Cover Date: October 20th, 1990
Cover Price: 45p
Story: John Carnell (first story), Dan Abnett (second story), James Van Hise (third story)
Pencils: Brian Williamson (first story), Brian Williamson (second story), Howard Bender (third story)
Inks: Lesley Dalton (first story), Stephen Baskerville (second story), Brian Thomas (third story)
Colors: Stuart Place (first story), John Burns (second story), Suzanne Dechnik (third story)
Letters: Hel (first story), Dan Nakrosis (third story)
Spiritual Guide: Dan Abnett
Slimer: Bambos
Dead True: Bambos & Memlie
Editor: Stuart Bartlett, Katherine Llewellyn (third story)
Assistant Editor: Deborah Tate
Cover: Brian Williamson, Stephen Baskerville & John Burns
Ghostbusters' Secretary
Ghostbusters' Resident Ghost
Slime Monster
Whately’s pet
“Slime for Action”
    Slimer’s friends are being terrorized in another dimension by a bogeyman.  Donning specialized suits, the Ghostbusters cross-over to deal with the pest.  Unfortunately, they discover their guns have no effect on the monster just as he’s waking up…and hungry!

“Spengler’s Spirit Guide” Part 123
    Wizards and warlocks.

“Winston’s Diary”
Saturday-Monday, October 13-15th 1990
    Ecto-3 is a go-cart that allows the Ghostbusters to perform high-speed chases and busts inside a building.  When Peter and Winston head out to give it a test ride, they soon learn that the best idea they can ever come up with is never to let Peter drive.

“Dead True!”
    His days numbered, the pirate captain Watson left one of his crewmen behind on his private island with his buried treasure, killing him so his ghost could stand watch forever!

“The Witch!” Part 1
    Marlene Whately, a witch, has kidnapped the familiar of her enemy, Phineas Evantide, the prince of warlocks.  During a rant about the Ghostbusters stopping Astorath in the previous issues, the familiar, Tarantula, escapes and hitches a ride on a train.  She knows the only way to get back to her master is to seek out the Ghostbusters Marlene mentioned.  Unfortunately, the foes are not so quick to give up, and are ready to take the fight to New York!

“Blimey!  It’s Slimer!”
    Slimer enjoys his favorite show: The Cat!
Special Features:
    Bio: Creepy Cowboys.
    Slime Time! Jokes.
FYI: Yet another toy makes its comic debut in the form of Ecto-3.  In the cartoon, Ecto-3 was a motorized unicycle and sidecar that was stored in the rear quarter panel of Ecto-1.  Another Ecto-3 appeared in the NOW Comics series but was later renamed Ecto-4 upon the introduction of Ecto-3 in the cartoon.
FYI: More of the toy line crosses over into the comics as the Ghostbusters don suits resembling those of the Super Fright Features line of figures.  Banking on the success of the original Fright Features figures which allowed the crew to express fear, Super Fright Features gave them bulky suits with new modes of expression.  Egon’s suit is the only one featured in a couple of episodes of the cartoon.
FYI: This issue features part of “A Cat Named Tarantula” renamed “The Witch” from NOW’s Real Ghostbusters vol. 1 #12.

FYI: “Blimey!  It’s Slimer!”
    The Cat and his nemesis, the Giggler, are obvious parodies of Batman and the Joker.
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