Cover Date: June, 1989
Cover Price: $1.75
Story: Hilarie Staton
Pencils: David Schwartz (first story), Gary Fields (second story)
Inks: David Mowry (first story), Gary Fields (second story)
Colors: Suzanne Dechnik
Letters: Jorge Pacheco (first story)
Editor: Katherine (as Kate) Llewellyn
Editor-In-Chief: Tony Caputo
Cover: Gary Fields & Suzanne Dechnik
Ghostbusters' Resident Ghost
Despicable Alley Cat
Junior Ghostbuster
Junior Ghostbuster
Junior Ghostbuster
Ice Cream Truck Driver
Italian Chef
Restaurant Owner
“Slime Floods!”

    Slimer’s hungry, as usual, but has no money to buy any food with.  He meets up with Rudy who asks him to help shovel snow to earn some money.  Slimer quickly agrees and goes to work, which is made easy by the discovery that his slime melts snow.  Unfortunately, he gets a little overenthusiastic and ends up causing a flash flood!

“Improving Business”

    Rafael’s business is suffering, and he blames Slimer for it.  A hungry Manx comes along and decides to score some grub out of the restaurant by getting rid of Slimer for Rafael.  Manx dresses up to scare Slimer away, but ends up causing more trouble than he planned!
Special Features:
    Bonus pin-up poster.
    Slimer Maze-Help Slimer get to the food.
    What’s The Difference-Find the changes in the two pictures.
    Unscramble the names of the pictured characters.
FYI: “Slime Floods!” was also featured in Marvel UK’s Real Ghostbusters #179 & 180.
FYI: “Slime Floods!”
    Page 12DONALD: “There it is, where the Lovecraft Building is being built.”
    Lovecraft being a possible reference to science-fiction author H.P. Lovecraft.
BLOOPER: The painter credit is missing from both of the stories, but upon comparison to the cover work it’s easy to tell Suzanne Dechnik painted the whole issue.
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