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Ghostbusters: Afterlife - Final Film Transcript

 By Paul Rudoff on Feb. 26, 2022 at 10:30 PM , Categories: Ghostbusters: Afterlife

While we will never have any copies of the Ghostbusters: Afterlife movie script, as we do for Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II, thanks to MrMichaelT from the Ghostbusters Wiki, we now have a transcript of the dialog (and some trivia) from the final film. After the jump is the full text, though you can also download the transcript as a RTF document.

While I'm on the topic of transcripts, the new Ghostbusters: The First Cut page has a rough subtitle transcript of that cut of the movie, as well as the Medjuck/Kahn commentary.


Final Film Transcript
original script by Gil Kenan and Jason Reitman
transcribed by MrMichaelT

Chapter 1

The Sony logo and title card appears. Score track from Ghostbusters (1984) plays. Thunder can be heard as the Columbia Pictures title card appears. Fade to black. The Bron Creative title card appears. The Ghost Corps title sequence appears. Mooglie flies into the No Ghost logo. Columbia Pictures Presents. In Association With Bron Creative.

Evening. A psychokinetic atmospheric disturbance churns above a mountain. Periodic lightning strikes occur. Suddenly, crossed proton streams shoot up at the disturbance. The scene cuts to Egon Spengler, now an older man in silhouette, speeding away from the mountain in a GMC utility truck. He drives over a bridge. A sign reading "Shandor Mining Co." and "Est 1927" comes into view. He crashes through a locked chain link fence adorned with warning signs, danger signs, and a sign saying the bridge is closed. One side of the fence falls over. Something invisible rushes past. Score track from Ghostbusters (1984) plays. A Trap containing a captured entity is hidden under a sack to the side of his seat. The red beacon indicating a successful capture can be heard. He turns left past Spinners Roller Hop in a town. He checks the Trap then covers it as he drives past farmland. An invisible entity attacks the side of the truck. The truck flips several times into a barley field and comes to a stop upside down. Cut to Egon as he hobbles out of the field with the Trap to a farmhouse. On the porch, he throws a lever on a column upwards and three silo capacitors nearby surge on. The ground hums. Dirt vibrates. Egon holds out the Trap. The invisible entity steps out of the field. Each step the entity takes can be seen and heard. Egon steps on a Trap pedal but the capacitors die out. He tries again several times but nothing happens. The entity growls. He runs into the house and digs through a drawer. He takes out a P.K.E. Meter. It detects the entity. Sounds made by the entity can be heard. The lights flicker off.

Egon places the Trap into a secret space and sits down on an armchair. He taps his foot. An ominous smoke billows into the room behind him. A vague Terror Dog form manifests in the smoke right behind him. It is Zuul in her Sentinel Terror Dog form. He presses a rear-side button and the P.K.E. Meter arms raise up into a taser setting. Terror Dog arms burst out of the chair and grab Egon. Cut to the exterior of the farmhouse. A yowl is heard. A pink P.K.E. wisp shoots out of the house. Egon's body is lifeless on the armchair. The P.K.E. Meter, now under the chair, registers an entity. Score track from Ghostbusters (1984) plays. Fade to black.

The Ghostbusters: Afterlife logo appears.

Chapter 2

The camera opens on someone's point of view eating and watching a video on his camera phone. In the video, a car is on the move. Someone is cutting his hair. The hair drops into his bowl. The camera pans out to reveal Callie is cutting her teenage son Trevor's hair in their apartment. Day.

Trevor: Ew, Mom, I'm trying to eat breakfast.

Callie: Almost done. Aww, your mustache is really coming in.

She touches his "mustache." He recoils.

Trevor: Mom!

The power in the apartment hums. Callie looks up.

Callie: Phoebe!

Callie inadvertently tags Trevor's right ear with the electric shaver. He recoils. He touches his ear and look at his hand. She turns off the buzzer.

Trevor: Ow! I'm bleeding! You made me bleed!

Callie: You'll live. Phoebe! Uh--What are you doing?

She walks into a room. Phoebe is crouched down near an electrical outlet. The panel has been removed and a hole has been made where it was on the wall. Phoebe turns around.

Phoebe: Neighbor's electricity is running out of phase so I tied in and bumped us up to 220. (Callie's line overlaps)

Phoebe's bright headlight shines in Callie's face.

Callie: Take that off.

Callie turns away and holds out her hand.

Phoebe: Now I can run my lathe.

Callie: And you didn't think to ask me?

Phoebe: I mean, you just demonstrate zero aptitude for science.

Phoebe takes her head lamp and puts it down.

Callie: Uh-huh. Got it.

Callie looks at a hair drier.

Callie: My hair drier.

Phoebe: You're better at other things. Like quesadillas. Your quesadillas are excellent.

Callie: Thank you.

There is a knock at the front door.

Callie: Now what?

Trevor: Mom!

Callie: Really? You don't have legs?

Trevor (off-screen): I'm not an adult.

