Cover Date: October, 1990
Cover Price: $1.75
Story: Larry Parr (first story), Nancy Hazel (second story), John Freeman (third story), John Carnell (fourth story)
Pencils: Mark Braun (first story), Brian Williamson (second & third story), Anthony Larcombe (fourth story)
Inks: Jim Brozman (first story), Tim Perkins (second & third story), Anthony Larcombe (fourth story)
Colors: Caren Skibell (first story), Stuart Place (second & fourth story), Stuart Bartlett (third story)
Letters: Caren Skibell (first story), Glib (second story), Bambos (third story), Hel (fourth story)
Art Director: Michele Mach
Editor: Katherine Llewellyn
Editor-In-Chief: Tony Caputo
Cover: Mark Braun & Jim Brozman
Ghostbusters' Resident Ghost
Ghostbusters? Secretary
Leaves You In Stitches
Alien Ghost Race
The Destroyer
?A Bird In The Slime?

    Slimer spooks a garbage truck driver who rams into a lamppost where a nest full of freshly hatched birds is sitting.  One of the little birds falls into the back of the truck, but Slimer saves it before it?s crushed.  But, the bird wanders off and its up to Slimer to play guardian ghost as it gets into one mishap after another.

?Surgical Spirit!?

    Winston and Peter answer a call at a hospital when a ghost terrorizes the emergency room.  It?s a pun-filled adventure as the spirit has them in stitches and causes them to realize they must perform some radical surgery.

?Too Many Ghostbusters!?

    The boys answer a call of mysterious creatures in the Wyoming area.  What they find instead is an old lady and her cats.  Baffled as to why the PKE would lead them to that supposedly abandoned house, the boys get set to leave until Ray notices a strange light from inside.  Rushing back in, they come face to face with four more Winstons!  That is until they show their true forms and leap to attack.  The boys open fire, but the proton packs have no effect!

?Ghost Boaster!?

    The Ghostbusters are chasing a ghost, but somehow he winds up the firehouse, facing down Janine!  He boasts about the insidious ways he dealt with the Ghostbusters, introducing them to their final fates, and tells her that she?s next!  With the Ghostbusters gone, it?s just Janine vs. Ashura The Destroyer in a battle she can?t possibly hope to win.
Special Features:
    Bonus pin-up poster.
    Draw Slimer! Contest winners.
    Hidden Words-Find the words on the side in the gird of letters.
    Picture Hunt-find the items listed in the picture of Luigi, Rafael and Slimer.
    Junior Code-Trace over the lines to determine the secret code.
FYI: ?A Bird in the Slime? was also featured in Marvel UK?s Real Ghostbusters #170 & 171.

FYI: ?Surgical Spirit!? was also featured in Marvel UK's Real Ghostbusters #56.

FYI: ?Too Many Ghostbusters!? was also featured in Marvel UK?s Real Ghostbusters #9.

FYI: ?Ghost Boaster? was also featured in Marvel UK?s Real Ghostbusters #15.
BLOOPER: ?Too Many Ghostbusters!?
    The credits were left off of the story.
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Slimer! TM & (c) Now Media Group.
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