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Extreme Ghostbusters
Episode Guide

This follow-up to The Real Ghostbusters consists of forty 30-minute episodes that aired in syndication from September 1, 1997 to December 8, 1997.

Ten years after clearing out every malcontent ghost and goblin in New York City, the Ghostbusters have disbanded. The Ecto-1 is gathering dust, the old Firehouse headquarters is quiet, and all the guys have left town -- except Egon who lives at the Firehouse and teaches a class on the Paranormal at a local college.

But now after a decade of quiet, the supernatural is rearing its ugly ectoplasmic head again, and Manhattan is overrun with ghosts bent on mayhem and malevolent fun. New York needs the Ghostbusters. But the Ghostbusters are gone ... or are they.

It's up to Professor Egon Spengler and the former-Ghostbusters secretary Janine Melnitz (now one of the five students taking Egon's class) to recruit a new team to fill the Ghostbusters' Ecto-Visors and Slime-Repellent Boots. Short on time and more than a little desperate, they turn to Egon's four teenaged students: Kylie Griffin, a girl genius with a head full of incantations and occult knowledge; Eduardo Rivera, a hip, cynical slacker with a serious crush on Kylie; Garrett Miller, a wheelchair-bound young athlete with an attitude for fun; and Roland Jackson, a studious non-athlete who's a whiz with machinery.

Along with the Ghostbusters' old pal Slimer, Egon, Janine, and the kids set up shop in the firehouse, where they arm themselves with PKE meters, nuclear powered Proton Pack blasters, and everything else they'll need (refurbished with the help of Egon) to treat a new generation of ghosts to a Proton Pack roast!



These are the regular cast and characters that appear in every episode. These actors and characters will not be listed on the individual episode pages, except for when these regular cast members have also voiced other incidental characters.
  • Tara Charendoff [Kylie Griffin]
  • Maurice LaMarche [Egon Spengler]
  • Jason Marsden [Garrett Miller]
  • Pat Musick [Janine Melnitz]
  • Alfonso Ribeiro [Roland Jackson]
  • Rino Romano [Eduardo Rivera]
  • Billy West [Slimer]
Go to the Ghostbusters Wiki for the full list of screen credits.


GUIDE CREDITS: Compiled by Paul Rudoff. Episode Synopses written by Paul Rudoff (copyright © 1998 by Paul Rudoff). Series Synopsis (seen above) written by Deborah Chisholm and Bohbot Entertainment. Additional information provided by Doreen Mulman, Nora Salisbury, MrMichaelT, Troy Benjamin, Marla Charendoff, Jon Fuller, and Bohbot Entertainment.

Episodes are listed below in the IDEAL CONTINUITY ORDER, not airdate order. "Moby Ghost" should be placed before "Slimer's Sacrifice", as the whale ghost from the former appears inside the containment unit in the latter. "Back In The Saddle" parts 1 and 2 should be at the end as they were meant to be the two-part season/series finale. "The Sphinx" works best when placed right before "Back In The Saddle", as the former is about Egon aging, and he celebrates his birthday in the latter. The rest of the episodes are fine the way they are.

The "DVD" column is the order Sony used for the Complete Series DVD set in 2024. Their order, which is based on the production numbers, is great at the end, but still puts "Moby Ghost" after "Slimer's Sacrifice". Such a shame they didn't follow my "Ideal Continuity Order" here.

The "Prod #" column is, of course, the official production number assigned to each episode. Yes, the episodes were erratically numbered.

Several episodes feature short previews at the start in order to fill time because the episode ran short. These previews feature new dialog between two characters while unrelated clips from the episode play over them. Some of the dialog was re-used in the previews of other episodes. The Ghostbusters Wiki has a full list of these previews, with a transcription of the dialog for each one.

Click on the column headers in the table below to sort the list by that column's data.

No. DVD Prod. # Air Date Episode Title
1 1 101 9/1/1997 Darkness at Noon (Part 1)
2 2 140 9/2/1997 Darkness at Noon (Part 2)
3 7 107 9/3/1997 The True Face of a Monster
4 3 103 9/4/1997 Fear Itself
5 4 104 9/5/1997 Deadliners
6 5 105 9/8/1997 Casting the Runes
7 6 106 9/9/1997 The Infernal Machine
8 8 108 9/10/1997 Home Is Where The Horror Is
9 13 113 9/11/1997 Killjoys
10 18 118 9/12/1997 The Unseen
11 9 109 9/22/1997 The Crawler
12 10 110 9/23/1997 The Pied Piper of Manhattan
13 12 112 9/24/1997 Be Careful What You Wish For
14 15 115 9/25/1997 Grease
15 28 128 9/26/1997 The Jersey Devil Made Me Do It
16 16 116 9/29/1997 Dry Spell
17 17 117 9/30/1997 Sonic Youth
18 19 119 10/1/1997 Ghost Apocalyptic Future
19 20 120 10/2/1997 Bird of Prey
20 23 123 10/3/1997 Seeds of Destruction
21 14 114 11/3/1997 The Luck of the Irish
22 11 111 11/4/1997 The Ghostmakers
23 24 124 11/10/1997 Moby Ghost
24 21 121 11/5/1997 Slimer's Sacrifice
25 22 122 11/6/1997 Grundelesque
26 25 125 11/7/1997 In Your Dreams
27 29 129 11/12/1997 Fallout
28 34 134 11/13/1997 Eyes of a Dragon
29 36 137 11/14/1997 Till Death Do Us Start
30 37 138 11/24/1997 Glutton For Punishment
31 27 127 11/25/1997 Ghost in the Machine
32 32 133 11/26/1997 Dog Days
33 33 132 11/27/1997 Mole People
34 35 135 11/28/1997 A Temporary Insanity
35 26 126 12/1/1997 Rage
36 31 131 12/2/1997 Heart of Darkness
37 30 130 12/8/1997 Witchy Woman
38 38 102 12/5/1997 The Sphinx
39 39 136 12/3/1997 Back in the Saddle (Part 1)
40 40 139 12/4/1997 Back in the Saddle (Part 2)

Established August 1996

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