Callie opens the front door just as the landlord was about to post something.

Callie: I'm literally driving to pick up a check right now.

Landlord: You win lottery?

Callie: Kind of. My father died.

Landlord reacts to the bad news.

Callie: Relax. I didn't even know him. I'm surprised he left me anything.

Landlord: Sounds like my father.

Callie: Yeah? Did your dad abandon your family and move to a farm in the middle of nowhere?

Landlord: No.

Score track from Ghostbusters (1984) plays

Callie: Look, I... I know I have not been a reliable or consistent tenant. But if you could just give me a week to settle some loose ends, I'll be back with everything I owe.

The power goes. There is a thud sound. The landlord tries to look inside.

Phoebe (from the hole): I can fix that!

Landlord: Listen, I wait for you to leave, then I change locks.

The landlord posts an eviction notice on the door and leaves. Callie takes it off and closes the door.

Cut to the family on the road in a Subaru Outback. "The Clapping Song (Clap Pat Clap Slap)" plays.

Cut to Callie and Phoebe sitting on their Subaru car's roof while Trevor fixes something under the hood.

Cut to dusk.

Cut to Trevor walking out of a motel. He's about to shut the rear hatch. Phoebe stands up and gets out of the way. Callie drives past a ghost town and its older buildings. Cut to sunset.

Cut to day. They drive past a giant cowboy cutout. Cut to them driving under a green highway sign labeled "51 Summerville," indicating an exit to Summerville coming up.

Day. Summerville. A shot of the town's water tower. They drive through Summerville, past Spinner's Roller Hop. Phoebe looks outside. Trevor is holding his camera phone around.

Callie: There it is. This is Summerville. This is where your grandfather lived.

Phoebe: And died.

Trevor: (sighs) Come on. Not a single bar?

Callie: There'd better be a bar.

Phoebe: (scoffs) That's funny.

Cut to them driving past farmland. Callie turns up a driveway. There are improvised signs with a quote from Revelations 6:12 spray painted on them in yellow.

Trevor: "Behold, there was a great earthquake. The sun became as black as cloth, the seas boiled, the Moon became as blood, the skies fell. Revelation 6:12." That was normal. Hey, maybe it's a good thing you never met your dad.

The camera view shifts to the farmhouse's roof. There is an array of satellites and instruments all over the roof. Callie parks and they step out.

Trevor: Great. You didn't tell us we inherited a murder house.

Phoebe looks around. "DIRT" is tagged in yellow on the side of a slowly collapsing barn.

Trevor: And just think. Now all of this is ours.

Their license plate reads "48IRG91". Phoebe shields her eyes with a hand and looks up at the satellites. Callie tries to open the front door but it's locked. She bends over, lifts up the mat and looks for a key.

Callie: Pheebs, be a dear and break into your grandfather's house.

Callie walks forward and tries to look through the window. Phoebe kneels in front of the door and picks the lock. The point of view shifts to the barley field. Trevor walks around to get a signal on his phone. He notices the rusted cars in various states of salvage. Phoebe gets the door open.

Callie: Nice. Oh, boy.

Phoebe looks up at something off-screen. Callie heads to the room on the immediate left, the study.

Callie: (scoffs) Not a single photo.

Callie looks at a tall stack of books taller than her. Phoebe looks up at a sequence of numbers carved on the boards near the ceiling. Part of the sequence of years read, "...381 1432 1501 1596 1607 1782 182..." Callie looks at the armchair and the rips.

Callie: Rats.

Phoebe picks up a miniature statue of Zuul standing on two legs. Trevor steps into the house.

Trevor: You gotta see the gold mine of junk I found out back.

Callie: Great.

Trevor scans the room.

Trevor: Oh, my God, this is so much worse than I thought it was gonna be.

The house starts to shake. It is an earthquake.

Callie: Under the dining table now!

All three take shelter under the table.

Trevor: Phoebe. Remember that summer we died under a table?

Callie: Of course this place is built on a fault line.

Phoebe: Probably just fracking.

Callie: It's fracking annoying, is what it is.

It stops.

Trevor: It's okay, at least we're only here for a week.

Callie: Um... give or take.

Phoebe and Trevor look at her.

Trevor: What does that mean?

Callie is silent.

Callie: It means we're staying.

Phoebe notices the P.K.E. Meter, still under the armchair.  Score track from Ghostbusters (1984) plays

Trevor: You said we're only gonna be here for a week!

Callie: Yeah, well, that was before we got evicted.

Phoebe steps out from under the table.

Trevor: You said you had money saved up.

Callie: Yeah. Well, that was before I had children.

Callie steps out from under. Trevor hits his head.

Trevor: Oh!

Phoebe: To be fair, you've never been good with money.

Callie: Thanks, Pheebs.

Phoebe holds the P.K.E. Meter. Trevor walks over to her.

Trevor: What's that?

Phoebe: How am I supposed to know?

Trevor grabs at the top of the meter, Phoebe pulls it out his grasp. Janine Melnitz walks in through the front door.

