
Hears Dead People
“Legion” Part 3

    10 years ago, Egon, Peter, Ray and Michael Draverhaven undergo and experiment to contact the spirit world and collect the data to create the greatest scientific discovery of mankind.  However, something goes wrong and Michael takes the brunt of it, driving him insane.  In the present, the Ghostbusters investigate Michael’s escape as Egon begins to discover the hidden secret about the recent ghost attacks in the city, while Ray learns the true scope of what happened that day!
FYI: This issue was sparsely shipped when it first came out.  As such, many stores wouldn't get their copies until December 1st.

FYI: Page 4-
    Peter: “Pretty.  Now do Madonna and Cher hugging.”
    Madonna and Cher are two musical performers.

FYI: The ghost Draverhaven attacks Ray with is none other than Slimer, marking his first appearance in the 88MPH run.

FYI: Ray makes a call from a phone booth.  Phone booths, once a familiar sight around New York City, have been gradually reducing in number over the last decade in favor of hooded stand-alone phones in order to keep vagrants from sleeping in them and using them as bathrooms, drug deals from going down, and remove the redundancy caused by the increase of cell phone usage.  For more on phone booths, click here.
FYI: A Ghostbusters 2 location makes a guest appearance in the last panel as the ghosts move towards New York.  Give up?  It’s none other than the Manhattan Museum of Art next to Battery Park, otherwise known as the National Museum of the American Indian.
FYI: The ghost Draverhaven attacks Ray with is none other than Slimer, marking his first appearance in the 88MPH run.
FYI: The cab Ray uses has 3 different numbers; 7P31 on the sign, 7P67 on the trunk lid and 3P51 on the license plate.  Assuming that it’s a NYC cab, all three numbers should match.  However, if it's a New Jersey cab, all three numbers are different.  Since location is not indicated in the story, you can make your own assumptions here.
Page 17-
    Egon: “Ghosts don’t have a brain per say, but they do have an ectoplasmic cortex.”
    “Per say” is actually spelt “Per se”.
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