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Ghost Trap

Used for detaining and transporting "busted" ghosts until they could be safely stuffed into the Ecto Containment Unit. Believed by some to entrap the ghost with a laser containment field, precisely how the trap works was never fully explained in the films.

This prop was used in
  • Ghostbusters
  • Ghostbusters II
Fun Facts
  • For filming of the first movie, the production utilized hero, stunt, and smoking traps. The hero traps were designed to be cosmetically appealing (including a removable trap "cartridge" and rolling wheels), while the stunt traps were made for action sequences. The smoking traps exhibited strips of fabric along the sides to which an SFX smoking liquid was applied, giving the appearance of a recently-trapped ghost inside. (source: GB Fans)
  • Although the traps look similar in both Ghostbusters movies, there are subtle differences in several details as well as the overall shape. Most noticeable is the color of the tubes on the left side of the trap, which are red in Ghostbusters and silver in Ghostbusters II. It is believed the smaller size of the trap in Ghostbusters II was because the actors complained about the weight of the traps. (source: GB Fans)

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