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Ghostbusters Denver Chronicles Comic Book

 By Paul Rudoff on Dec. 5, 2014 at 10:21 PM , Categories: Fans, Books
In 2004, Hank Braxtan made the Ghostbusters fan film Freddy Vs. Ghostbusters. It featured a battle between the "Denver Ghostbusters" and A Nightmare on Elm Street villain Freddy Krueger. Hank followed this up with Return Of The Ghostbusters in 2007, which was the first feature-length Ghostbusters fan film. To bridge the gap between the two films, Hank, and artist Bryan "The Sandman" Sanders, wrote a comic book entitled "Ghostbusters: The Denver Chronicles". The comic, which was released digitally on the Return of the Ghostbusters website one day prior to the film's release, also had a limited 50-copy print run. I own one of those copies. (I used to own two, but the autographed copy I had got destroyed by Hurricane Sandy back in 2012.)

The comic finds Neil Anderson alone in Denver busting ghosts, and dealing with a few vandals who damaged the original Ecto truck from Freddy vs. Ghostbusters. Ed Spengler & Eugene O'Fitzpatrick are in London at the British Museum to answer a call that the "New York Chapter" (the original four Ghostbusters from the feature films) was too busy to handle. There, Eugene discovers a map inside an artifact to the lost city of Cynopolis. Janosz Poha, a character from Ghostbusters II (who has since moved to England to "get away from you guys"), takes this map to the sole financier of the Ancient Egypt exhibit, Klaus Konstantin (and his assistant, Pavel Karnov). Twenty-eight days later, Ed and Eugene are invited to the archaeological site they helped Konstantin discover. They drive through the desert in an undecorated white automobile, presumably the future Ectomobile featured in Return of the Ghostbusters. Unfortunately, they arrive to discover a cave-in where several crew members are injured, and Konstantin is crippled, explaining his paralysis in the film. The two Ghostbusters run to the rescue, only to have Ed incapacitated by a group of resurrected mummies, leaving Eugene to fight against them by himself.

It took Bryan a whole month to make the comic, and he finished it and had the last page done a mere 10 hours before he flew out to Denver for the Return Of The Ghostbusters premiere. Keep in mind that it was released one day before the premiere, so he really got it done just under the wire! Bryan told me that it was supposed to be much longer, but was cut due to time. Had he stuck to Hank's original script, it would have been a 3-issue comic. So, it was severely downsized to just the overall summary of the script. A few years ago, Bryan sold Hank's original comic script and all artwork for $10 on eBay.

Thanks to the generosity of Hank and Bryan, I have been allowed to share this comic book with all of you. As a bonus, Bryan has also given me the Ghost Busted Ghostbusters/Sonic The Hedgehog crossover comic book he wrote years ago. (More info on this after the covers) So, without further ado, click on the covers to download the PDF eBooks.

Image   Image

Bryan filled me in on the originals of the Ghost Busted comic. Bryan was friends with several writers and creators of the 1993 Saturday morning Sonic cartoon and comic book, so he wrote a crossover featuring characters from both Sonic and Ghostbusters. It featured some Ghostbusters friends that he knew at the time, and Hank's Denver Ghostbusters. Bryan intended for it to be a 20 issue series, and you'll see if you read it, but he stopped after the first issue due to lack of interest and time. It was written way back in late 2004-2005 (before the Denver Chronicles comic). From working with Hank on this comic script, just using his characters, Bryan was able to become involved in the development of Return of the Ghostbusters. Outside of Hank and Tim Johnson, Bryan was one of the first people working on the film; working on props/art and script tweaks. A lot of his props were later featured in his short film Chucks New Job, which takes place after his Papercut 2 fan film, and features Kylie and Eduardo from Extreme Ghostbusters.

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