Janine Melnitz: Can I help you?

Callie turns to her. Janine looks at Phoebe and Trevor. Trevor sits on the armchair. Janine looks back to Callie.

Callie: Uh--Hi. We're... we're the, um--The... This was my father's place.

Janine turns and looks at Phoebe and Trevor again and waves.

Janine: Hi.

Phoebe and Trevor: Hi.

Janine: I'm, uh, Janine Melnitz. We spoke on the phone. I was your father's--You know, we were friends. Very sorry for your loss.

Callie: It's okay. You knew him better than me. I should be sorry for your loss.

Janine: Oh, I just tried to keep the bills paid on time, that kind of thing.

Callie: Like a money manager?

Janine: Oh, there was no money to manage. He could barely keep the power on.

Phoebe and Trevor exchange looks.

Callie: So he left us nothing?

Janine: Well, I wouldn't say that. (she walks closer to Callie) There is quite a bit of debt.

Callie is stunned.

Callie: Ms. Melnitz, I'm here to sign forms, pack the silverware, and leave with a rent check. Are you telling me this place is worthless?

Janine: You mean, aside from the sentimental value?

Evening. Callie drives to Spinners Roller Hop. "Baby It's You" plays. Four teenage employees hang out outside.

Lucky: Are you going to that thing later?

Swayze: Yeah, probably.

A teen girl, Bunny, comes between them and leans towards the pick up window.

Bunny: Heey. Where's my order?

Callie parks. Employees pass by on roller skates.

Chapter 3

Callie: I can't believe a place like this still exists.

Callie takes her seat belt off.

Trevor: I can't believe we have to spend a summer in this heap. We have lives you know.

Callie: You don't think I have a life?

Trevor: No. You're a mom. You live for us.

Callie: Uh.

Lucky skates up to the van parked across from them. Trevor notices her. She takes an order from an older man wearing a cowboy hat. Trevor takes his seat belt off.

Trevor: I'll be right back.

Callie: Hmm? Oh.

He steps out. She turns to Phoebe, in the back seat.

Callie: Hey. Maybe you will make a friend out here.

Phoebe: Make them out of what?

Callie: I'm serious. A new home could be an opportunity to start fresh. Just keep an open mind.

Close up on a jukebox. The button for "27" is pushed down. "All Your Love (I Miss Loving)" plays. Trevor fills out a job application. Lucky rolls by and posts a new order. Two teenage boys, Rufus and Zahk, are the cooks.

Lucky: Two taters, three Spinners, grilled onions, one no cheese.

Rufus (in military camo): Lucky, there's--There's something wrong with the meat.

Zahk (in red shirt): (Off screen) I don't feel so good, Lucky. Oh!

The teen cook in red shirt pretends to barf raw meat.

Rufus: There's something wrong! He's throwing up the meat! Heh heh heh!

Trevor: Cool place.

Lucky turns around.

Rufus: Yeah, I'll use that.

Lucky: I don't own it.

Trevor: I know you don't own it. You look pretty young to own a business.

She nods and is about to leave.

Trevor: I saw the sign out-out front. Help wanted. I--I can be helpful.

Lucky leans down and skims the application.

Lucky: Under experience, you put "friendly" with a smiley face?

Trevor: I didn't really know what to put.

Lucky: I don't think friendly "qualifies" as an experience.

Zahk looks over at them. He takes an order.

Trevor: It's a quality, I guess.

She thinks, laughs, then slides the application back to him and rolls to the counter to grab a finished order.

Lucky: How old are you?

Trevor: Seventeen. Think you can put in a good word for me?

Lucky: I can tell them you have a pulse.

Trevor: My name's Trevor.

Both Rufus and Zahk: "My name's Trevor."

Zahk: Dude, that was great.

Rufus: Dude, that was really cute. You have a chance with her. You really do.

They turn back to the grill.

Roller Granny brings Callie her order.

Callie: Mmm.

Roller Granny: So where you heading?

Callie: We're staying, actually. You know that farmhouse off the highway with the barn? Dirt? It was my father's.

Roller Granny: Dirt Farmer had a family?

Callie: You knew my father?

Roller Granny: (scoffs) No one knew your father.

Callie: (nods) Well, I'm sure he'll be missed.

Roller Granny: Nope.

Roller Granny pushes off Callie's car and rolls away. Callie contemplates. Trevor exits the diner and avoids colliding into a skating employee. Lucky and other co-workers are seated on the back of a truck.

White Teen: Whoa!

Teen: What's up, Cassanova!

The teens giggle. Lucky punches the teen in the arm.

Teen: Ow.

Phoebe lies on her stomach on her bed and is reading Tobin's Spirit Guide. Behind her on the night stand, the P.K.E. Meter activates. She doesn't notice. A chess board and the pieces falls onto the floor. She sits up and looks to see what fell. Score track from Ghostbusters (1984) plays as she resets the chess pieces on the stand next to her bed. She lies on her side and faces the chess board.

