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"Ghostbusters" Movie Script
July 6, 1983 Notes

This page contains notes from Lawrence Duane (written on June 13, 2020) about the differences between this draft of the "Ghostbusters" script and the final film. Do note that Lawrence's copy of the script is incomplete; it only goes up to page 108.


Page 6-8 - From the librarian opening scene it hard cuts to a hideous demon face, revealed to be Venkman w/ a mask. He is pitching the board of regents for more money. Stantz starts to knock on the door, interrupting him. After the meeting, Stantz tells Venkman about the library and says Egon is there already. The library scene that follows is fairly similar to the film.

Page 15 - After fleeing from the library, Spengler is confronted by drug pusher and gives him a joint from his pocket.

Page 16 - Back on campus, Venkman comments on "Burn in hell" painted on the door as they walk into Weaver hall. They are kicked out by Dean Yeager.

Page 18 - Venkman, Spengler & Stantz apply for a loan at the bank, speaking to the loan officer who asks for more details on their business. They describe the "proton packs" and "Nutrona Wands"

Page 21/22 - Venkman, Spengler & Stantz look at the firehouse with a realtor. They have a longer discussion about the business. Ray tests the pole.

Page 24 - Dana's first scene plays out similar to the final film but after the eggs cook on the counter and Dana sees a "gate to hell" in her fridge, she slams the fridge door and the kitchen has gone back to normal. The eggs are back in the container, everything seems fine. She re-opens the fridge cautiously and its totally normal. She leaves the kitchen and every metal utensil and appliance flies toward the fridge door.

Page 25 - The script describes the exterior of the firehouse, painted flat black and a sign that looks like the international no symbol with Casper the friendly ghost in it.

Janine is introduced in this scene as Egon sets up audio equipment near her. Venkman hands over multiple local newspapers to Janine with the GB's full-page "help wanted" ads in them. "Comedic Ad to come" is written in the script. Spengler says flatly "This is amusing" and Venkman says "control yourself, Egon"

Page 25/26 - Stantz drives a "1975 Cadillac Full Formal Excelsior Ambulance" into the firehouse bay.

Page 26 - Winston enters right after Ray drives in with the car, saying he's here for the security detail job that was in the paper.

Page 27 - Winston is interviewed by Venkman (only venkman) who says he's over-qualified for the job given his extensive credentials in the military etc

Page 28/29 - Spengler works in the lab while Stantz, Venkman & Winston play cards in the living quarters.

Page 30 - Janine leaves for the night, flirts with Egon a bit. Venkman jokes around with them.

Page 31/32 - Egon shows off the finished Proton Pack Mark 1 thats he's been working on in the lab. They plug it into the wall and when turned on, melts the chord and shorts out the firehouse's power and power around the neighborhood.

Page 35/36 - Dana arrives and talks to Janine, Janine calls Venkman and he interviews Dana alone about her occurrence. Mid interview the scene transitions to Venkman and Dana in her apartment which plays out similar to the final film.

Page 41/42 - Chinese food scene: Spengler has finished Proton Pack Mark 2. This version is portable (no plug). Spengler assures them its safe, only shoots 12 feet and won't harm anything but ecto-plasm. He turns it on, it shoots out over 25 feet, blasting a hole in the wall and knocks him over.

Page 43/44 - Sedgewick Hotel Manager eats sandwich at his desk in the basement, keys on the rack begin to move on their own.

Page 44/45/46 - Newlywed Couple Scene but this time they argue about a loud retching sound as they argue post-coitus and then a loud pounding happens on the wall causing the man to go to the bathroom where he sees a "yellow blur" in the mirror. They call down to front desk to complain about the odor and slimy mess in the bathroom when a "foul yellow vapor" flies out of the bathroom and they run off.

Page 47 - Janine gets the call from the Manager (plays out very close to final film) and the GB's take off for the hotel. The "Urine-Yellow vapor" chases a maid and waiter in the Sedgwick Hallway.

Page 48 - The GBs enter the hotel, meet the manager almost exactly as is in the final except they all ride the elevator up together, the door opens and they immediately see the yellow vapor on the 12th floor.

Page 49-53 - the GBs confront the vapor in the hallway. Winston and Egon on one side, Ray and Peter on the other. It slimes Venkman a little bit. They all have "ecto-visors" and go into the ballroom chasing it. They use their wands firing beams of energy forming a "trapezoidal configuration" to catch the vapor. Egon alerts them "Don't let em cross!!"

Page 53/54 - The GBs exit the Sedgwick greeted by reporters and answer questions for the news media. (Scene is very similar to the repurposed one in the montage of the final film) Venkman & Stantz sing a jingle to news cameras that ends with "Who do you call? Ghostbusters! Ghostbusters!" It kicks off the Montage of all four of them busting ghosts.

Page 56/57 - Post Montage, all four GBs return to the firehouse covered in slime, complaining about the heavy workload and have multiple loaded traps.

Page 60/61 - Ray & Winston deposit all the traps in the storage facility (it has multiple slots & an actual protection grid around it) and ask Spengler how its holding up while he works on repairing the damaged packs and wands. Using a view screen, they look into the storage facility and see all the ghosts & vapors flying around which is described as "an unholy makeshift asylum" Winston comments how depressing it is.

