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Every episode of Slimer! starts out as a script written by a writer. Some of these scripts have been made available to the public. Below are all the scripts I know of that are available for your reading pleasure. Clicking on an episode title will being you to the episode guide. All of the scripts that are noted as being from my (Paul Rudoff) personal collection are ones that I actually own copies of. Some of these scans have been cleaned by Matthew Jordan. Although I have contributed almost all of my personally owned scripts for use on The Real Ghostbusters: Complete Collection DVD set, the one with the hand-written notes ("Class Clown" outline) is exclusive to this site and isn't on the set.

I have digitalized (scanned in) all of the scripts presented on this page, except where otherwise noted. These scripts have been compiled into PDF files suitable for printing. In order to view and print these scripts, you will need a PDF viewer.

In some cases, a script may be available in formats other than, or in addition to, PDF. For example, I may have transcribed a script into plain text/html format. In these cases, I have left all spelling, grammatical, and typographical errors that were present in the original script, in tact in these transcriptions. This was done so that what you read is very close to the actual thing.

These scripts have been specially formatted for the printed page. I encourage you to print them out, punch holes in the printed pages and place them into a 3-ring binder. Now you'll have your own neatly-printed script, perfect for any library.

Remember: These are the scripts as originally written by the writers. They most likely are not 100% the same as what appears in the finished filmed product.

NOTE: The scripts that came from the TimeLife Complete Series DVD set are presented exactly as they were in the set. They have not been cleaned or fixed up, nor have they been optimized for the web.

If you have any scripts not already provided here, and can scan then in, please e-mail me. I'd like to provide the most complete collection of scripts available.


Series Bible -- by Charles S. Kaufman and Len Jansen & Chuck Menville
Character guide given to all writers to ensure that their characterizations stay in line with the series as a whole.
Final Draft - March 9, 1988 (from Paul Rudoff's personal collection)

Class Clown -- by Francis Moss
July 11, 1988 (outline) - with notes from ABC and Broadcast Standards & Practices (from my personal collection via Mr. Moss)
July 14, 1988 (first draft) (from Paul Rudoff's personal collection via Francis Moss)

Doctor Dweeb, I Presume -- by Tony Marino
May 10, 1988 (final draft) (from the TimeLife RGB Complete Collection DVD box set)

Don't Tease The Sleaze -- by Pamela Hickey and Dennys McCoy
June 23, 1988 (from the TimeLife RGB Complete Collection DVD box set)

QuickSlimer Messenger Service -- by Pamela Hickey and Dennys McCoy
June 7, 1988 (final draft) (from the TimeLife RGB Complete Collection DVD box set)

Rainy Day Slimer -- by Pamela Hickey and Dennys McCoy
August 24, 1988 (final draft) (from the TimeLife RGB Complete Collection DVD box set)

Established August 1996

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