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The Real Ghostbusters: Complete Collection
DVD Packaging & Presentation

The set is packaged in a specially-constructed firehouse-design box with lenticular panels. The discs are collected in five separate volumes, each packaged inside an individual case, with specially-designed cover art. Also included is a bonus disc, which is stored in a cardboard sleeve. The inside cases were initially made of metal (SteelBook™), but were later changed to plastic after the first year and several months of production. This page is dedicated to showing off all of that great packaging and the presentation of the materials on the discs.

Before we look at the firehouse box, specifically, let's take a look at everything that comes in the set via this image provided by TimeLife. You will notice that the original Steelbook cases are seen, as this image was given out at the time of the original release back in 2008. Also, if you study this image carefully, you'll notice that it actually contains the contents of TWO box sets, along with extra Vol. 1 set. TimeLife did this in order to show you everything opened and closed at the same time.

Entire Collection Image

You can find a set of the full size images (on a white background) showing the full set, front/side shots of the five individual volumes in their original Steelbook cases, a shot of just the five volumes together in their original Steelbook cases, and a shot of just the firehouse box over at Proton Charging. You can find scaled down versions of all images, on either a green or white background, over at Ghostbusters.net's Flickr account (he used to have the original full size images, too, but apparently Flickr is no longer making them available since he doesn't have a Pro account).

Now that that is out of the way, let's take a look at the firehouse box, shall we...

Here's what the firehouse box looks like in three dimensions via this image provided by TimeLife. Again, you will notice that the original Steelbook cases are seen inside the box, as this image was also given out at the time of the original release back in 2008.

Firehouse Box With Cases Inside

Now let's look at it in two dimensions via these scans I did of each side of the box. Click on the images for much larger scans.


Right Side


Left Side



As you can see, a lot of care was given to all of the little details. I can personally attest to the fact that the DVD production team, of which I was a part, made sure that everything you see in the windows is 100% accurate to the show. In fact, we made damn sure that we even had the right number of windows on each side - including the roof!

The little black boxes on the back and left side with Slimer and the No Ghost Logo in them are lenticular panels. These panels "animate" when viewed from different angles, such as by rotating the box back and forth. Take a look at the animation in this short silent video provided by Chad Paulson via YouTube.

Play Video

Finally, if you want to see more of the firehouse box in three dimensions, check out this video in which Alex Upton takes the firehouse box out of the shipping box, and shows it off to you, the home viewing audience.
Below you will find the original high-quality front cover artwork for volumes 1-5 provided to me by my request directly from TimeLife, along with my scans of the full liner art for each volume and the bonus disc, which was done using the high-quality paper liners included with the plastic case re-packaging (you don't get liners like this from the Steelbook cases). The front cover artwork images are approx. 830x1107 pixels and are about 1 megabyte each (or less). I'd like to give a big thanks to TimeLife employees Meghan Ryan, Jeff Peisch, and Alex Trocker for getting me the front cover artwork, since at the time of the set's release, TimeLife was only giving out artwork with rounded edges as a way of illustrating the Steelbook packaging. The "High-Res Liner Art" links direct you to my original 300dpi high-res scans of the liners (and disc faces) on the Ghostbusters Wiki. I scaled down the images for this site, but uploaded the originals there, which are more suitable for printing out.







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