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Return of Shot on Site Summer - Ghostbusters 2016 Locations, Part 10 (Map & List)

 By Paul Rudoff on Aug. 5, 2018 at 12:00 PM , Categories: Filming Locations, The 2016 Parody Remake , Tags:

Welcome to Spook Central's continuing Return of Shot on Site Summer event wherein we take a look at all of the filming locations for Paul Feig's 2016 Ghostbusters (aka Ghostbusters: Answer The Call). Every Sunday - henceforth dubbed Shot on Site Sundays - at Noon (Eastern) for several weeks (all parts available here in reverse order), we will go through the entire movie from start to finish telling and showing you where everything was filmed in or around Boston, Massachusetts; with a great deal of quick shots in Manhattan, New York; and one spot in Los Angeles, California. We will be utilizing the Theatrical and Extended cuts of the movie from the Blu-ray, as that provides the most locations than just the Theatrical Cut alone. With that in mind, SPOILER WARNING if you read any further... though I suspect that whomever wants to see the movie already has, and those who want to avoid it won't care. Those in the latter camp have probably stopped reading this post already. That's cool. There's lots of material on Spook Central about the original movies and animated series for you to look at.

The majority of locations were identified and researched by Matthew Jordan back in 2016, way before anyone else did it. Secondary thanks go to all of the fine folks on the internet who documented the filming of the movie in 2015, which helped in Matt's research. A few locations were identified by me (Paul Rudoff) and MrMichaelT. The title graphic seen at the top was created by Matthew Jordan, based on an idea by Paul Rudoff. Now that that's out of the way, let us continue...

For the final part of this Summer-long event, we present Matt's Google Map of locations, followed by a list of locations ordered geographically. This is useful if you want to visit the locations in person; especially those in Boston where they are all a stone's throw away from each other. To use the map, click on the icon in the upper left corner (it looks like an arrow pointing to an open square). This will bring out the list of locations for you to explore.

==Outside Boston, MA==

* (42.38793, -71.23134) "Columbia University Interior (Phil & Phyllis/Erin Fired)"

* (42.41013, -71.05268) "Kenneth P. Higgins Institute Exterior"

* (42.05994, -71.16403) "Aldridge Mansion Museum Interior"

* (42.15243, -70.94048) "Soundstage for film"

==West of Boston, MA==

* (42.35063, -71.1035) "Aldridge Mansion Museum Exterior"

* (42.34098, -71.10333) "Columbia University Grounds"

* (42.35735, -71.07224) "(Behind The Scenes) Casting Call For Extras"

==West Downtown Boston, MA==

* (42.35808, -71.05668) "Ghostbusters Hide and Rowan Steps on a Taxi"
   * Rowan crushes the taxi on Congress Street near the 53 State Exchange Place Building.
   * The Team is down a little side alley of Quaker Lane.

* Ballons at the dead end of Federal Street and Milk Street
   * (42.35676, -71.05677) "Ghost Balloons on the move"
   ** Coming in from Milk Street which is the same street that is crossed by Slimer driving the Ecto-1 and a shot of people fleeing.
   * (42.35549, -71.05661) "Patty, Abby, Jillian Confronting the Ghost Balloons"
   ** Coming in from Franklin Street, which was used further east for Ghost related shots
   * (42.35554, -71.05619) "United team going to Times Square"
   ** They rejoin Franlin Street
   ** Note that footage in this shot was altered beyond Congress Street.

* (42.35508, -71.05643) "Erin Punches Blogger"
   * The event happens in front of 100 Federal Street Building.
   * The scenes involving the Ghostbusters team and the Ghost Balloons happens the next street West/East bound (Franklin Street)
   ** Further linking the scenes is the same Fidelity Investments building and logo seen in both scenes.

==North-East Downtown Boston, MA==
* Taxi Cabbie Ain't Gonna Go to Chinatown (Kilby Street)
   * (42.35852, -71.05566) "Taxi Cab first seen during Ghost Invasion"
   * (42.35794, -71.05554) "Erin looking for Taxi Cab"
   ** When Erin is running down side street, and shots of Erin talking to cabbie and cabbie talking.
   ** Erin is on Hawes Street.
   ** PostNet's store front can be seen in the Cabbie Talking shots.

