Cover Date: January 28th, 1989
Cover Price: 38p
Story: Jonathon Bernstein (first story), Andrew Benner (second story), Dan Abnett (third story), John Paul Catton (fourth story)
Pencils: Phil Elliott (first story), Andy Wildman (second story), Brian Williamson (third story), Martin Griffiths (fourth story)
Inks: Paul Marshall (first story), Cam Smith (second & third story), Dave Harwood (fourth story)
Colors: Stuart Place
Letters: Paul Marshall (first story), Hel (second story), Peri (fourth story)
Spiritual Guide: Dan Abnett
Slimer: Bambos & Hel
Editor: Helen Stone
Art Assistant: Chris Matthews
Cover: Brian Williamson & Cam Smith
Ghostbusters' Secretary
Ghostbusters' Resident Ghost
Devil Child
Everglade Spook
“Little Devil”
    Janine is surprised when she finds a baby with a note on her doorstep.  She brings Little Hank (as the note calls him) to the firehouse where the guys are instantly smitten.  However, Janine’s good fortune turns into a serious misadventure in babysitting when the guys learn the hard way there may be more to Hank than they all thought.

“Spengler’s Spirit Guide” Part 33
    Swimming with sea monsters.

“Spook Alley!”
    Ray’s out for a stroll.  Little does he realize he just took a one way trip through spook alley!

“Winston’s Diary”
Friday, January 20th 1989.
    Ray and Winston head north to New England to deal with a ghost problem at The Black Manse, a very foreboding mansion.  The owner of the mansion takes them on a tour and tells them the sordid history of each room they pass.  One thing’s for sure, they’d definitely have their hands full…if this was the job they were called for.

“Ghoul Fishing!”
    Winston is called down to the Florida Everglades to deal with a monster terrorizing the local populace.  So, Winston sets up his specialized pole, puts out the bait, and waits for a bite.  And boy, are the spooks biting!

“Blimey!  It’s Slimer!”
    Slimer enjoys some pears, unaware he’s about to get a taste of his own medicine!
Special Features:
     Bio: The Spectrum Spook.
     Slime Time! Jokes.
FYI: “Little Devil” was also featured in NOW’s Real Ghostbusters vol. 2 #2.
FYI: “Winston’s Diary”
    Page 15-“…he rumbled in a baritone voice that sounded like something out of The Munsters.”
    The Munters was a sitcom about a family of horror movie monsters who went through the rigors of everyday life without being aware of their obvious differences to the rest of society.
FYI: “Winston’s Diary”
    Page 16-“…cousin Asenath learned the news that her fiancée, Gilbert, had lost his life at Pearl Harbour.”
     Pearl Harbor was a Hawaiian Naval Base that was ambushed by a Japanese bombing raid on December 7th, 1941 during World War II.
BLOOPER: “Spook Alley!”
    Page 12-Ray’s arm is missing the no-ghost logo.
BLOOPER: “Winston’s Diary”
Page 16-WINSTON: “The Real Ghostbusters are the very best there is!”
See the blooper for issue #1.
BLOOPER: “Ghoul Fishing!”
    Page 21-The proton streams are blue.
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