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Ghostbusters Adult References, Part 1

 By Paul Rudoff on Jan. 24, 2010 at 2:00 AM , Categories: Miscellaneous
GHOSTBUSTERS PORN! Now that I have your attention... and hopefully lots of Google hits. With a title like that, it should come as no surprise that this post will be about adult subject matter. Although I'm trying my absolute best to keep this clean, and there will be no human nudity (I did a lot of censoring), and you will not find any hardcore sexual imagery involving real people in this post (only drawings), this is NOT A POST FOR THE KIDDIES. Since outside links may contain uncensored hardcore content, you are advised to only click on links pointing to pages outside of this site if you are willing to possibly view uncensored adult material. By clicking on the link to view this entire post (or reading any further), you hereby state to me that you wish to read about and view such content and will not hold me libel for any damages that may occur to your psyche or anything else if you proceed any further. Ghostbusters has had a connection to the adult film industry since Day 1. Well, technically since late 1983 when principal photography on the movie was taking place. One of the extras standing outside the firehouse when the containment unit explodes is none other than adult film legend Ron Jeremy. You can see him in the film (widescreen version only) when Ray and Winston pull up in Ecto-1. Although Ron didn't star in any Ghostbusters-related porn productions, the fine folks at Hustler magazine were kind enough to put him in one anyway. A Cuntbusters mock movie poster was published in the November 1984 issue of Hustler magazine. As this was put together only a few months after the movie came out, it is probably one of the first No Ghost logo mods. Ron was "cast" in the Egon role, with John Holmes as Peter (in the middle), and John Leslie as Ray (on the right). Again, this is a mock movie poster. There is no actual film with this name.

Ron isn't the only porn star in a Ghostbusters production. Child star Jaimee Foxworth, who was one of the Kiddie Funk Singers (kids chorus) on the track "Movie Star" off of The Real Ghostbusters soundtrack album, would later go on to star in a handful of adult films under the names Crave and Monet. Unlike Ron Jeremy, who made his name in the adult film industry, Jaimee regrets her time in the business, even going on The Oprah Winfrey Show in January 2006 to proclaim it as "the biggest mistake of her life".

Let me take a second to make a quick mention of Playboy Playmate Kymberly Herrin (Miss March 1981) who played the dream ghost in Ghostbusters. I really don't consider Playboy to be pornography - at least not in the sense of everything else mentioned in this article - but for the sake of completedness, I'll give her this brief mention before I move on.

The adult film industry has a long history of making porn parodies of popular mainstream media, be it movies, television shows, video games, or even musical acts. Proving that people in Pornoland are always quick to get their product out, the first "parody" came out the same year the original film came out. Entitled Sexbusters! (1984), this 80-minute feature is about Lola and Lana: the Sexbusters, a duo of on-call prostitutes/sex therapists. There's nothing about this "spoof" that relates to Ghostbusters, other than a knock-off theme and logo, and a couple of references. There are no ghosts and no busting. It was made simply to cash in on the then-newly released hit film Ghostbusters. This 80-minute Playtime Video production stars Karen Summers as Lola, Candi as Lana, Peter North as Ludwig, Mr. Black as the Father, Linda Lovell as Janice, Steve Drake as Oliver, Marc Wallice as Harold, Sheri St. Clair as Jane, and Blake Palmer as Martin. It is unknown what the original VHS box art looked like, but the 2008 DVD box art by Gourmet Video features a nude female version of the Ghostbusters' No Ghost logo - a logo that does not appear in the film at all. The video below, which is COMPLETELY CLEAN, is the opening of the movie.

