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Ghostbusters II

Here are some deleted scenes from Ghostbusters II along with script excerpts of the scenes. The written scenes below were taken from the final shooting script. What is written may vary from what is spoken by the actors. In some cases the scene still appears in the film, but I have some still photos of shots that were not used. In other cases, footage from the scene was used in the film in a completely different way (such as during the end credits). The list of scenes below is in order of how they would have appeared in the movie. Following that are some odds and ends that aren't full scenes, but were deleted from the film nonetheless.


(Rick Lazzarini with the Frog Ghost. credit: The Character Shop, cleaned by me)

The frog ghost, which would have hopped into view following the ghost train's disappearance, displaying needle-like fangs and a long probing tongue. The January 1990 issue of Cinefantastique magazine says it was "axed when the live-action subway footage didn't work". The book "Ghostbusters: The Ultimate Visual History" by Daniel Wallace, and another source, both say that it was edited out because Ivan Reitman didn't think it was scary enough.

The Character Shop built a Waldo that served to control both the Theater Ghost and the unused Frog Ghost. A relatively simple version, this device allowed for brow and jaw control, with blinks and eye movements provided by joystick.

(close-up from above image, as it appeared in Cinefantastique magazine, Jan. 1990)

(original source unknown)

(credit: The Character Shop)

For more on the Frog Ghost, see the Ghostbusters II Behind The Scenes page and the Ghostbusters Wiki.


Egon and Ray test some mood slime with some electronic headgear.

(source: GB2 Ladybird Book Of The Film)

(source: GB2 Storybook by Jovial Bob Stine)

(source: Official Ghostbusters website)


Egon takes some readings of the floating crystal using a monitoring device.
(image source: Topps trading card #45)


Egon in the museum lobby.
Image   Image
(Photo #1 from the storybook by Jovial Bob Stine)

Peter and Ray talk to Rudy, the museum guard.
(source: GB2 Press Photo (3000x2300, 300dpi scan) [VIP Exclusive])



The montage "scene" of Louis discovering Slimer eating lunch was originally a tad longer. After Louis falls over the couch (and Slimer presumably flies away), Janine runs down the stairs holding a pot of coffee, sees Louis on the floor behind the couch, and comments, "Oh, Louis. You're such a cut-up." (This black and white image came from a workprint video that was uploaded by William Forsche to Facebook and YouTube.)
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Janine - I'm Just As Thrilled As You Are (from EPK)
Alternate Take (from tv spot)


Alternate Footage
Alternate Version (A), then Original Version (B)
01a - Weird Things
01b - Shit
02a - Wretched Walking Worms
02b - Miserable Assholes
The alternate footage comes from the theatrical trailer (Weird Things clip) and broadcast tv airings (Worms clip). The original versions come from the 1999 DVD (the "Full Screen" side).


Play Video
Some behind the scenes footage taken from the
GB2 Electronic Press Kit at time code 25:54 (16:35 on Blu).

Here we see Louis running up the museum steps, which we don't see in the film, as he's already at the top when we see the Ghostbusters and Dana are coming out.

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