Trevor walks around outside, still trying to catch a signal. He bumps into the branch of the tree with bottles hanging from it.

Trevor: Ow.

Trevor slides the door open on the bar. There's a covered up car. Trevor turns on the flashlight on his phone and lifts up part of the cover, revealing the No Ghost logo of Ecto-1. The light goes out and it becomes pitch black inside the barn.

Trevor: Damn it.

Morning. Exterior shot of the farm.

Phoebe wakes up and notices a white pawn has been moved.

Phoebe: What?

She gets up and puts her glasses on.

Callie: (off-screen) Come on! Bus leaves in 15!

Phoebe moves a black knight forward.

They drive past a grain elevator. Phoebe plays with a Rubik's cube in the back seat.

Callie: Hey, Pheebs, at school today, don't be afraid to just start a conversation.

Trevor reacts in disagreement.

Trevor: Are you kidding me? That's horrible advice. You're literally setting her up for failure.

Trevor turns from the front passenger seat to Phoebe.

Trevor: Hey, how are the jokes coming along?

Phoebe: Why should you never trust atoms? Because they make up everything.

Trevor turns back to Callie.

Callie: That's funny.

Trevor: No, it's not. Okay, you can drop me off here.

Callie: Ah, what? Are you embarrassed?

Trevor: Yeah. Bye.

Trevor gets out and crosses the street to Spinners as Callie turns. She honks.

Callie: Love you!

Zahk, in a gray shirt, throws something at Bunny as she skates by.

Zahk (Gray Shirt): That almost killed you.

Bunny: Yeah, with your face.

Callie walks Phoebe into Summerville Middle School.

Callie: What's wrong? You love school.

Phoebe: I love learning. This is a state-sponsored work camp for delinquents.

Callie: Fine, you can help me scrape asbestos out of the attic.

Phoebe: I'll take my chances with public education.

Callie takes her sunglasses off and stops at the entrance.

Callie: Hey, don't be yourself.

Gary Grooberson opens the door next to her.

Gary: You okay?

Callie: Uh, yeah. First day. Can you imagine who they've got teaching summer school?

Gary: I can. I teach here.

Callie: Oh, I'm so sorry.

Gary: No, it's--it's okay. It's... Look. Most of the kids that go here, they're not very bright. Hey, Colin.

Colin pushes past Callie and doesn't acknowledge Gary at all.

Gary: He's... I can kind of do whatever I want.

Callie: Score.

Gary: Right?

Callie: Mm.

Gary: Dream job.

Callie: Mm-hm. (giggles)

She walks away, turns her head once, then keeps walking.

Cut to Gary wheeling in an old cathode tube television. Phoebe gets out her notebook.

Gary: Good morning, class. How's everybody doing today? My name is Mr. Grooberson. Um... I know. You don't wanna be here. I don't wanna be here either. Now, apparently, your, uh, school is still operating on VHS but, um, I found this gem in the teacher's lounge. It's great. It's called "Cujo." It's about a rabid Saint Bernard that--You know what? I don't wanna-I don't wanna give too much away but (Phoebe is in dismay) imagine Beethoven if he contracted rabies and just started mauling children.

A red headed boy smirks.

Gary: You'll get an idea. Enjoy.

Gary walks into another room connected to the classroom.

"Rabbit Chase I" from Cujo's soundtrack plays.

Podcast: Speeding. Three, two, one. She sits alone. An outcast, rejected by her peers. But what is her secret? Perhaps she's on the run. On the run... from herself. And go.

Podcast moves the boom mike to Phoebe. He is wearing a pair of Sony headphones around his neck.

Phoebe: Actually, my grandfather died. My mom says we're just here to pick through the rubble of his life.

Podcast: So you're here to uncover the mystery of his death?

Phoebe: No. It was natural causes.

Podcast: Are you sure it wasn't unnatural causes?

Phoebe: Yes. Pretty sure it was just a heart attack.

Podcast: Ah. The silent killer.

Phoebe: I'm Phoebe.

Podcast: Oh, cool. Uh, I'm Podcast.

They shake hands.

Phoebe: Why do people call you Podcast?

Podcast: Oh, I call myself Podcast. Because of my podcast.

Chapter 4

"Muddy Water" plays inside Wertheimer's Hardware. Callie pulls out a can of Behr Premium Plus Interior Eggshell Enamel from a shelf.

Hardware Store Owner: Doing some painting?

Callie: Mm, yeah.

Hardware Store Owner: Whereabouts you staying?

Callie: Um, that old apocalyptic ranch off of 99. It was my father's place.

Callie grabs two roller brushes.

Hardware Store Owner: Dirt Farmer had a family?

Callie: You all called him the Dirt Farmer?

Callie gets a roller.

Hardware Store Owner: Meant nothing by it. Man spends every week working a piece of land... but never seeding, never watering, never growing a ding-dang thing.

He rings up Callie's stuff.