Play Video

Hustler magazine reviewed the original VHS release in their April 1985 issue (on page 39): "(Playtime Video) In this takeoff on Hollywood box-office smash Ghostbusters, the stars (Karen Summers and Candi) get jizzed instead of slimed. Karen and Candi - a pair of dingy, big-breasted bimbettes - play outcall sex therapists. Armed with dildos, vibrators and other labor-saving devices, they careen through this low-rent production responding to the needs of the sexually distressed. In the hottest and most humorous segment Steve Drake confides to his priest that he thinks he's a woman because he can't get it up. The worldly man of the cloth phones the Sexbusters, who drop in on Drake and miraculously get his wiener roasting. In no time he's skewering Karen doggy-style and coming on Candi's waiting face. After a few more house calls the girls invite everyone back to their office for an orgy that ends in a slow-motion, get-out-the-lifeboats cum-shot. Except for these two scenes, however, Sexbusters is disappointingly low-spirited. -- J. M."

Just in time for the 25th anniversary of both Ghostbusters and Sexbusters! we get the second porn parody: Nutbusters (2009). Not to be confused with a 2006 adult movie series with the same name, this one-hour Muffia production stars Shyla Stylez as the Gatekeeper and Jordan Ash as the Keymaster in scene 1; and Gianna Michaels as Egoo Spooge, Rachel Roxxx as Wankman, and Voodoo as Goozer in scene 2. Shonna is Spanks, the female Nutbuster who walks away after the fight that precedes scene 2. Yes, this one-hour "movie" is comprised of only two scenes. No story, no plot, and no credits - just two parody scenes and that's it! Half the cast listed on the DVD cover are from the bonus scenes included to pad out the DVD runtime (the three bonus scenes together are almost double the length of the one-hour feature presentation). Anyway, even though this isn't a movie in any real sense of the word (let's just call it a "video"), it IS a more accurate Ghostbusters parody. Well, more accurate than Sexbusters! at least. The DVD case describes the "plot" as such:
Gizz Clortho aka Keymaster of Goozer in a possessed state finds his way to the rooftop where Zuul the Gate Keeper is waiting for him. She lifts up her dress and bends over, he rips her clothes off and begins to follow through with his destiny. The Nut Busters then walk onto the roof and fire their beams at Goozer who attempts to fight them off. Eventually Egoo and Wankman jump on top of Goozer, tearing him apart with their raw sexuality.
The movie does not contain any variations on the Ghostbusters theme song, though the DVD main menu contains a short sample that sounds like they're saying "Yachtbusters!". There IS a knock-off logo in the movie. In addition to the two images below, check out this gallery of clean images.


The problem with both of these Ghostbusters porn parodies is that neither of them comes close to the potential that exists in a Ghostbusters porn parody. If there was ever any film that is best suited for a porn parody, it's Ghostbusters. Watch the film with a dirty mind, and the sex scenes just write themselves! They could even film it in the actual Los Angeles firehouse that was used for the interiors of Ghostbusters headquarters in both movies. It's not like an adult movie hasn't been filmed there before. Yes, that leads in to yet another Ghostbusters/Porn connection. Flashpoint (1998), one of the first big budget, multi-studio collaborations (Adam & Eve and Wicked) in adult film history, was filmed inside the Ghostbusters' Los Angeles firehouse. The movie is about the lives of the firefighters at station #23 (the same number as the one that used to occupy the firehouse in real-life), and in true Ghostbusters fashion, the exteriors of the station are filmed at a complete different location. Unlike Ghostbusters, the exterior doesn't match the interior at all. However, the "suicidal jumper" scene was filmed on top of the firehouse, even though it was supposed to take place at a location far away from Station #23 headquarters.

The movie was filmed in September 1997 (the re-released DVD states October 1997) and was originally released in 1998 under the title Flashpoint on a dual-sided DVD. Ten years later it was re-edited and re-released as a 4-disc set under the new title Flashpoint X. More images, including behind the scenes pictures, as well as comments from director Brad Armstrong about the firehouse, can be found on the Los Angeles Firehouse page.

Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

In closing I present the final Ghostbusters/Porn connection that I know of: adult fan art! It should come as no surprise that just about any cartoon character ever created has been "fantasized" into adult situations by artists who have no better use for their talents. That's not to say that I have no appreciation for adult artwork, but some of the stuff I've seen in researching this part of the article is downright ridiculous. Should you wish to see the characters from The Real Ghostbusters and Extreme Ghostbusters (and even Filmation's Ghostbusters) - though mostly Janine and Kylie - in some very hardcore adult situations, check out the Rule 34, Hentai Foundry, ImageFap, and Cartoon Reality websites. Again, there's some VERY EXPLICIT STUFF AT THESE SITES, so don't say that I didn't warn you.

Special thanks to Ghostbusters News for first alerting me to Nutbusters, Chris from Proton Charging for breaking the news back in 2005 of Ron Jeremy in Ghostbusters and for giving me the Cuntbusters mock poster image, Sean Berry for the Cartoon Reality link, and the unknown person who uploaded an untitled video file of Jenna Jameson's sex scene in Flashpoint ten years ago that made me look for that film because those green and white walls in the background sure looked familiar.

[UPDATE - 7/14/2010]
On Fri. June 11th & Sat. June 12th, 2010, Epic Win Burlesque held a Ghostbusters-themed show at The Tank Theater in New York City. The show starred Boo Bess the Baroness as Janine, Bonnie Voy'age as Slimer, Victoria Privates as Dana Barrett as Zuul, Miss Mary Cyn as Gozer, Lefty Lucy as Stay Puft, Magdalena Fox as Sugar Skull/Day of the Dead, and BB Heart as Japanese Horror Ghost. Ghostbusters News has some photos. I didn't get to see the show in person, but from looking at the photos and video, it looked rather stupid. I could have come up with something better. However, the gals portraying Janine and Gozer nailed the look of their characters perfectly and were the clear highlights of the show.

[UPDATE - 6/22/2011]
Hustler just released This Ain't Ghostbusters XXX, a feature-length parody featuring most of the "real" characters and most of the "real" settings. The movie skips over a lot of the Ghostbusters plotline, completely leaving out the Walter Peck character, though what's there is faithful to the original - albeit with an adult twist. The movie stars Evan Stone as Peter Venkman, Alec Knight as Ray Stantz, James Deen as Egon Spengler, Tee Reel as Winston Zeddemore, Raven Alexis as Dana Barrett, Sarah Shevon as Janine Melnitz, Jeremy Conway as Louis Tully, Alexis Texas as Ghost Librarian, Lily LaBeau as Female College Student, Randy Marmalade as Male College Student, Joslyn James as Ray's Mother (this movie's Stay Puft Marshmallow Man equivalent), Jennifer Dark as Gozer, and Ron Jeremy as Old Librarian. Ron, as mentioned at the beginning of this article, was an extra in the original Ghostbusters. The movie was released in a two-disc Blu-ray + DVD Combo Pack containing the anaglyph 3-D and 2-D versions. Some multimedia is below. To learn more about the movie, read my Ghostbusters-orientated review/rundown with commentary.



Comment from: [Member]

I was just reminded of this sorta GB/porn connection from the South Park episode “Over Logging“:

Randy: [covered in semen] Oh..ah..there was…there was a ghost! The..Ectoplasm. Did you see the ghost? Ran through here and slimed me.

Jan. 28, 2010 @ 15:54
Comment from: Steven Reed [Visitor]  

That was just bizarre

Jan. 29, 2010 @ 10:33
Comment from: Anonymous [Visitor]

I found this by accident *joke*: 3 Kylie shockwave flash files. Happy new year!

Jan. 4, 2011 @ 05:03
Comment from: [Member]

Those are some very interesting finds, Anonymous. It makes me wonder just how much MORE naughty GB fan art is out there.

Whomever the artist is of the original fan art, much kudos of originality goes out to him/her for pairing up Gozer and the Terror Dog like that. I can honestly say that I’ve never see that before :-)

Jan. 6, 2011 @ 17:42

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