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Running Press Ghostbusters Ghost Trap (RP Minis) Review

 By Paul Rudoff on Aug. 20, 2021 at 10:50 PM , Categories: Toys

August 31st sees the release of the Ghostbusters Ghost Trap (RP Minis) from Running Press, who previously released miniature versions of the PKE Meter and the Ghostbusters (2016) Proton Pack. The Ghost Trap collectible kit contains the following items:

• 4" Mini Ghost Trap Replica (with light and sound features)
• Mini Full-Color Sticker Book
• Product Information Sheet

Let's take a closer look at each item...

Mini Ghost Trap Replica
The main item in this kit is a plastic replica of the Ghost Trap from the original movie, measuring 4" long, 1.25" wide, and 1.5" tall (to the top of the handle). It isn't an exact replica - some concessions had to be made when shrinking it down AND to allow for the electronics - but it's pretty darn close.


You can see the left and right sides in the above image, and below is the front and back. I'm not surprised that the knobs on the sides don't turn. I actually would have been surprised if they did.


You may have noticed that the warning label is missing from the back. You have to apply that yourself...but I'll discuss that in a little bit. Below is what the bottom of the trap looks like. Disappointingly, the wheels on the bottom do not move.


The trap comes pre-installed with three replaceable 1.5-volt LR41 button cell batteries to power the light and sound features. There is a small on/off switch underneath, which activates standby mode. While in this mode, a red light on top will blink and an orange light at the front will illuminate. While in standby mode, press the small button on the handle to turn on the "trapping" lights and sounds. The doors will open, sounds will come from the speaker on the bottom, and you'll be treated to a fake electronic light show produced from one orange LED and two flashing blue LEDs, enhanced with a light deflector to produce a unique effect. Press the button again to trap that pesky poltergeist, turning off the lights and sounds, and closing the doors. The video below shows off the "trapping" light and sound features.

Play Video

Sticker Book
A small 2.5"x3" book with 8 pages of stickers (the other sides of the pages are blank). The whole set of stickers can be seen in the collage below

(click to enlarge)

The first sticker - the retro 1980s-styled No Ghost logo - is a duplicate from the mini PKE Meter's sticker book. The next two are based on photos from the first movie, with the group photo being one of my favorites. It must be a favorite of the Running Press crew, because they used it on the book's front cover. The fourth sticker is "Keymaster" by Rich Kelly from the Gallery 1988 art collection celebrating the 30th anniversary in 2014. The next three pairs of stickers feature minimalist 1970s-style artwork that I have never seen before. I would love to know who the artist is, and if there are any more of these drawings. I'm digging them. Finally, on the last page are "decals for your ghost trap". Here you will find that warning label for the trap's back, along with two tiny stickers of Slimer and Stay Puft that you may or may not want to put on your trap.

The sticker book is a nice bonus to the mini Ghost Trap.

Product Information Sheet
This is a simple piece of paper containing the instructions on how to use the Ghost Trap, how to replace the batteries, and safety and legal notices. I didn't bother to scan it in because it's not really that important for the review. If you've seen the one I scanned in from the mini PKE Meter, then you've pretty much seen this one.


Overall, not a bad little kit, though I think I like the PKE Meter just a little bit more. Maybe if the trap had moving wheels, so I could roll it around my desk, I would have placed it higher than the PKE Meter. Now that we have the classic PKE Meter and Ghost Trap, all that's needed is a classic Proton Pack... and maybe the classic Ecto-Goggles (though that might not work too well with lights at a small size.)

The GHOST TRAP can be purchased from Amazon in the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom.

The PKE METER (reviewed here) can be purchased from Amazon in the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom.

The 2016 PROTON PACK (reviewed here) can be purchased from Amazon in the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom.

• Patreon-Exclusive Bonus Feature: My Complete Set of Photos & Sticker Book PDF.

This item was provided by Running Press for review on this site.

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