Cover Date: October 6th, 1990
Cover Price: 45p
Story: Glenn Dakin (first story), Dan Abnett (second story), Hilarie Staton (third story)
Pencils: Anthony Williams (first story), Brian Williamson (second story), Dave Schwartz (third story)
Inks: Dave Harwood (first story), Dave Harwood (second story), Patrick Owsley (third story)
Colors: Stuart Place (first story), John Burns (second story), Patrick Owsley (third story)
Letters: Spolly (first story), Patrick Owsley (third story)
Spiritual Guide: Dan Abnett
Slimer: Bambos
Dead True: Bambos & Memlie
Editor:  Stuart Bartlett, Katherine Llewellyn (third story)
Assistant Editor: Deborah Tate
Cover: Brian Williamson, Dave Harwood & John Burns
Ghostbusters' Secretary
Ghostbusters' Resident Ghost
Slimer’s Arch-Nemesis
Dweeb’s Poodle
“Beauty Scream!”
    Peter is sick of Slimer sliming him; at least until the day he wakes up with slime on his face and finds his features rejuvenated.  Seeing a market for slime face cream, the Ghostbusters go into business…until it’s revealed that constant use will turn a user into a Slimer!

“Spengler’s Spirit Guide” Part 121
    Adverse mixture in the Supercosmos.

“Winston’s Diary”
Friday, 28th September, 1990
    Creatures in the Supercosmos love their games, and they’ve just invented a new one similar to Rugby.  And guess who ends up playing the unwilling part of the ball?  None other than Slimer!

“Dead True!”
    President Abraham Lincoln is said to still roam the halls of the White House since his assassination in 1865.  But the creepiest part of all was the fact that he may have had a premonition about his own demise just the night before!

“A Boring Ghost Day” Part 1
    Nobody seems to want to play with Slimer today.  Every time he tries to hang out with one of his friends, they end up yelling at him and telling him to go away.  He thinks his friends no longer like him.  And, to add to his troubles, Dweeb is once again out to grab Slimer as a living exhibit for his paranormal display at the Un-Natural History Museum!

“Blimey!  It’s Slimer!”
    Commentary on the merging of Slimer! and The Real Ghostbusters.
Special Features:
    Bio: Garbage Ghoul.
    Slime Time! Jokes.
    Spectral Spectrum Coloring Page!
FYI: With this issue, Marvel UK’s Slimer! was merged into the series to make one core book.  A similar move was done on the animated series with the creation of the hour-long Slimer! and the Real Ghostbusters, cashing in on the green ghost’s popularity with more Slimer-centric kid-friendly episodes and his own show with more stylized animation.  NOW had done the reverse of this, adding The Real Ghostbusters to their Slimer! title with issue 12 when the book began featuring more Marvel UK reprints for the latter half of it’s 19-issue run.

FYI: “Beauty Scream!”
    Singer Tina Torture featured in the story is most likely a parody of singer Tina Turner.

FYI: This issue features part of “A Boring Ghost Day” from NOW’s Slimer! #4.
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