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Ghostbusters II
  • The logo used in the movie is unique. Unlike the logo that appears in marketing materials, it is the original, lost design: the ghost has two legs stepping through the red symbol. After it was designed for the movie title intro, the design was lost, so it had to be redone. However, when it was redrawn they forgot to add in the second leg! So it appears the ghost has only one leg, or a funny-looking tail. You can tell it's meant to be a leg, as there is an indication of a foot and an ankle.

  • There are no opening titles. The movie's title is represented by an animation of the movie's logo.

  • The Ghostbusters phone number, as seen in the film, is (212) 555-2020.

  • The Ghostbusters address and phone number, as seen on a prop invoice (used in Janine's office), is:
    110 N. Moore St.
    New York, NY 10012
    (212) 555-6311

  • Although not stated in the film, the Scoleri Borthers are Nunzio Scoleri (the fat one) and Tony Scoleri (the skinny one).

  • The newspapers seen during the "Ghost Fever Grips New York" montage in Ghostbusters are visible on the walls of Peter's apartment.

  • The kid who says to Ray, "My Dad says you're full of crap" is Ivan Reitman's son Jason. Isn't it an interesting line for him to say?

  • The girl Egon was conducting the affection test on is Ivan Reitman's daughter, Catherine.

  • The theme music for World of the Psychic is "Young Man's Fancy" by New Concert Orchestra and Cedric Dumont. It is a piece of stock music and was not composed by Randy Edelman, who created the music for the film. This song can be purchased as an MP3 at Amazon. (Thanks to "btnkdrms" from the GBFans forum for the song ID.)

  • Venkman's female guest on "World of the Psychic" is played by an uncredited Chloe Webb, who had previously starred in Ivan Reitman's Twins (1988).

  • Venkman's male guest on "World of the Psychic" is played by an uncredited Kevin Dunn.

  • Bobby Brown, who sings the movie's theme song "On Our Own," appears as the mayor's doorman. He's credited as Bobby Baresford Brown.

  • Eugene Levy was originally in the film as Sherman Tully, Louis' cousin. Louis went to him for help in getting the Ghostbusters out of the psychiatric ward. His scenes were cut from the film.

  • During the "Flip City" montage, there is a theater marquee advertising Cannibal Girls starring Eugene Levy and Andrea Martin. This 1973 film was also directed by Ivan Reitman.

  • In the entryway of that same movie theater, behind all of the panicking people, one can glimpse the movie posters for the films They Came from Within (aka Shivers) (1975), Rabid (1977), and Sssssss (1973).

  • The two twin baby boys who play Oscar are Hank and Will Deutschendorf. They are the nephews of singer John Denver (birth name Henry John Deutschendorf Jr.), being the sons of John's brother Ron.

  • Egon looks up some information about Vigo in the computer. Among the information is Vigo's full name: "Vigo Von Homburg Deutschendorf." The actor who played Vigo was Wilhelm Von Homburg, and baby Oscar was played by William & Henry Deutschendorf.

  • Valery Pappas, the woman arguing with her husband in Egon's lab, would later provide the voice of the Ghost Bride in the Extreme Ghostbusters episode "Till Death Do Us Start".

  • The shots that appear under the end credits were deleted from the film itself.

  • At the end of the version shown in theaters, Slimer comes out from behind the Statue of Liberty and goes right into the camera (as he did at the end of Ghostbusters). The video version just ends with a pan up to the statue's head then a fade to black.

  • Also deleted from the video version, is the scene of Louis Tully and Slimer fighting in the firehouse. Louis had put a small mirror on his glasses so he could see behind him. This way, Slimer wouldn't sneak up on him. The end credits shot of Slimer was taken from this scene.

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