Cover Date: August 19th, 1989
Cover Price: 40p
Story: Jonathon Bernstein (first story), Dan Abnett (second story), John Carnell (third story)
Pencils: Anthony Lacrombe (first story), John Marshall (second story), Brian Williamson (third story)
Inks: Anthony Lacrombe (first story), Dave Harwood (second story), Nick Abadzis (third story)
Colors: Stuart Place (first & third story)
Letters: Hel (first story), Nick Abadzis (third story)
Spiritual Guide: Dan Abnett
Slimer: Bambos
Dead True: Bambos & Memlie
Editor: Stuart Bartlett
Cover: John Marshall & Dave Harwood
Ghostbusters' Secretary
Ghostbusters' Resident Ghost
Beach Bum
Rule the Waves!
Catches Waves
Has A Secret
“Wipe Out!”
    It’s summer fun on the beach as the Ghostbusters get called out to take care of some surf zombies wrecking the waves for others.  They hit the surf but face a wipe out as the zombies just keep on coming and keep getting bigger.

“Spengler’s Spirit Guide” Part 62
    Beach bum ghosts.

“Bad Vibrations!”
    Amity Bay is being cleared out by a phantom surfer, scaring people off its beaches.  A female beach patron leads the Ghostbusters down to the Bay so they can investigate.  First they get a PKE reading, and then the surfer appears.  However, their proton guns seem to have no effect as the spook buzzes over their heads!  Egon takes off for parts unknown, leaving the others to fend for themselves against a ghost who can’t be trapped.

“Dead True!”
    When Don Craig fell asleep against a buoy on the Florida coast, he had a horrific dream that resulted in his suffocating to death.  When he woke up, he learned that his dream had actually happened to another man right there years before!

“Beach Boy Bust!”
    Peter, Ray and Slimer are trying to enjoy a day at the beach only to have it interrupted by a bully picking on everyone.  Peter has enough and is determined to face off against him when Ray’s PKE picks up a presence.  It looks like their beach bully just picked on the wrong Ghostbusters!

“Blimey!  It’s Slimer!”
    Slimer wants to cross a bridge the same time as a man, and he refuses to get out of the way despite Slimer’s being there first.  What is a ghost to do?
Special Features:
    Bio: Gremlins.
    Slime Time! Jokes.
FYI: Cover – The cover tagline is a play on the beginning of the Surfari’s Wipe Out.

FYI: A wipe-out is when a surfer falls off their board.

FYI: “Wipe Out!”
    Page 3 – The song blasting as the Ghostbusters head out with their boards is Surfin’ Safari by the Beach Boys.

FYI: “Wipe Out!”
    Page 3PETER: “I’m picking up good vibrations!”
    Peter sings Good Vibrations, also by the Beach Boys.

FYI: “Bad Vibrations!”
    Page 11“…the hush of the surf was mingling with the tune of ‘California Girl’ rising from the juke box…”
    California Girl is a light play on the Beach Boys song California GirlS.

FYI: “Beach Boy Bust!”
    Peter wears a Sleeze Brothers shirt (see bloopers), who were co-created by story writer John Carnell.

FYI: “Beach Boy Bust!”
    Page 16PETER: “Nobody steps on a sandcastle in my town!”
    A play on Peter’s line from the first movie after Mr. Stay Puft stepped on a church while coming for them.
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