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Ghostbusters The Video Game - PS2 Screenshot Commentary

 By Paul Rudoff on Aug. 20, 2009 at 11:26 PM , Categories: Games
I did a whole bunch of multimedia from the PlayStation 2 version of Ghostbusters: The Video Game. I am going to spotlight two of the galleries because I wanted to add some commentary to them. Sorry the screenshots aren't the best, but there aren't any CodeBreaker codes for "Player Is Invisible" and "Hud/Reticle Off" and maybe Zoom In/Out if possible (all would need to be toggleable on/off), all of which would help to make better screen shots. And I'm limited to 640x480 as that is the maximum resolution I can pull from an analog source (the PlayStation 2's composite outputs were connected directly to my computer's video capture card).

Gozerian Rookie Outfit
You get this "outfit" by completing the last level on the Gozerian/Hard difficulty. It's not anything special, per se, as it's just a palette swap. Your regular uniform, skin, and hair are all turned blue. The real bonus is that you are immune to sliming when you're wearing it. Oh, and your pupils disappear, making it look like you're possessed!

The regular outfit. Image
Image The Gozerian Rookie Outfit.
Smurf Rookie and the guys Image
Image Peter loves women of all skin colors...even blue.
Hey there, Pretty Eyes. Image
Image This shot didn't come out as great as the previous one, but I love the composition of the foregorund and the background.
A nice front shot. Image
Image The color from the nearby fire pretty much wipes out the blue tones, so she looks like she's normally possessed.

Firehouse Tour
As the name implies, this is a tour of the rinky-dink firehouse in the PlayStation 2 (and Wii) version of the game. Not much to see, but I tried to make it an interesting tour nonetheless. As a bonus, it actually progresses in order from one spot to the next. As an extra bonus, there's a time-limited Easter egg and a glitch at the end.

We start on the second floor. The "Credits" cabinet is behind us, and the equipment table is off the the left, both off-screen. Poles to the right, "Replay" television and arcade machines in the background. Image
Image The equipment table at the start of the game. New items are added as the game progresses.
The equipment table at the end of the game. You'll notice that a few new items are there. Image
Image The arcade games that you can't play or interact with. Text assets on the game disc state that these were meant to activate minigames you could play, but that feature was removed.
The second pole and the "Credits" cabinet on the right. Image
Image Sliding down the pole.
Almost at the bottom. Image
Image First floor, Ecto-1, left side. It's a little hard to see, but that's a computer inside in the back, behind the double-pipes.
Ecto-1, front side. Image
Image Ecto-1, right side. Behind us are the "Profile" lockers.
Ecto-1, back side. Image
Image The first floor. Stairs going up on the left, to the immediate right of that in the background is the door to the basement (closed at the beginning of the game). Janine's desk in the middle, Peter's office behind that. Slimer's telephone booth containment unit to the right.
Watching while Janine surfs the net for porn. Image
Image Slimer's telephone booth containment unit. Now you know why you can never find a phone booth anymore.
Easter Egg Alert: The ESP experiment on Peter's desk. Image
Image The basement. Containment unit on the left, Tobin's Spirit Guide in the middle, some artwork on the right.
The Containment Unit, which looks exactly like the one in the first film. Image
Image Tobin's Spirit Guide. 103 pages that you can read through, assuming you find them in the levels and get the required entity scans.
Easter Egg Alert: VIGO! Although there's no interact circle in front of him, just go up to him and press X to get a random quote. Much smaller than in the realistic version, and in my opinion, much better placed. Image
Image When you first meet Ray at the start of the game he's wearing the colander hat on his head. Then something happens and everyone rushes downstairs.
Easter Egg Alert: When you get downstairs, the colander hat appears on the banister in between Janine's desk and Peter's office. It's only there at this point in the game. It isn't there before you go upstairs to talk to Ray, and it's not there by the end of the game. I don't know where it went to or when it disappears. Image
Image This visual glitch happens every time the firehouse loads, very briefly as the screen fades in. You can see through the floor to the level below.

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