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This kids spin-off of "The Real Ghostbusters" aired in a one-hour block (with the original series) known as "Slimer! And The Real Ghostbusters." The 15 minute episodes feature the same lovable Ghostbusters we all know and love, as well as their secretary Janine. But the main star of this show is their pet ghost Slimer, who's joined by some new friends and some new enemies.

New to the cast are: Rafael, the owner of a restaurant; Mrs. Van Huego, a rich socialite with a little dog named Fred; Luigi, an Italian chef; Bud, a bellboy at the Hotel Sedgewick; Rudy, a scheming wheeler and dealer; Morris Grout, owner of the Hotel Sedgewick; Chilly Cooper, the ice cream lady; and Professor Dweeb, Slimer's nemesis who has a little pink dog named Elizabeth.



These are the regular cast and characters that appear in every The Real Ghostbusters episode in the same season as Slimer!. These actors and characters will not be listed on the individual episode pages, except for when these regular cast members have also voiced other incidental characters.

  • Dave Coulier [Peter Venkman]
  • Buster Jones [Winston Zeddemore]
  • Maurice LaMarche [Egon Spengler]
  • Kath Soucie [Janine Melnitz]
  • Frank Welker [Slimer, Ray Stantz]

Slimer! is unique because other than the titular character, none of the new characters appear in every episode. In an effort to provide the most accurate information, the new actors/characters (Jeff Altman as Professor Dweeb, Cree Summer as Chilly Cooper, etc.) are considered guest stars and are listed as such on the pages for the episodes they appear in. Although I list all Ghostbusters in the regular cast above, the guys and Janine do not appear in many of the episodes. They are being considered as regulars because they are regulars in the parent series.

In the end credits of every episode, all voice actors were credited together, whether they appeared in that episode or not. All guest and incidental information that appears in this guide comes from the official The Real Ghostbusters Call Sheets, which reliably lists every actor and character for each episode.

Go to the Ghostbusters Wiki for the full list of screen credits.


As the series only lasted one season, there is no need to use season numbers in the table below. The "Prod #" column, which is the default sorting method, lists the episodes official production numbers. The "DVD #" column lists the episodes in the order from The Real Ghostbusters: Complete Collection DVD box set, which is based upon the official groupings found on the masters used in the set. The episodes are in Volume 5 on Discs 3 (eps 1-7) and 4 (eps 8-13).

Although I'm referring to them as "episodes", as most people do, what is listed below are all 33 Slimer! STORIES. These stories were put together into 13 episodes, which contain two or three stories each, and are listed below as .1, .2, and .3. On the DVD, episode 13 consisted of "Scareface" and a second copy of "A Mouse in the House" (episode 2.1) which was retitled as "Mouse in the House". This is why "Scareface" is listed as 13.1, but there is no 13.2.

The episode numbers listed on the individual pages are based on the production numbers.

REGARDING AIRDATES: The airdates come from TV.com and are probably completely INCORRECT! The only one that I know to be correct is "The Halloween Door", and that's due to its special Sunday primetime airing. I'm guessing that the editors at TV.com just simply assumed one new episode aired each week, regardless of whether it was a 15-minute or 30-minute episode, or was in a one-hour block or not, and just ran through each Saturday on the calendar until they ran out of episodes. I WOULD NOT TAKE ANY OF THESE AIRDATES AS FACT! In fact, the reason Time-Life's DVD box set doesn't list airdates in the liner book is because there is no concrete record of when each episode first aired. A project has been started in an attempt to come up with a more accurate list of airdates. You can read about it on the Ghostbusters Wiki.

GUIDE CREDITS: Compiled by Paul Rudoff. Episode Synopses written by Paul Rudoff (copyright © 1998 by Paul Rudoff). Additional information provided by Matthew Jordan, MrMichaelT, James Eatock, Tracy Stover, and Ed Quiggle.

Click on the column headers in the table below to sort the list by that column's data. To re-sort by Prod #, just reload the page.

Prod # DVD # Air Date Episode Title
166001A 1.3 9/17/1988 Nothing to Sneeze At
166001B 6.1 3/25/1989 Out With Grout
166001C 13.1 4/1/1989 Scareface
166002A 2.3 9/10/1988 Doctor Dweeb, I Presume
166002B 9.1 4/1/1989 The Dirty Half-Dozen
166003A 2.1 9/24/1988 A Mouse in the House
166003B 11.2 4/8/1989 Sweet Revenge
166004A 3.1 10/1/1988 QuickSlimer Messenger Service
166004B 4.2 3/25/1989 Don't Tease the Sleaze
166005A 1.2 10/8/1988 Crusin' For a Brusin'
166006A 10.1 3/4/1989 Show Dog Showdown
166007A 1.1 10/15/1988 Slimer For Hire
166008A 5.3 10/22/1988 Special Delivery
166009A 3.3 10/29/1988 Go-Pher It
166010A 2.2 11/5/1988 Cash or Slime
166011A 4.1 3/11/1989 Sticky Fingers
166012A 7.3 11/12/1988 Monkey See, Monkey Don't
166013A 3.2 11/19/1988 Pigeon-Cooped
166014A 7.1 11/26/1988 Slimer's Silly Symphony
166015A 12.3 12/3/1988 Space Case
166016A 5.1 12/10/1988 Room at the Top
166017A 10.2 12/17/1988 The Not-So-Great Outdoors
166018A 6.2 12/24/1988 Dr. Strangedog
166019A 8.2 12/31/1988 Class Clown
166020A 10.3 3/18/1989 Unidentified Sliming Object
166021A 9.2 1/7/1989 Movie Madness
166022A 7.2 1/14/1989 Little Green Sliming Hood
166023A 8.1 1/21/1989 Beach Blanket Bruiser
166024A 12.1 1/28/1989 Rainy Day Slimer
166025A 5.2 2/4/1989 Tea, But Not Sympathy
166026A 8.3 2/11/1989 Dog Days
166027A 11.1 2/18/1989 Up Close and Too Personal
166028A 12.2 2/25/1989 Slimer & the Beanstalk

Established August 1996

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