Cover Date: November 4th, 1989
Cover Price: 40p
Story: Joan Ormrod (first story), John Carnell (second & fourth story), Brian Williamson (third story)
Pencils: Tony O’Donnell (first story), Brian Williamson (second story), Brian Williamson (third story), John Marshall (fourth story)
Inks: Dave Harwood, Cam Smith (second story), Robin Bouttell (third story)
Colors: Stuart Place (first & fourth story), Euan Peters (second story)
Letters: Hel (first story), Dozy (second story), Spolly (fourth story)
Spiritual Guide: Dan Abnett
Slimer: Bambos
Dead True: Bambos & Memlie
Editor: Stuart Bartlett
Assistant Editor: Peri Godbold
Cover: Brian Williamson, Dave Harwood & Robin Bouttell
Ghostbusters' Secretary
Ghostbusters' Resident Ghost
Split Persona
Hellish Razors
“Hallowe’en Horror!”
    Halloween, the most confusing night of any Ghostbuster!

“Spengler’s Spirit Guide” Part 73
    The supercosmos Hallowe’en party.

“Which Witch is Which?”
    It’s Halloween night and the Ghostbusters are preparing for the festivities when they get a call about a witch problem.  They head out to the address only to find a witch plotting the end of all things…and multiple clones!  With their blasters only creating more witches, the Ghostbusters have to figure out how to stop the wicked witch and change Peter back from a frog!

“Winston’s Diary”
Monday, October 30th 1989
    It’s Halloween and the Ghostbusters are busy as usual.  However, they learn they’re about to get even busier when Egon reveals he miscalculated that a really bad Halloween would happen in three years, but was really due to hit this year!  Now they need to close the portal at the World Trade Center to prevent some bad nastiness from coming through.

“Blimey!  It’s Slimer!”
    The case of the missing chocolate cake!

“Dead True!”
    Terry Palmer decided to find the burial site of Elsa, the last witch burned at the stake in England.  However on his quest, he soon finds himself host to Elsa’s spirit!

“Hell Razor II”
    Since his ordeal with the Hell Razor, Peter has switched over to disposables.   But history is about to repeat itself when Peter is faced with an army of demon disposables!    
Special Features:
    Slime Time! Jokes.
FYI: “Which Witch is Which?” was also featured in Marvel UK’s Real Ghostbusters #27.
FYI: “Which Witch is Which?”
    Page 7 – Winston reads a copy of “The Omen” by David Seltzer.
FYI: “Which Witch is Which?”
    Page 8RAY: “Great…a witch hunt!”
    A witch hunt in puritanical times was the search for witches amongst the populace.  In modern times, it has come to mean primarily the persecution of an enemy with little to no regard of actual guilt.
FYI: “Which Witch is Which?”
    Page 9WINSTON: “Let’s call a witch doctor!”
    A witch doctor is a healer who believes illness is caused by magic and can only be cured the same way.
FYI: “Winston’s Diary”
    The description of the big bad spook at the end of the story sounds fairly close to Samhaine, the spirit of Halloween who made his debut in the RGB episode “When Halloween Was Forever.”  
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