Hardware Store Owner: It's curious behavior. Great customer though. He--He bought some bizarre shit.

Callie: Yeah, that sounds like him.

The "Cujo Attacks Car" scene is playing on the TV. Suddenly, there is an earthquake. The students look around. Gary goes to an instrument and watches it. Phoebe walks in and stares at his research on the wall.

Phoebe: What is this?

Gary stands

Gary: Hello. Um... You know there's a highly entertaining movie about a killer dog happening right over there.

Phoebe: Is this a seismic map?

Gary: Yes. H-how did you know that?

Phoebe: Because it's a map of seismic activity.

Gary: Right. But--

Phoebe: You're a seismologist?

Gary: Does that seem so hard believe?

Phoebe: Figured you for a football coach.

Gary: Oh. Um... Thank you.

Phoebe looks over some papers.

Phoebe: These don't look tectonic or volcanic.

Gary:(scoffs) Okay, smarty. Here, check this out. This is a volcano, all right?

He draws on a white board

Gary: It builds and crests. But this is a tectonic earthquake. Notice a little P-wave followed by a large S wave.

Phoebe: Yeah, I'm not an idiot.

Gary: Clearly. Well, this-- (he erases the waves) is the pattern in Summerville. Large P-wave, small S wave. Like an explosion.

Phoebe: Where is it coming from?

Gary: I don't know. I don't know. I set up geophones, but I can't triangulate.

Phoebe: Are you using three?

Gary: Yeah. I know how many sides there are in a triangle.

Phoebe: I just thought you were being obtuse. (winks left eye)

Gary stares at her.

Gary: Was that a geometry joke?

Phoebe: Yes, that's why I winked.

Gary: Ah. Uh, that's terrible. No, I loved it. Look at this. I mean, somehow, a town that isn't anywhere near a tectonic plate, that has no underground volcanic activity, no fault lines, no fracking, no loud music even, is shaking on a daily basis.

They look at the seismic map.

Phoebe: Maybe it's the apocalypse.

He looks at her.

Point of view of camera looking up at Spinners sign on roof. "Wait a Minute Girl" plays. Trevor is in the walk-in freezer counting patties and shivering and stuttering.

Trevor: 23, 24, 25.

Lucky: Hey, no-skills. How's inventory?

Trevor: Oh, hey, how's it going? No, it's not good. It's not good at all. Um... Does everyone do this?

Lucky: Yeah, it's super important. You okay? Your lips are literally blue.

Trevor: Yeah, I'm fine.

Lucky: You should borrow my hoodie.

Trevor: No, it's fine. Seriously. It's fine.

Lucky: It's really masculine. It's got a wolf on it. Trust me.

Trevor: Okay.

He stands. She puts the hoodie on him.

Trevor: I'm kind of surprised it fits me.

Lucky: Yeah, it's my boyfriend's, actually.

Trevor: Oh.

He switches to taking it off. Boys outside snicker.

Lucky: Back to inventory.

Score track from Ghostbusters (1984) plays. Podcast pauses and readies his boom mike as he and Phoebe walk through town.

Podcast: Okay, we're speeding. Three, two, one. Uh, yeah, just introduce yourself and tell me what you ate for breakfast.

Phoebe: Um. Phoebe. Toast.

Podcast: Okay, um, maybe a little more. Tell me a joke or something.

Phoebe: A joke?

Podcast: Mm-hm.

Phoebe: What do you call a dead polar bear?

He doesn't know.

Phoebe: Anything you want. It can't hear you now.

He laughs and takes his headphones off.

Podcast: Wow. That was funny. You're funny.

She smiles.

Phoebe: It's a pretty hilarious joke.

Podcast: Fun fact: Did you know that Summerville has more dead residents than living ones?

Phoebe: Yeah, that's--that's how cemeteries work.

Podcast: Wertheimers Hardware, run by the Illuminati. Lizard people.

Phoebe: Lizard people?

Podcast: Jefferson. Einstein. Beyonce? How do you think we got the pyramids?

Phoebe: Slaves?

Podcast: Movie theater. Oh, yeah. That one's haunted.

The Napier Theatre's sign advertises "Bingo" at 3 pm and "Cannibal Girls" at 7 pm.

Phoebe: I don't believe in ghosts.

Podcast stops and turns around.

Podcast: What? How can you--? I mean, all the evidence. You don't believe in spirits?

Phoebe: No. I think we're all just kind of meat puppets.

Podcast: There's something you need to see. I'll grab my wheels.

He runs off. She follows. Cut to the Shandor Mining Company entrance. The fence is still not repaired from Egon ramming it.

Phoebe: Are we even allowed to be here?

Podcast: Oh yeah. Totally. The mine's been closed since the '40s. They just put all these signs up 'cause of hazardous chemical leaks and on account of dynamite. I do this. Hmm.

He covers his nostril and mouth with his shirt. Cut to them walking in. Some old cloth is covering an entrance.

