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Revenge of Shot on Site Summer - Ghostbusters Locations, Part 3

 By Paul Rudoff on Jun. 23, 2019 at 12:00 PM , Categories: Ghostbusters 1, Filming Locations , Tags:

In honor of the respective 35th & 30th anniversaries of the original Ghostbusters movies, every Sunday - henceforth dubbed Shot on Site Sundays - at Noon (Eastern) for the next several weeks (schedule here), I will go through the original two movies from start to finish, showing and telling you where everything was filmed in Manhattan, New York and Los Angeles, California. This will be part filming locations rundown, part behind the scenes exploration, and part "Making Ghostbusters". All parts are available here in reverse order: Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II. I will be utilizing the home video cuts of both movies, which can be found on the 2014 Blu-ray Double Feature, as well as the recently-released 5-Disc 4K UHD & Blu-ray with Bonus Disc Set. With that in mind, SPOILER WARNING if you read any further... though I suspect that if you're at Spook Central, you've already seen both movies a million times over.

The majority of real world New York photos were taken by Alex Newborn in July 2014 and Lars Karlsen in July 2018, and are being used with permission. The enlargements for these photos, and for the movie framegrabs, can be found on the various Filming Locations pages elsewhere on Spook Central. Other images are credited where known. Locations were identified by various people and sources over the past 35 years. Those that are not common knowledge are credited on the specific Filming Locations pages (see previous link). The title graphic seen at the top was created by Lars Karlsen, based on an idea by Paul Rudoff. It can be enlarged for a better look at its beauty. Now that that's out of the way, we've got movie sign...

The Ghostbusters rid the hotel of their troublesome specter. Cue the montage! Even Rocky had a montage. After watching Dana working out, a reporter appears on the scene to let us know that his grandma used to tell tales of a spectral locomotive that would rocket past the farm where she grew up. I wonder if it's the same one that went through Winston in Ghostbusters II.


The reporter is standing at the corner of Broadway and Chambers Street, which is right near a LOT of Ghostbusters filming locations that we haven't even gotten up to yet. Behind the reporter, on the right of the shot, is a store with a "Men's Wear" sign above it. That store is Modell's Shoppers World, and it is inside the historic Sun Building (aka A.T. Stewart Company Store, Marble Palace) at 280 Broadway. It was the site of America's first department store, later housed the New York Sun newspaper (which published the famous "Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus" editorial on September 21, 1897), and is now used for city municipal offices. The building, clad in Tuckahoe marble, was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1965, and was designated a New York City landmark in 1986.

(July 2014, credit: Alex Newborn)

In the first of two flipped shots, the guys are seen in their sleeping quarters getting dressed and heading out for a call. The light switches in the foreground room should be on the right, as seen in the earlier shot of the guys eating Chinese food and the real photo of the Los Angeles firehouse seen previously. Don't worry, I'll show off this room in a little bit when we get a better unflipped shot of it in the movie.

The second flipped shot shows the Ecto-1 making a turn. The image below has been flipped back to how it was filmed.


The car starts on West 116th Street and turns onto Broadway in New York. The large curved building seen behind the Ecto-1 on the right side of the corrected movie shot is known as The Paterno. Robert Philips (Patrick Dempsey) lived here in the movie Enchanted (2007).

(July 2014, credit: Alex Newborn)

Peter and Ray receive a nice peking duck for a job well done at a local Chinese resturant.


Although they're actually standing in front of the store next to it, promenently in the background is Tai Hong Lau Restaurant at 70 Mott Street in New York. Tai Hong Lau Restaurant closed in late 2007, though the place has had a few different names since. Currently, it's the Canton Lounge.

(July 2014, credit: Alex Newborn)

Ecto-1 makes a hard right turn in Little Italy.


Umberto's Clam House was at 129 Mulberry Street (corner of Hester St.) in New York. Umbertos moved to 132 Mulberry, and its old location is currently occupied by Da Gennaro Ristorante.

(July 2014, credit: Alex Newborn)

Ray exits a lower-level residence with smoking trap in hand.


Ray is coming out from 16 East 63rd Street in New York. This location is a block away from the undead cabbie location we'll see in a little bit.

