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Ghostbusters Headquarters

Hook & Ladder Company #8
14 N. Moore St.
New York, NY 10013
* Google Maps street view

Wandering Louis
White Street
(looking east from West Broadway)
* Google Maps street view
[ The Wandering Louis location was identified by Sam Morrill ]

Filming locations adjacent to this one will be included on this page.
That includes: Wandering Louis

History - written by Chris Buchner (used with permission)
For those of you expecting some ghostly action here, sorry to disappoint you. Unlike in the movies, Ladder 8 is a fully functioning firehouse. While the firehouse itself wasn't built until 1912, Ladder Company 8 was formed on October 16th, 1865 originally located at 153 Franklin Street. They were later moved to 7 N. Moore and finally one door over to 14 N. Moore where we know them today. This was the building that served as the facade for the Ghostbusters headquarters. As with most of the other sets in the movies, the interior was done in Los Angels, specifically at retired Fire Station 23. For some scenes, however, the crews filmed 20 feet inside the New York firehouse, specifically for Ecto-1 coming out for the first bust.

Although many of the firemen who were around for the first movie has long since moved on or retired, there are still a couple from the days of the second. They are very tolerant to Ghostbusters fans and happily answer any question you might have. When visiting this location, take note of the left hand wall which proudly displays the Ghostbusters 2 sign that once hung outside as well as set photographs from when the crew was filming there. Also, for $20, you can get one of their house shirts, any size. Each shirt features the company's name and a picture of the modified GB2 logo to represent their company.

Fun Facts
  • Ladder 8 was once located at 278 Spring Street along with Engine 30. This location is currently the Fire Museum. (text written by Chris Buchner)
  • Both New York and Los Angeles firehouses used in the movies were built just 2 years apart from each other. (text written by Chris Buchner)
  • The brown coloring of the building from the first movie has faded to reveal a brighter red seen in the second movie. The firehouse has also been allowed to deteriorate; there is dirt all over it and cracks have begun to form. A new plaque has been added to the left side of the doorway commemorating a firefighter who died in 9/11, and the street has also been named for him as well. (text written by Chris Buchner)
  • The Ghostbusters II film crew left the Hook & Ladder 8 name above the doorway, whereas you could see they removed it for the first movie. Due to a tight production schedule, not as much care was taken to conceal the fact two different firehouses were used in the second movie. (text written by Chris Buchner)
  • During the second movie, Mayor Lenny mentions he spent an hour talking to Fiorello La Guardia in his bedroom for an hour. La Guardia was mayor of New York from 1934-45. What you may not know is LaGuardia grew up at 17 Varick street-a half block North from the firehouse on the West side of the street. (text written by Chris Buchner)
  • For whatever reason, the new sign in the second movie featured a reversed "No" symbol, different from all the others in the movie. (text written by Chris Buchner)
  • The street we saw Louis wandering down is literally around the corner from the firehouse. For more information, check out my Shot On Site article about that spot.

Movie Shots

Real World Photos


Image Image
Image Image Image
Image Image


Seinfeld: "The Secret Code" (November 9, 1995) (Season 7)
The exterior of the firehouse Kramer "works" out of is Hook & Ladder #8. The interior looks like a completely different building. For a video clip, check out the Spook Central Facebook page.

BUY IT - Season 7 DVD Set, Complete Series DVD Set, Complete Series DVD Set, Complete Series DVD Set.

Image   Image


Hollywood & Vinyl (1997)
This episode of the VH-1 series takes a look at three '80s movies: Ghostbusters, Rocky IV, and Beverly Hills Cop. Host John Fugelsang walked around the firehouse, outside and inside, and even got to slide down their pole.

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1. This is the inside of the firehouse. Notice the "Ghostbusters II" logo sign hanging on the wall directly behind John's head.

2. Close-up of the "Ghostbusters II" logo sign. In the film, both halves of this sign hang above the firehouse doors.


Hitch (2005)
The movie stars Will Smith as Alex "Hitch" Hitchens, a romance consultant who helps hapless men woo the ladies of their dreams. Complications ensure when he falls for gossip columnist Sarah Melas (Eva Mendes), who unbeknownst to both of them, is doing an expose on the mythical "date doctor" as she tries to figure out how the clumsy Albert (Kevin James) is dating the wealthy and famous Allegra Cole (Amber Valletta).

The movie opens with a montage showing Hitch working with several of his clients. One of them is Pete (Matt Malloy), whom he later meets at his place of work. Pete is a fire captain at Hook & Ladder #8.

Be sure to check out my Hitch Filming Locations & Reference Review. Also, the movie has been released on Blu-ray, Widescreen DVD (with more bonus features), and a two-disc Blu-ray Double Feature with The Holiday (starring Cameron Diaz and the Greystone Mansion).

Image Image Image Image Image Image


Secrets of New York: TriBeCa: Mysteries of New York's Backlot Revealed (2007, Season 3, Episode 1)
In this episode of the official New York City TV series, host Kelly Choi reveals the secrets of three of TriBeCa's landmarks. The first one of which is, of course, Hook & Ladder #8. The video below is just the firehouse segment. You can also watch the whole episode.

Play Video


Ghostbusters (2016)
Paul Feig's ill-fated parody remake features a few locations from the original movies. The ladies decide to start a business: Conductors of the Metaphysical Examination. Every business needs a headquarters, and so the ladies find a realty agent to show them some prospective places. One of the places she shows them is the firehouse in downtown Tribeca. While it is out of their price range, originally, by the end of the film they are awarded the place through the mayor's office. Ernie Hudson returns to the building for his cameo as Patty's uncle, Bill, from whom she borrowed a hearse.

The movie has been released in Theatrical and Extended Cut versions on Blu-ray, DVD (Theatrical only), and 4K Ultra HD/3D Blu-ray/2D Blu-ray Combo Pack.

Image Image Image Image Image


Blue Bloods: "Tangled Up In Blue" (April 29, 2022) (Season 12)
During a scene, two of the characters walk past the firehouse, though the building itself plays no significance to the scene. Both of the sidewalk paintings featuring the Ghostbusters logo can be seen, along with the building's entrance archway and eye-catching red doors. (Thanks to Ghostbusters News for the images and information.)

Image Image


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