Podcast: The whole town was basically a mining operation. They bore out this mountain like a grapefruit and smelted everything into cold-riveted selenium girders.

Phoebe: Why would you make a steel beam out of an electro conductor like selenium?

Podcast: Right? Weird. Until one day, they were forced to close down the whole enchilada.

Phoebe: Why?

Podcast: One by one, miners who had worked for years began leaping down the mine shaft to their death. They called it the Shandorian Curse.

Podcast backs up behind the raggedy cloth and vanishes. Phoebe peers in and follows. They look at carvings against the mountain that match the New York Temple of Gozer down to the Terror Dogs.

Phoebe: Who built these?

Podcast: Depends who you believe. One day, they just showed up without explanation.

Close up on a Terror Dog statue.

Podcast: Cool.

Chapter 5

Ratcheting. Trevor closes the hood on Ecto-1 in the barn. A headlight casing falls off. He sighs, picks it up, and walks to the driver's side. He pulls the cover off, revealing all of Ecto-1.

Trevor: What a shitbox.

Podcast and Phoebe walk alongside a road.

Phoebe: So, what's your podcast about?

Podcast: Oh, um, mostly mysteries and the unknown, uh, conspiracy theories, the occasional restaurant review.

Phoebe: Well, maybe I could check it out sometime.

Podcast: Really?

Phoebe: Yeah.

He hands her a My Little Pony flash drive. She puts it in a pocket.

Podcast: The show really finds its voice on Episode 46.

Phoebe: Okay.

Podcast: (clears throat) Uh, hey. Look, this is totally cool if this a "no." Uh, zero presh. Um, but, um... do you wanna be my lab partner?

Phoebe: Well, I don't think we're gonna be doing any labs, but yeah.

He smiles.

Phoebe: Yeah, sure, I'd love to.

Podcast: Cool, cool. All right.

Score track from Ghostbusters (1984) plays.

Phoebe: Yeah. Well, this is me.

Podcast: The Dirt Farmer's house?

Phoebe: Yeah, he was grandfather.

Podcast: No way, dude! So you're just gonna walk in?

He gets out his camera phone and holds it horizontally.

Phoebe: Are you recording me?

Podcast: Yeah, just in case your body's pulled apart into tiny pieces by an unseen dark force.

Phoebe: All right. Bye.

Evening exterior shot of Farmhouse. Cut to Phoebe brushing her teeth. She spits into the sink then walks back into her bedroom right next door. She kneels down and sees a white knight has moved one square. She moves a pawn to the square between the black pawn and her knight. She watches as a pawn moves forward next to the white knight. Score track from Ghostbusters (1984) plays.

Phoebe: Okay, so this is happening.

She advances her knight and takes a pawn. The white knight levitates and knocks her knight off the board. She moves aside then notices the P.K.E. Meter is on and registering an entity. She jumps on her bed and faces the meter.

Phoebe: Hello?

She hops off the bed and picks up the P.K.E. Meter. She registers a stronger reading. She turns around and the arms lower. She waves it towards her door and it registers again. Her closed bedroom door opens wide. She slowly peeks out into the hall. One by one, the hall lights turn on as she steps forward. She follows the lights and meter reading downstairs. The meter arms drop as Phoebe finds Callie sleeping at the dining table with a glass of wine. A light turns on behind her. She turns around and the meter registers. The armchair suddenly slides forward and scoops her up then spins around. Phoebe gasps. She checks Callie. Callie's head moves a little but she's still asleep. Phoebe looks down and notices her shoes are on an odd pattern in the floor. She goes on her hands and knees, puts the meter down, takes a panel off and sees a covering. She slides pieces of floor panel around. It is a floor puzzle. She solves it and looks into a hidden space. She reaches in and pulls out the Trap that Egon hid before his death.

The students are watching "Child's Play" in class. They are well into the movie with Chucky attacking Karen Barclay. Karen screams.

Karen: No!

Chucky: Hi, I'm Chucky. Wanna play?

Podcast attempts to pry the Trap open with a wooden ruler. Part of the ruler snaps off. Gary looks up from his Ultimate Avengers #4 comic book and quickly gets out of his chair.

Podcast: I need to know what's lurking inside.

Gary: No way. Killer replica.

Gary picks up the Trap and admires it, grinning.

Podcast: Totally.

Phoebe: A replica of what?

Gary is shocked at her question.

Gary: A Trap. A Ghost Trap.

They look at him blankly. He looks at Podcast.

Gary: Seriously? How do you of all people not know about this?

Podcast: I'm ashamed.

Gary: Oh, I was obsessed. New York in the '80s, it was like "The Walking Dead."

He looks at all parts of the Trap.

Phoebe: Then it just stopped?

Gary: Mm-hm. I mean, there hasn't been a ghost sighting in 30 years.

A small gray mist seeps out then sucks back in the Trap. Gary drops it. The Trap cackles.

Chapter 6

Gary crouches down.

Gary: Wait a minute. This thing is real?

Podcast: Absolutely.

