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Extreme Ghostbusters
Composed by Jim Latham

On June 20, 2006 composer Jim Latham did a very generous thing. To a select few fans, he provided several pieces from his scores to the Extreme Ghostbusters and Godzilla animated series. And when I say a few, I'm not talking two or three, but a whole album's worth! Since Mr. Latham would not be able to keep the files in his personal online account for very long (it's the same account he uses to give files to clients), he graciously allowed those select fans to redistribute the music so that an even larger group of fans could enjoy it. Tracks 1 through 24 are the files Mr. Latham gave me, while all of the "bonus tracks" listed afterward come from other sources: the TV recordings were done by me, and the "no sound effects" theme was given by Mr. Latham to Christopher Baldock for his now-defunct site Bargain Bin Beats .

The original .mp4a files are a VIP-EXCLUSIVE download.

Music Notes
  • The order for tracks 1 through 24 comes from the "track" tag in the original .m4a files (VIP-exclusive).
  • Jim Latham on the music: "I convinced Richard Raynis to let me record a real orchestra for EGB. What I did was score the first 2 episodes orchestrally, and then also wrote a bunch of library orchestral cues. We went in and recorded about 16 cues with a big orchestra and I reused those pieces throughout the series. The rest of the score I usually had about 6-8 musicians playing lead lines over the computer." (source: e-mail from Jim Latham to me on February 22, 2012)
  • The lead singer of the series theme, "Just Call The XGB", is voice actor Jim Cummings. Jim was a guest voice in The Real Ghostbusters: "Knock, Knock". (source: e-mail from Jim Latham to Christopher Baldock; published on Chris' now-defunct site Bargain Bin Beats on February 16, 2009)
  • In regards to Just Call The XGB, the TV Beginning version is slightly longer (one extra set of notes before the end) and has more and more-pronounced sound effects than Track 1 that Jim Latham gave me.
  • The Creeps - TV Ending #1 has sound effects and is shortened when compared to Track 11 that Jim Latham gave me.
  • The TV Commercial file is a tiny bit in progress
  • When Christopher Baldock published the "no sound effects" version on his website, he stated that "the song was only ever intended to be played as an introduction so as a result [the full effects-less track] is only the length of the intro". Interestingly, we have three pieces of the song with different sets of lyrics, which makes me wonder if Jim Latham has a "complete" version that could be pieced together.
    TRACK 1/25/26 (SHOW OPENING)
    If there's something strange
    In your neighborhood,
    Who you gonna call?

    If there's something weird,
    And it don't look good,
    Who you gonna call?
    That's right

    I ain't 'fraid of no ghost!

    If you're seeing things
    Running through your head,
    Who you gonna call?

    I ain't 'fraid of no ghost!
    You know, bustin' makes me feel good!
    I ain't 'fraid of no ghost!

    When there's something lurking in your closet
    Who can make you feel alright?

    That's right

    We're the ones you turn to
    When things get too extreme
    We're the ones who'll save you
    Just call the XGB

    Just call the XGB

    When the things that slither in the shadows
    Keep you up late at night
    When there's something lurking in your closet
    Who can make you feel alright?
  • Ghostbusters Fans forum member Gareee made an Extended EGB Mix that combines the effects-less theme with the TV Ending #2 file. Available for download is the regular version and a slightly time shifted version because, according to Gareee, "one of the edits sounded a tad rushed to me. Some might prefer the first version over the second one."

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