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An Electronic Press Kit (EPK for short) is a video reel sent to various media outlets (like TV News programs) for them to use to help promote a film. It usually contains a trailer, film clips, making of featurette, cast and crew interviews, behind the scenes footage, and other such stuff. Columbia Pictures produced a Ghostbusters EPK videocassette. This page will document the contents of the Ghostbusters EPK. All runtimes listed are the times stated in the EPK itself.

I don't own a copy of the EPK, but was provided the full information about its contents by Jeremy Glassman from Sony. The thumbnails used in the Videos section below are re-creations based on what I assume the title cards look like on the EPK. All of the contents from the Ghostbusters Electronic Press Kit (except for the film clips) can be found individually on the Ghostbusters 1&2 4K UHD & Blu-Ray 2019 5-Disc Set, which can be purchased from my store page.

  1. Trailer  (2:10)
  2. A Moment With The Stars
    A. Murray & Aykroyd (2:55)
    B. Dan Aykroyd (5:25)
    C. Sigourney Weaver (1:36)
    D. Rick Moranis (1:56)
    E. Ivan Reitman (3:02)
    • Bill Murray/Dan Aykroyd - Ques. #1 (25 sec.): Both of you are from a new generation of comedians. Who are your comedic influences?
    • Bill Murray/Dan Aykroyd - Ques. #2 (45 sec.): As university para-psychologists you develop a device to capture ghosts. Can you describe the apparatus and trapping process?
    • Bill Murray/Dan Aykroyd - Ques. #3 (28 sec.): Paranormal occurrences have been plaguing New York City. To the rescue come the "Ghostbusters." What are the ghosts like that you encounter?
    • Bill Murray/Dan Aykroyd - Ques. #4 (25 sec.): There were over 200 special effects shots required for "Ghostbusters." Are some of these the latest innovations in effects?
    • Dan Aykroyd - Ques. #1 (26 sec.): What is "Ghostbusters" all about?
    • Dan Aykroyd - Ques. #2 (1:35): "Ghostbusters" pairs the comic talents of you and Bill Murray together on the silver screen for the first time. What has it been like working with him again?
    • Dan Aykroyd - Ques. #3 (1:06): In "Ghostbusters" you play Dr. Ray Stantz. What was it like to play this role?
    • Dan Aykroyd - Ques. #4 (1:33): The film is about three parapsycologists who study ghosts and who end up forming a "Ghostbusters" business. Did you have any knowledge of the paranormal before the film began?
    • Sigourney Weaver - Ques. #1 (18 sec.): What has it been like working in "Ghostbusters" with such comic talents?
    • Sigourney Weaver - Ques. #2 (54 sec.): "Ghostbusters" has a lot of special effects and some very impressive sets. Can you elaborate on these?
    • Rick Moranis - Ques. #1 (25 sec.): In "Ghostbusters" you play an accountant, Louis, who is transformed into Vince Clortho, a supernatural being. Can you explain?
    • Rick Moranis - Ques. #2 (18 sec.): Is "Ghostbusters" a comedy that is also realistic?
    • Rick Moranis - Ques. #3 (37 sec.): "Ghostbusters" brings together some of the best comic talents of contemporary film and television, yourself, an Emmy award winner, Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis. What has it been like working with them? (Note: This question is mislabeled as a second "#2". I have corrected that, but left the spelling error intact.)
    • Ivan Reitman, Director/Producer - Ques. #1 (40 sec.): Has it been difficult to depict realism in a supernatural comedy like "Ghostbusters"?
    • Ivan Reitman, Director/Producer - Ques. #2 (47 sec.): Why did you select Academy Award winner, John De Cuir, as your production designer?
    • Ivan Reitman, Director/Producer - Ques. #3 (30 sec.): Aside from the visual effects are there any mechanical effects in "Ghostbusters"?
    • Ivan Reitman, Director/Producer - Ques. #4 (17 sec.): What are your feelings about your new film "Ghostbusters"?
  3. Film Clips
    • Sigourney Weaver (2:05)
    • We Got One (1:25)
    • Maid (0:51)
    • Dan Aykroyd (1:08)
    • Harold Ramis (0:46)
    • Rick Moranis (0:44)
    • Bill Murray (1:54)
    • Ernie Hudson (1:14)
    • Mayor's Office (1:12)
    • Temple Dog (0:50)
  4. Featurette - On The Scene with the Ghostbusters (9:27)
  5. Music Video - "Ghostbusters" Ray Parker Jr. (3:58)
(There is no video for the Table of Contents and Film Clips; they are just placeholders.)
Table of Contents
1. Trailer
2. A Moment With The Stars
3. Film Clips
4. Featurette
5. Music Video

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The Ghostbusters Electronic Press Kit is
©1984. Columbia Pictures Industries Inc.
All Rights reserved

Established August 1996

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