Cover Date: July 2nd, 1988
Cover Price: 38p
Story: Dan Abnett, John Carnell (third story),
Pencils: Brian Williamson (first story), Anthony Williams (second & fourth story), Dave Elliott (third story)
Inks: Tim Perkins (first story), Anthony Williams (second & fourth story), Dave Elliott (third story)
Colors: Louise Cassell (first story), Helen Griffiths (second story), Hel (third story), Lynn White (fourth story)
Letters: Hel (first & fourth story), Bambos (second story)
Spiritual Guide: Dan Abnett
Slimer: John Carnell & Lew Stringer
Editor: Richard Starkings
Assistant Editor: Helen Stone & Dan Abnett
Cover: Dave Elliott
Ghostbusters' Secretary
Ghostbusters' Resident Ghost
Storm Makers
Dandruff Free
Silent Film Spook
“High Spirits”
    A supernatural storm has manifested over a New York high rise and Egon and Peter have set out to investigate it.  However, Peter’s fear of heights may prove a hindrance to the Ghostbusters since they need to bust the ghosts 88 stories up!

“Spengler’s Spirit Guide” Part 8
    Making the world educated about mobile apparitions.

“The Headless Horseman!”
    A headless horseman (bet ya didn’t see that coming, didja?) is running rampant in New York City with Peter and Winston in Ecto-1 hot on his heels.  Of course, Peter might be hard pressed to decide what's the bigger threat; the ghost or Winston's puns.

“Hypnotic Hunger!”
    Egon conducts an experiment to learn the origins of their little green buddy Slimer by taking him into his past lives through hypnosis.  Unfortunately, Slimer’s regression transforms him back into his earliest form: that of a Hunger Demon!  Now a big, hideous green monster, Slimer is hungry and only Egon is on the menu!

“Stage Fright!”
    Janine has won tickets to Hollywood to witness the grand reopening of an old sound stage that burnt down in 1931, and she’s brought movie fan Winston along with her.  However, the ceremony is cut short by the sudden appearance of Charles Chase Mantell; former silent film star who filmed on that very stage and has haunted it since he was forgotten by the populace with the introduction of movies with sound.  Winston has to figure out how to stop him without any gear or be forced to watch his movies over and over for all eternity!

“Blimey!  It’s Slimer!”
    Slimer’s in intensive training to get in shape for an upcoming event; Slimo Wrestling!
Special Features:
    Bio: Busting equipment (Proton gun & proton pack).
    Slime Time! Jokes.
FYI: This issue shares a cover with NOW’s Slimer! #14.
FYI: “High Spirits”
    Page 3-The building, although unidentified, bears a strong resemblance to New York’s Chrysler Building.
Photo © 2001 Angus McIntyre
FYI: “High Spirits”
    The Ghost Sniffer makes another appearance, held once again by Peter.  Check out Marvel UK’s Real Ghostbusters #4 for the first appearance.
FYI: “The Headless Horseman!”
    Page 10-WINSTON: “…I’ve seen Miami Vice!”
    Miami Vice was an 80s cop show that used a lot of MTV-inspired imagery and music.  It starred Don Johnson as Detective Sonny Crocket and Philip Michael Thomas as Detective Ricardo Tubbs.

FYI: “Hypnotic Hunger”
    Page 15-PETER: “I’m going to the movies with Dana.”
    Once again, the elusive Dana Barrett is mentioned but never seen in the pages of RGB until the Ghostbusters II adaptation.  She has also been mentioned in Marvel UK’s Real Ghostbusters #6 and NOW’s Real Ghostbusters #1.

FYI: “Stage Fright!”
    Page 20-WINSTON: “Gimmie that Oscar, man!”
    An Oscar is the name of the award given out at the annual Academy Awards.
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