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Ghostbusters Video Game - Wii Slimer Edition Unboxing

 By Paul Rudoff on Aug. 5, 2009 at 3:48 AM , Categories: Games
Back on June 18, 2009 Grim Santo posted a video of himself opening up (aka "unboxing") the Wii Slimer edition of Ghostbusters: The Video Game that he purchased exclusively from Amazon. It's a short video, a little over seven minutes long, and a very good look at exactly what comes in the box. After all, you can only see so much in stock photos.

I've decided to showcase Grim Santo's unboxing video by doing screen caps, and sort of walking you through the unboxing. So if you don't have seven minutes to spare, have an aversion to online videos, or you're on a dial-up connection, you might enjoy this. All of the comments are mine, except for any with quotation marks around them, which are Grim Santo's comments from the video. Click on thumbnails to view the full size 1280x720 images.
The box. Very plain, not very exciting.
The box opened. Still not very exciting. That's the Wii game hiding on the far left, and that big white box on the right contains the Slimer statue.
The front of the Wii game. You'll notice that it has the same cover art as the regular/unbundled edition, and not the special cover art that Amazon originally had on their site (the regular art is now there).
The Wii game back cover art. Again, same as the regular edition. Nothing special here.
The Gamer Graffix stickers. Not console specific, just a generic set of puffy stickers.
Ecto-1 audio keychain promo item. "It's kinda cheaply made. ... I think if you put this on your keychain, you'd lose it pretty quickly."
The side and back of the little box it comes in.
Push that red button on the top to play a brief siren sound effect.
The back.
The bottom, with paper tab to prevent the battery from dying out.
It's really a hybrid of Ecto-1 and 1A, with the logo from 1 and the LED sign and black and yellow stripes from 1A. However, the license plate says "Ecto-1B", as in the realistic versions of the game.
The Slimer statue with sign base in the original styrofoam packaging.
Slimer from the front. "It's a pretty sizable piece, actually. ... I think if you dropped it, maybe it'll explode into a million pieces, but good quality so far"
"As you can see it's modeled after the movie version with the big 'ole butt."
From the side. "He's kinda semi-transparent."
That little piece sticking out from Slimer's right hand (left side of the image) connects into the sign base.
The No Ghost sign base. "The paint job's a little iffy, but for the most part, it's very sizable and VERY heavy...very substantial."
Certificate of Authenticity on the bottom of the base, with Steve Johnson signature reproduction.
The hole on the top right is where Slimer connects into. The logo on both sides is exactly the same, with the ghost positioned in the same manner. In other words, one side is not the reverse of the other.
The statue and base connected.
The back.
Solid Thought Corporation advertisement, the inside. They're the ones that made the Slimer statue. The text reads: "A new breed of collectible is COMING FALL 2009 from Hollywood to your very home."
The other side (outside) of the advertisement, faint No Ghost logo in the middle. The text on the front (right side of the image) reads: "From the twisted minds that unleashed the creatures from the original classic..." The text on the inside flap (left side of the image) reads: "[finger blocking] and straining on its chains. And we can't hold it back much longer."
"Not a bad thing to have on your wall. It'll be cool if the Slimer glowed in the dark, but not bad for a little bit of a mark-up. I'm sure if you're a Ghostbusters fan like myself, you'll want to have this in your collection."

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