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GB Legion Comic Books

 By Paul Rudoff on Jan. 22, 2005 at 9:21 PM , Categories: Reviews & Merch, Books
The final issue of the GB Legion comic book mini-series is finally in stores. If you haven't bought/ordered a copy, go to Graham Crackers Comics right away. It should come as no surprise that 88MPH has decided to milk more money from us fans by releasing YET ANOTHER VARIANT COVER. There is now a THIRD version of Legion #4, with a cover of Egon and a large green dog ghost (image on far right above) released exclusively by Bulldog Collectibles. In case you're not keeping track, for a 4 part story, there are a total of 13 different issues:
  1. Legion #1 - regular cover - 1st Printing (all 4 GBs)
  2. Legion #1 - regular cover - 2nd Printing (Ecto-1)
  3. Legion #1 - variant cover (Peter)
  4. Legion #1 - exclusive cover - Graham Crackers Comics (GB fighting Stay-Puft)
  5. Legion #1 - exclusive cover - Toyzz (Terror Dog)
  6. Legion #1 - UV Incentive cover (No Ghost logo)
  7. Legion #2 - regular cover (all four GBs and blue ghosts)
  8. Legion #2 - variant cover (Winston)
  9. Legion #3 - regular cover (equipment close-up)
  10. Legion #3 - variant cover (Ray)
  11. Legion #4 - regular cover (Ecto-1 driving away from large green ghost)
  12. Legion #4 - variant cover (Egon)
  13. Legion #4 - exclusive cover - Bulldog Collectibles (Egon and a large green dog ghost)
If you have no interest in collecting the comics, and just want to read the Legion story, GBHQ reports that all four parts will be released in one hardcover book.:

Thanks to Kingpin for tracking this down in Previews and Image Comics' website: (from the February 2005 issue of Previews):

by Andrew Dabb, Steve Kurth, Serge LaPointe & Blond; cover by Ben Templesmith

The Ghostbusters are back! Now is your chance to own this very special, hard cover edition of their first new adventure. This collection is packed with bonus material. Containing all four issues of the Legion mini-series, it also includes the 12 page San Diego Comic-Con 2004 Exclusive "The Zeddemore Factor"; in color, never before seen characters case studies and more. Featuring a brand new cover by famed artist Ben Templesmith, this may very well be the only time this collection is offered.

HC, 7x10, 136pgs, FC SRP: $24.95

Since my Legion #4 issues arrived in the mail today, I finally read the entire Legion story/mini-series (all four issues), plus "The Zeddemore Factor" Comic-Con exclusive (I read it first, since story chronologically that comes first). I've been receiving the comics as they've been released, but always intended to read the entire Legion story in one sitting instead of waiting months for each segment of the story.

I was thinking about writing a full-blown review, but the story didn't impress me enough (good or bad) to actually do it. Instead I jotted down a bunch of notes, which I'll present to you in order from issue #1 to #4.
  • I wish pages were numbered.

  • New character designs are ok. They take a while to get used to. Janine is actually a bit better looking than she was in the first film (no offense, Annie).

  • I'm kinda turned off by the whole "famous Louis" stuff. It seems a bit out of character for the nebbish Louis, and it totally doesn't seem to follow anything established in the movie. Sure Louis wanted attention ("Doesn't anyone want to interview me? I was an eyewitness."), but he didn't make an indication that he wanted fame and fortune. Quite frankly, I see no reason to include him in the comics as a main/side character, just like there was no reason for him to be in GB2 and RGB. Although he had a big part in the events of GB1, he's nothing more than Dana's neighbor, so why can't people just leave him at that... a cameo at best.

  • #1 was pretty much a "what are they doing now" (six months after the Gozer incident). The new "Legion" storyline was only briefly mentioned at the beginning and end. The story actually starts to show itself in #2.

  • I love the Egon RGB hair reference in #2.

  • I liked the running gag of Janine doing everything she can to get Egon's attention, though I thought the part where she threatened to put a false breast (a "falsie") "so far down [Peter's] throat that [he'll] be crappin' plastic for a week" was a bit out of character.

  • Someone remind me one day to start a nudeghouls.com website.

  • The GB2 museum building can be seen in the New York City shot at the end of #3. This is a nice touch, since this is exactly where the building is in real life.

  • Onionhead/Slimer appears briefly in #3 & #4 in a very satisfying way (hint: he's not playing nice).

  • The World Trade Center (Twin Towers) is seen in Dravenhaven's slimy rendition of Manhattan in #4. Since he had newspaper articles on his room's walls in the psychiatric institution, he would obviously be aware of the towers demise. So, does this mean that the story takes place prior to September 2001 or is this just a goof?

  • Peter calls Ray in #4, but Ray can't answer his cell phone because he's all tied up (literally). Peter presumably "hangs up" as he, Winston, and Egon go out on a bust. Cut back to Ray a little later and his phone is still ringing, which he is barely able to answer, and the signal is received by the guys in Ecto-1. Either we didn't see Peter call a second time after the bust or this is a goof? If it's the former, it would have been less disconcerting if a panel or two would have been added to show Pater calling again.

  • The final battle against Dravenhaven ended too quickly and without any real big finale. The end of the world was at stake, but it sure didn't feel like it. After such a long 2-3 issue build-up, it was very disheartening to have it end so quickly.

  • The conclusion to the Egon/Janine storyline was very satisfying.

  • For some reason Dravenhaven looks 50 years old at the end in the hospital bed than he did earlier.

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