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Ghostbusters 3 News

 By Paul Rudoff on Nov. 19, 2004 at 9:16 PM , Categories: Miscellaneous
Nothing we haven't heard before, but two new articles have been posted online, and so I've added them to the bottom of the GB3 Progress page.

The short version is this: Dan Aykroyd is still interested, but nobody else is. He can't move forward with his ideas (such as a younger cast) because those people who own the rights won't allow the project to happen.

Personally, I think he's been going about it all wrong. Instead of trying to get a live-action movie made, which obviously ain't gonna happen in MY lifetime, try making it into a PG or PG-13 rated, full-length, theatrical Real Ghostbusters movie. Since Sony was able to make another animated series in recent years (EGB), I think it's safe to say that the rights problems don't extend to the animated universe.

After seeing how pathetic GB2 turned out, in terms of totally disregarding the continuity from the first film, I think it's best that Dan NOT write another film with Harold. It would just be a stale rehash of GB1. He should team with J. Michael Straczynski, who is responsible for the high quality of writing on the first season RGB eps. I like the whole Hellbent idea of Dan's first draft (Hell is the flip side of reality and you can flip the switch anytime ... or something like that). It would definitely be a more adult cartoon, and not some watered down kiddie crap. I'm sure JMS can tailor Dan's script to fit the RGB personalities. Heck, they could have some fun and even throw in a gag of seeing the EGB gang when they were kids, since this would take place during the RGB's prime. That way the movie would even be connected to EGB, too.

Bringing back all of the original RGB first season cast is a MUST! I'm sure they'd all be interested. (Arsenio is no longer busy with his talk show, so he has no reason to say No.) Since Lorenzo is no longer alive, perhaps they could persuade Bill Murray to provide the voice of Peter. Even though he hates the idea of a GB3, he did take over for Lorenzo as the voice of Garfield in the recent live-action film. If he could lower himself to doing that (no offense, Garfield), surely he'd doing something of a much higher caliber. As a last resort I'd have them bring back Dave Coulier as Peter. I like Dave, but he was just wrong for the part (same as Kath Soucie). His performance was simply his Bill Murray imitation, in which case, you might as well get the real thing.

They could still have Lorenzo in the film in a different role. Take an archive recording of him and use it for Man #1 or some other small role that they might already have dialogue recorded to fit. Worst case, throw in a visual reference to him as an homage.

Dan could provide the voice of one of the characters, maybe even the villain. Heck, if you could convince them, maybe other members of the live-action cast could provided voices.

The visuals definitely need to be in the same quasi-Japanese animation style as the first season RGB. I don't know if the same animation studio is still in business (whoever DiC used in Japan), but surely there must still be some company that can do a similar, if not better job. As long as they don't do that crappy Americanized Anime style seen in Teen Titans, or 2-D or 3-D computer animation style (it's too clean), I'll be happy.

In short, the possibilities are limitless because you're no longer relying on live-action visuals.


Comment from: Liz Young [Visitor]

I think you should start a petion to make a #3. I think enough people would sign and then they’ll see we want to make a #3!! What do you think?;)

Feb. 18, 2005 @ 23:57
Comment from: [Member]

If a petition would help, I’d be the first to sign it. Unfortunately, it won’t do any good. That I know for a fact.

Feb. 28, 2005 @ 19:07

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