Phoebe: Maybe. I found it in my living room.

Podcast: She lives on the Dirt Farm.

Gary: Oh, the really spooky one?

Podcast: Yeah, the one that says "dirt" on it.

Phoebe: What happened in New York?

Cut to them watching a clip on a laptop in the other room where Gary does his seismic research. The title of the YouTube video reads "New York City Ghostbusters 1984" and has 85, 517 views, 236 likes, and 14 dislikes. A woman clutching her young daughter runs out of 550 Central Park West with her son by her side. It switches to bystanders pointing up into the sky.

Gary: The whole city was freaking out. Then these physicists showed up with these portable proton accelerators and blew the roof off a Manhattan high-rise.

The clip shows Ecto-1 arriving. Peter Venkman steps out of the front passenger side and greets the crowd. Ray Stantz and Winston Zeddemore head to the back of the car.

Score track from Ghostbusters (1984) plays.

Gary: None of this rings a bell?

Phoebe: It happened 20 years before we were born.

Podcast: I believe it.

Egon Spengler's Proton Pack is put on his back. The clip cuts to after Gozer was defeated. Egon emerges from the building and hugs Janine Melnitz.

Citizens: Ghostbusters! Ghostbusters! Ghostbusters!

Gary: I mean, your, uh, dad never mentioned this?

Phoebe: It's just my mom.

Gary: Oh, just your mom. Oh. Um... Cool.

Gary slips away. Podcast ponders.

Podcast: "Cool"?

Gary: I wonder if this still works.

Podcast: Should we open it?

Gary lights up at the thought. Cut to the bell ringing. Gary's POV as he applies the black clamp to the Trap handle and the red clamp behind the Trap on the hood of his car. There is slight discharge.

Gary: Glasses.

He picks up a pair of safety glasses and hands one to Phoebe. She is amused.

Phoebe: Two millimeters of plastic eye protection? Are you sure this is safe?

Gary: Safe? Heh, no. No. History is safe.

He walks to the driver window of a school bus. Podcast is in the driver's seat. Phoebe uncurls the line.

Gary: Geometry, that's safe. Science is all particle accelerators (he hands Podcast safety glasses) and hydrogen bombs. Science is giving yourself the plague and gambling on the cure.

Phoebe places the trap pedal down between the two school buses. She stands near the door.

Phoebe: Science is reckless.

Gary: Totally! Yes! It's punk rock. It's a safety pin through the nipple of academia.

Podcast: Ouch.

Gary: Fire it up.

Podcast starts up the bus. The Trap cackles.

Gary: (Exhales) I've always wanted to do this.

Phoebe takes cover behind the door. He steps on the pedal. Nothing happens. They stare. He stomps the pedal twice more. Nothing. He holds out his hand to tell Phoebe to stay there. He approaches the Trap in anticipation. He taps the Trap doors. It suddenly opens in a flash. He falls on his back. The spectral Sentinel form of Vinz Clortho snarls then flies towards the Shandor Mine. Phoebe turns away as it passes by, shattering the windows on both buses. Score track from Ghostbusters (1984) plays Vinz zips over the field, through the bridge, past the fence, and past the tarp into the stone wall Podcast and Phoebe were looking at the day before. There's an orange glow in the cracks. Podcast has stepped outside. He raises his arms in triumph.

Podcast: Yes!

Gary: Uh... We should probably get out of here.

He pats himself.

Phoebe: You're an adult.

Gary: Yeah... and liable.

Gary starts to unclamp the Trap.

Podcast: You know what this means, right?

He puts his left hand on her right shoulder.

Podcast: Your grandfather was a Ghostbuster.

Phoebe: Yes, I'm aware.

She takes off her safety glasses. Gary pauses at the front passenger side of his car holding the Trap and pedal.

Score track from Ghostbusters (1984) plays. Gary turns up the Farmhouse's driveway. He grimaces as he plucks a small piece of windshield from the frame. Podcast rests his arms and chin on the glove box. Cut to Phoebe opening the front door and walking to the study. Podcast narrates to his boom mike.

Podcast: It has a door and windows, like any ordinary house. But the distinct smell of evil... (sniffs) is prominent.

Gary: What are you doing?

Podcast: Oh, um, giving a little color. Setting the mood.

Gary: It's creepy. I dig it.

They look around.

Gary: Wow.

Podcast: Cool.

Podcast sees something and gasps. He picks it up.

Gary: Whoa. Aztec Death Whistle. It's designed to ward off evil spirits. It's actually got a really horrifying sound--

Podcast blows into it. It indeed makes a horrifying sound. Phoebe covers her ears with her hands. Callie walks into the room.

Callie: What...?

Podcast finishes.

Callie: Um, what the hell is that?

Podcast: Aztec Death Whistle. Uh, can I keep it?

Callie: Yes, please. Just don't do that again. Hi.

Gary: Hello, again.

Callie: You brought them home.

Gary: It's a service I provide.