* (42.35812, -71.05424) "(Behind The Scenes) Location filming cars were parked"
   * The Taxi is the same one Rowan crushes on Congress Street

* (42.35771, -71.05451) "Hot Dog Stand With Slimer"

* (42.35714, -71.05463) "Ghost Invasion #1"

==South-East Downtown Boston, MA==

* (42.35639, -71.05435) "Ghost Invasion (Woman Running)"

* (42.35659, -71.05396) "Ghost Invasion (Cop Cars)"

* (42.35671, -71.05376) "Flasher Ghost"

* (42.35483, -71.05473) and (42.35562, -71.0536) "{Deleted Scene} Rowan on rampage (Rowan's Location/pedestrians point of view)"

* (42.35569, -71.0534) "Ghost Rats Subway Entrance 50 Street"

==Chinatown Boston, MA==

* (42.35235, -71.06155) "Ghostbusters' First Headquarters/Zhu's Authentic Hong Kong Food"

* (42.35118, -71.0639) "Jacob Wirth Co. Restaurant"

* (42.35098, -71.06505) "Mayor Interview for NY1 Live"

* (42.35071, -71.06525) "Lotus Leaf"

* (42.35057, -71.06507) "Stonebrook Theatre"

* (42.34998, -71.06403) "(Behind The Scenes) Visiting Floating Hospital for Children at Tufts Medical Center"

==Upper Manhattan, NY==

* (40.81889, -73.95619) "(Ecto-1 Driving) On Broadway Passing West 133rd Street"

* (40.80777, -73.96219) "Columbia University (Alma Mater) shot"

* (40.80187, -73.96945) "Erin's Apartment"
   * On 310 West 106th Street

* (40.79939, -73.96873) "Seward Street Station Entrance"
   * West side 103rd Street Station Entrance, off of Broadway and West 103rd Street

==Midtown Manhattan, NY==

* (40.76791, -73.9815) "(Behind The Scenes) Ecto-1 Driving Columbus Circle"

* (40.76723, -73.98255) "(Behind The Scenes) Ecto-1 Driving at Night"
* 8th Avenue

* (40.76582, -73.97971) "(Behind The Scenes) Ecto-1 and Ecto-2 Parked"
* * On 7th Avenue between West 58th Street and West 57th Street

* (40.76474, -73.98062) "(Ecto-2 Driving) Park Central Hotel"

* (40.76491, -73.982) "(Deleted Scene) Ecto-1 Night Driving"
   * 1740 Broadway

* (40.76475, -73.98221) "Ecto-1 Night Driving Near Parking Garage"

* (40.76361, -73.98144) "(Ecto-1 Driving) Cafe Metro"
   * On 7th Avenue heading south passing West 54th Street.

* (40.76337, -73.98307) "(Ecto-1 Driving) Hood Ornament"
   * Heading west on West 53rd Street, passing Broadway and Broadway theater ("Fiddler on the Roof" being shown)

* (40.75709, -73.98641) "The Mercado Hotel (loosely based on actual design)"
   * Comfort Keepers of New York, 1501 Broadway, New York

* (40.75281, -73.98135) "(Ecto-1 Driving) New York Public Library"

* (40.7547, -73.99164) "(Ecto-1 Driving) Near Deli"
   * 8th Avenue going north getting on West 38th Street going east.
   * Grace Cafe is the location of the Deli signage at 572 8th Ave

* (40.75233, -73.98599) "Balloons Manifest Point at West 38th Street and 6th Ave."

==Lower Manhattan, NY==

* (40.72871, -73.97166) "(Ecto-1 Driving) FDR Drive"

* (40.73144, -73.99697) "Deleted Footage (Ecto-1 Driving) Washington Square Park"

* (40.71974, -74.00667) "Firehouse Exterior"

* You "Can" park that here on Chambers Street
   * (40.71464, -74.00749) "(Behind the Scenes) Ecto-1 Parked"
   ** Likely at 94 Chambers Street
   * (40.71368, -74.00529) "Tweed Courthouse Exterior"
   ** Pretty much is suggested to be the City Hall.
   * (40.71312, -74.00407) "(Ecto-1 Driving) City Hall Loading Dock"

* (40.71434, -73.99395) "(Ecto-1 Driving) AT&T and Reach House Restaurant"

* (40.71371, -73.99485) "(Ecto-1 Night Driving) Underpass"

* (40.7137, -73.99464) "(Ecto-1 Driving) East Broadway In Chinatown"

* (40.71293, -73.99553) "(Ecto-2 Driving)  45 Henry Street"

* (40.71288, -73.99551) "Ghost Invasion #2"

==Los Angeles, CA==

* (34.04482, -118.25458) "Ghostbusters' First Headquarters Alley"

We hope you've all enjoyed our look at the Ghostbusters 2016 filming locations.

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