(July 2014, credit: Alex Newborn)

The shot originally ran longer, showing Ray meeting up with Peter and Egon at the top of the steps.


The whole row of brownstones matches nicely with the photo above.

(July 2018, credit: Lars Karlsen)

Ecto-1 rounds a corner, giving us a nice look at its side.


This is the first of several shots filmed in the Rockefeller Center area in New York. Ecto-1 is at 5th Avenue & East 50th Street, passing by St. Patrick's Cathedral on the left and Saks Fifth Avenue on the right.

(2009, credit: Google Maps)

The Ghostbusters run from security in Rockefeller Center, while the Prometheus statue looms in the background.


One of the few landmark shots in the movie to openly show off its landmark location. The bronze statue, covered in gold leaf, was designed by Paul Manship and sits atop a large fountain. It depicts the Greek mythological figure Prometheus stealing fire from the gods and giving it to man, bringing them knowledge and the arts.

(April 2003, credit: Paul Rudoff)

Egon emerges with a ghost trap, but is surprised to find Peter and Ray nowhere in sight. Joe Medjuck just so happens to walk by. What a coincidence!


We're back in Little Italy, with Egon standing outside 122 Mulberry Street (currently Positano Ristorante).

(December 2003, credit: Chris Buchner)

The Ghostbusters leave the Sedgewick Hotel, and then Peter tells the reporters outside that, "No job is too big; no fee is too big." It sure took them a long time to leave after catching the green ghost. Unless the Sedgewick got rehaunted in the weeks that have apparently passed.


Naturally, this is outside the Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles, as previously discussed. The two montage shots of Ray leaving the front entrance with the trap, and then Peter talking to the reporters a few shots later, were both part of a deleted scene outside the Sedgewick right after they leave, having busted the green ghost in the ballroom and discussing their fee with the manager. Ivan chose to break this scene up and use these two shots as if they were two different jobs. Below is a photo that bridges the two shots.


The Ghostbusters run down the street.


It has been said that this was the first shot filmed for the movie. It's on Mott Street in Chinatown, a full 180-degrees from the earlier Tai Hong Lau Restaurant shot. The guys are jogging the distance from 56 to 64 Mott Street. Unless you get to the street before all of the shops open, it's impossible to match the movie shot once all of the stores put their stuff out in front.

(July 2014, credit: Alex Newborn)

Ray sleeps in his bed, having quite the erotic dream.


We're in the Los Angeles firehouse, looking into the sleeping quarters from the large room seen earlier where they had their "magnificent feast" at one end (the end closest to this room), and had their laboratory at the other end. (FYI: Ray's "dream" is actually exercised footage from the Fort Detmerring scene. That interior was filmed on a small set adjacent to Dana's apartment on Stage 12.)

(August 2007, credit: Ghostbusters Headquarters)

Looking further into the room we see that there's a fireplace on the other side, across from where the Ghostbusters' beds were.

(March 2004, credit: J. Ryan [aka wwptvboy])

A vintage photo entitled, "A night in joyland or the relaxation of Engine Co. No.23 and Truck Co. No.5", showing the real-life fire crew relaxing in this room. The door in the background leads to that big open room where the Ghostbusters had their "magnificent feast" at one end (the end right on the other side of the door), and had their laboratory at the furthest end.

(May 15, 1915, credit: Glenn Durston)

Does the montage go on forever? Do any of the other Ghostbusters have such interesting dreams? Find out next week - same ghost time, same ghost channel - when we continue our look at the filming locations from Ghostbusters.


Comment from: Mark [Visitor]

Amazing and completely thorough site! Pretty much anything anyone would like to know about these films is here.

One small adjustment: In the part of the montage where Egon steps out with a smoking trap, it actually takes place a few lots up from what you have listed. He emerges from 126 Mulberry, not 122. While no. 126 is currently covered in scaffolding, you can still see a wooden door frame that matches what appears behind HR’s right shoulder. In fact, that may be the only element that has survived from 1983.


Nov. 7, 2021 @ 14:49
Comment from: [Member]

Thanks for the correction, Mark. Once the site upgrade is done. We’ll correct it above and also here. - Paul

Nov. 9, 2021 @ 17:03

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