Cover Date: December 24th, 1988
Cover Price: 38p
Story: John Carnell, Steve Alan (third story)
Pencils: Brian Williamson (first & second story), Martin Griffiths (third story), Phil Elliott (fourth story)
Inks: Cam Smith (first story), Dave Harwood (second story), Martin Griffiths (third story), Bambos (fourth story)
Colors: Lynn White (first story), Steve White (second story), Chris Matthews (fourth story)
Letters: Annie H. (first story), Hel (second story), Bambos (fourth story)
Spiritual Guide: Dan Abnett
Slimer: Bambos & Peri Godbold
Editor: Helen Stone
Art Assistant: Chris Matthews
Cover: Martin Griffiths
Ghostbusters' Secretary
Ghostbusters' Resident Ghost
Holds A Grudge
Empowering Spooks
“Sleepy Slimer!”
    Peter gets up late and dreads getting into the bathroom after Slimer, knowing he always has to clean it first.  But this was the last straw, and Peter decides to take a stand.  Except, Slimer is the only person he DOESN’T encounter this morning.  Where could he be?  Could Peter actually be…lucky this morning?  

“Spengler’s Spirit Guide” Page 28
    Getting down and dirty with gremlins.

“Grudge Gremlin…the Final Conflict!”
    Winston lets the guys in on his recurring problem and they finally all get to meet this Grudge Gremlin.  Peter steps up to take him out, but ends up getting stuck with him instead!

“The Ghost That Wasn’t Really a Ghost At All!”
    Henry Krinkle had come to Ghostbusters HQ for one reason; he was a ghost, and he wanted to be busted.  He tells them his sad story on what led him to that conclusion and it seems pretty genuine, but Egon’s PKE Meter doesn’t lie.  And what it says is this: Henry isn’t a ghost at all!

“Ghetto Blaster”
    A kid listens to the Ghostbusters Rap (you remember that one, don’t you?) and works on a Slimer mural when two electrical sprites possess his boom box.  The Ghostbusters come in to deal with the problem but find a little finesse is required or else they’ll just power the sprites up more with their beams.

“Blimey!  It’s Slimer!”
    Slimer spends some time with his friend Billy Bones.
Special Features:
    Free Willow Mini Model.
    Slime Time! Jokes.
FYI: “The Ghost That Wasn’t Really a Ghost At All!”
    Page 13“…and Winston was already halfway down the corridor whistling Greensleeves.”
    Greensleeves is a traditional English folksong said to have been composed by King Henry VIII for his queen-to-be Ann Boleyn.
BLOOPER: “Sleepy Slimer!”
Page 3 – Peter’s tongue and the no-ghost logo are yellow.
BLOOPER: “Sleepy Slimer!”
Page 5 – The color tones get lighter towards the bottom of the page.
BLOOPER: “Sleepy Slimer!”
    Page 6 – Peter’s hair is purple.
BLOOPER: “Grudge Gremlin…the Final Conflict!”
    Page 10 – Peter’s tongue is yellow.
BLOOPER: “Ghetto Blaster”
   Page 20 – The color tones get lighter towards the bottom of the page.
BLOOPER: “Ghetto Blaster”
    Page 21 – Egon’s suit becomes blue (although technically that IS the correct color…).
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