Cover Date: January, 1990
Cover Price: $1.75
Story: Hilarie (as Hilary) Staton
Pencils: Gordon Morrison (first story), Howard Bender (second story)
Inks: Tammy Daniel (first story), Tammy Daniel (second story)
Colors: Tammy Daniel (first story), Holly Sanfelippo (second story)
Letters: Patrick Williams (first story), The Staff (second story)
Art Director: Michele Mach
Associate Editor: Katherine Llewellyn
Editor-in-Chief: Tony Caputo
Cover: Gordon Morrison
Ghostbusters' Resident Ghost
Mrs. Van Huego’s Dog
Junior Ghostbuster
Junior Ghostbuster
Junior Ghostbuster
Lost Girl
Italian Chef
Restaurant Owner
Despicable Alley Cat
Ice Cream Truck Driver
“Slimer and the Missing Mom”

    Slimer finds a little girl named Amy and takes her to Rafael’s restaurant for some food.  There, she tells them that her family fell on hard times, and she came to the city to find her parents who stopped writing her letters.  Slimer takes up the charge and begins to hunt for Amy’s parents and reunite them.

“Fall Forest Frolic”

    With the Junior Ghostbusters going off camping with their scout troop, Slimer feels sad and alone.  Chilly suggests the two of them should go camping themselves and see the leaves change with the seasons.  All goes well until Slimer chases after a woodland creature…and winds up lost!
Special Features:
    Bonus pin-up poster.
    Winners of the Draw Slimer! Contest.
    Hidden Words-Find the words in the puzzle.
BLOOPER: “Slimer and the Missing Mom”
    Page 7
    Slimer: “Here’s their last address.  It’s the Mulberry Street Center For Homeless People.”
    Assuming that the Mulberry Street Center is located on Mulberry Street, Slimer is in the wrong part of town based on the background.  In the background of the scene the Brooklyn Bridge is clearly visible, and there's no way that view of the bridge could be seen from Mulberry Street, it would most likely be a street closer to the bridge.  See the map below for details.
     Page 9- The Ghostbusters’ no-ghost logos are on the wrong arms and missing the ghost, and the kid's t-shirt is missing the ghost.
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