Cover Date: May 6th, 1989
Cover Price: 40p
Story: John Carnell (first story), John Freeman (second story), Jane Fabian (third story)
Pencils: Phil Elliott (first story), Brian Williamson (second & third story)
Inks: Dave Harwood (first story), Nick Abadzis (second story), Tim Perkins (third story)
Colors: Stuart Place (first & third story)
Letters: Peter Knight (first story), Hel (third story)
Spiritual Guide: Dan Abnett
Slimer: Bambos & Bea
Editor: Stuart Bartlett
Assistant Editor: Peri Godbold
Cover: Brian Williamson & Nick Abadzis
Ghostbusters' Secretary
Ghostbusters' Resident Ghost
Spooky E.T.
Tickets, Please
Locked in a Tree
“Bust in Space!”
    The Ghostbusters are blasted into space to deal with a haunted space station.  Unfortunately, all they do is empower it, forcing a tactical retreat.  No sooner do they get back to their ship than the extra-terrestrial energy assembles some trash into a body and becomes a space junk spook!

“Spengler’s Spirit Guide” Part 47
    Ghosts from outer space.

“Ticket to Bust!”
    A Ghost is terrorizing an Amtrak train and the Ghostbusters are on board to deal with it.  They soon discover a ghostly conductor which believes it’s still 1927 and transports anyone with a “fraudulent” ticket to a pocket dimension, and he’s just claimed his latest victim: Winston!  Now the Ghostbusters have to find the ghost and save their friend and the other missing passengers before reaching their last stop.

“Spell of Trouble!”
    The Ghostbusters head to the suburbs where new homeowners released an Elemental Witch from her prison inside a creepy dead tree.  The Ghostbusters take her on, but Egon becomes the first casualty as he’s turned into a giant fungi.  Now they’ll have to revert him back and stop the witch to restore peace to this quiet little burg.

“Dead True!”
    In a Spanish village, Maria Gomez began to notice faces appearing on her floor.  They couldn’t be rubbed out nor did changing the tiling help.  Only when it was decided to dig up the floor did they discover the possible source of the haunting; human remains!

“Blimey!  It’s Slimer!”
    Slimer enters an eating contest.
Special Features:
     Bio: Greed Ghost.
FYI: “Bust in Space!”
    Page 3UNKNOWN: “We’re gonna be the first Ghostbusters in space!”
    In actuality, they already WERE by the time this issue came out in the episode “Ain’t NASA-Sarily So.”  They would make a return to space later in the episode “Spacebusters.”

FYI: “Bust in Space!”
Page 3 PETER: “Ground control to Major Tom…I’m floating in the most peculiar way!”
These lines are taken from the song of the same name by David Bowie.

FYI: “Bust in Space!”
    Page 5PETER: “Egon has anyone ever told you that you sound like Mr. Spock!”
    Mr. Spock was the emotionless half-human half-Vulcan science officer of the U.S.S. Enterprise in the original Star Trek series.

FYI: “Ticket to Bust!” is a play on the title of a Beatles song “Ticket to Ride”.

FYI: “Ticket to Bust!”
    Page 13“It was nearly tea-time when Ecto-1 pulled into the parking lot of New York’s Pennsylvania Station.”
    Tea-time is a light meal in the middle of the day practiced in Britain and in various countries, mostly those that were once British colonies.  It is not, however, regularly practiced or mentioned in the US.  
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