Page 63/64 - Two "Bums" comment on the growing atmospheric light-cloud forming above Dana's apartment building (this follows the scene with her in the chair getting taken into the kitchen)

Page 65-69 - A "Creature" (what eventually is labeled the terror dog) races out of Dana's apartment. The two bums try to fight off some small dogs for food in an alley when the "creature" confronts them. The doorman from Dana's apartment and two cops shoot at the Creature, which runs away. The creature jumps on the hood of a taxi cab. The driver honks and cruses and the creature runs off into central park.

Page 69 - Dana/Zuul asks Venkman if he's "The Minion". She says she's "The gatekeeper" looking for the "Minion of Gozer"

Page 71 - The "Creature" is now referred to as a "Terror Dog" for the first time in the script. The two bums run into it again as they leave the subway at Columbus and 78th. They discuss a karate vs boxing fight similar to the deleted scene.

Page 72 - Introduction of Louis Tully/Tulley (spelled both ways in the script), described as being "a large man" outside "the most popular new disco in the city". He pleads with the bouncer to let him into the club but is denied.

Page 73/74 - Louis is relieving himself in an alley behind the club. The "Terror Dog" confronts him. Off screen we hear a scuffle then Louis stumbles out of the alley, clearly possessed. He passes two pedestrians and announces he is "Vinz Clortho, minion of Gozer the Gozerian, Lord of the Sebouillias" Asks if they are the gate-keepers.

Page 74 - Venkman takes Dana/Zuul on a date. They walk toward a restaurant and Dana/Zuul comments on the city. They enter a restaurant and sit down. As they are seated, men in the restaurant ogle Zuul which makes Peter uncomfortable. He orders them dinner: veal and white wine.

Page 76 - Louis/Vinz enters a restaurant. It's unclear if it's the same one or different. The restaurant Peter & Dana enter is not named in the script while the restaurant Louis enters is. They don't cross paths and Peter nor Dana/Zuul make reference to Louis. Louis/Vinz argues with Maitre D' who denies him a table when Vinz asks if he's the "keeper of the first portal". He gets frustrated during the argument and lets out an unearthly roar, covering the Maitre D' in slime.

Page 79 - Dana/Zuul & Peter see a horse and carriage as they walk back to her apartment post-dinner. Zuul feels sorry for the horse and kisses it compassionately. They go back to Dana's apartment and Peter tries to calm her down in bed (as in the final movie). He is able to hypnotize her and in this version, Peter is actually able to talk to Dana. He tells her she's having a psychotic break and that she will go sleep on his command. Peter gets her to fall asleep and leaves her room. After he leaves, she begins to levitate.

Page 81 - Fort Detmerring Scene: more or less exactly as it is in the deleted scene we got on the 4k release.

Page 85/86 - Cops drop off Louis/Vinz to Egon. Egon (no Janine) interrogates him and runs polygraph and blood tests. Egon offers to share a dehydrated food based meal with Vinz and says ‘Yes, I would"

Page 88 - Winston & Ray leave the Fort and discuss what happened / Ray says he's in love

Page 91/92 - Peck shuts down the protection grid around the storage facility. It blows up more or less exactly as in the final film.

Page 95 - Ray & Winston driving back in the "Ecto-One" see a fire trucks driving towards a huge column of energy shooting out of a building by the river. They realize it's the firehouse, flip on the lights and siren and race after the firetrucks.

Page 96 - Ray & Winston arrive outside the firehouse and talk with everyone. They meet Louis/Vinz. Vinz mentions he's looking for "the gatekeeper" which rings a bell for Venkman and as he starts to question him, Peck and the Police Chief come over to arrest them. Before the GBs are read their Miranda Rights, a lieutenant comes over and alerts them that the Mayor has requested they come to city hall because "the whole island is going crazy" (They never go to jail)

Page 97-101 - As the GBs leave to visit the mayor a montage kicks in. Vinz leaves the firehouse in a crowd, following the flow of the energy/ghosts pulsing out the firehouse / Zombie Taxi Driver scene / a model walks on a runway and her coat has four rodent heads pop out of it (Similar to what was done for GB2) / an "invisible molester" ghost torments women in an office building lifting their skirts and opening their blouses / the "gluttonous onion-headed vapor from the Sedgewick" pops out of a hot dog vendor cart / an audience watches a 3D movie, the films breaks, they get rowdy and then a bunch pf "phantasms" fly through the air, the audience applauds / GBs enter the Mayors office (next scene follows close to the movie)

Page 105/106 - After the Mayor dismisses Peck the next scene is Egon & GBs giving a presentation to the Mayor with a large map full of pins showing all the hauntings they've been dealing with and how they line up. They discuss Vinz and Venkman connects the dots for them about Dana and the Gatekeeper.

Page 107/108 - Vinz arrives at Dana's Apartment Building (78th and Riverside in the script). The pavement cracks in two beneath him as he walks towards it. The building shakes, tenants run out, he rides the elevator as the numbers light up randomly and glass shatters. He gets off at Dana's floor and walks to her door. It ends on him knocking three times.

The rest of the script is missing, so that's as far as can be noted.

Established August 1996

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