Callie: Are...?

Gary: Well, I'm-I'm also an escort.

Callie: Mmm...?

Gary: That came out wrong.

Callie: Kind of... Yep.

Gary: The truth is I've always kinda wondered what lurked inside this haunt box.

Callie: Right. Well, the only thing lurking inside here is my slowly dying soul.

Gary: Is that what that smell is?

Callie: Well, it's not dinner so...

Gary: Well, all right.

Phoebe and Podcast stare at them in disbelief.

Callie: Um. Would you...

Gary: Sure.

Callie: ...like...?

Gary: Yeah.

Callie: (shakes head) I don't have any food.

Gary: It's fine.

Callie: Okay, tour.

Gary: Great.

Callie: Great.

They walk out of the room.

Callie: (off screen) Here's the dining room.

Podcast turns to Phoebe. Cuts to POV of Podcast opening up Tobin's Spirit Guide to a page on water spirits and a full page black and white illustration of a wizard casting a spell over a cauldron. Smoke seeps out of it. A winged entity is on its knees in front of the cauldron.

Podcast: I think Grooberson's trying to bone your mom.

Phoebe stares out into space.

Phoebe: Oh.

Podcast: That doesn't bother you?

Phoebe: No, of course it bothers me. I just don't exhibit emotions the same way everyone else does. Inside, I'm vomiting.

He turns the page. There is a full page illustration of a standing Zuul in Sentinel form and a small illustration on the right hand page of a Terror Dog on all fours.

Podcast: Wait. Isn't this what we saw earlier?

Phoebe comes over and sits next to him.

Podcast: "The Sumerians believed in a land of the dead, a dark and shadowy realm within the bowels of the earth."

The tarps at the Shandor Mine flap in the wind.

Podcast: "The souls of the dead are ruled by a mighty god, Gozer,"

A glimpse of the hieroglyph first seen on the Temple of Gozer in New York comes into partial view as the tarps flap. The illustrations of Gozer and the Keymaster are visible.

Podcast: "and protected by a powerful Gatekeeper and Keymaster, in order that Gozer might rise up and walk the human plane again. The Gatekeeper and Keymaster must assume the form of beasts."

Phoebe: What did we let out?

Chapter 7

"Can You Get To That" plays.

Spinners Roller Hop. Trevor crouched down, lifts up a black mat with gloves on. Lucky crouches down near the doorway.

Lucky: Yum.

Trevor: Has this ever been cleaned before?

Lucky: Not by me. We're heading up the mountain.

He stands.

Lucky: You coming?

Cut to many of the Spinners teens sitting in the cargo bed of an old Ford Ranchero. The others follow in a pick up truck. Trevor laughs. Lucky smiles. Rufus, Zahk, and Swayze laugh. They drive to the top of the mountain and circle by a mine elevator. The teens pile out.

Rufus: Rivers are like the moms of canyons. Basically, when you think about it.

Rufus playfully punches Trevor in the right arm. Lucky puts on a hoodie. Zahk picks up a rock and chucks it. Cut to shot of floor of elevator. Trevor gets on and sits across from Lucky. He sighs.They chuckle awkwardly.

Trevor: Why'd you bring me up here?

Lucky: Entertainment value. Can you juggle?

Trevor is startled by a gunshot. Rufus off-screen laugh.

Boy: It's not funny.

Lucky: What are you doing here in Summerville anyway?

Trevor contemplates his answer briefly.

Trevor: Honestly, my mom won't say it, but we're broke. We just got evicted, and the only thing that's left in our name is this creepy, old farmhouse our grandfather left us in the middle of nowhere.

She nods.

Trevor: No offense.

Lucky: I'm not offended. This place is a dump.

Trevor: Then why do you live here?

Lucky: I'm fourth generation dump, so...

Trevor: Oh. You think you'll ever leave?

Lucky: (shakes head) I mean, if I don't, what does that say about me?

Trevor: You don't have a car.

She laughs. The elevator suddenly shakes.

Lucky: What the hell? Get out.

They hop out. They look down shaft. There is a growl. Other teens notice.

Trevor: What is that?

Lucky: I don't know.

Teens gather around. There is briefly a spectral face down the shaft.

Demonic Voice: Gooozer.

Teen: What was that?

An orange P.K.E. wisp shoots up out of the shaft. Bunny falls on her butt. There is silence then they start laughing.

Teen: It's not funny.

Gary: What is this?

He picks up an ancient looking map.

Callie: Oh. That's a map.

Gary: Yeah, I know it's a... (laughs) A map. But this... This thing's ancient. It's written in some kind of cuneiform.

Callie: Oh, yeah?

Gary: This is Summerville.

Callie: Well, that doesn't make sense.

Gary: No, not at all. I mean, Summerville's not even a hundred years old, but this thing's written in a language from thousands of years ago.

Callie: For all I know that's the language he spoke.

Gary: That's it? You don't think this is incredible and bizarre and fascinating? Can I have this?

Callie: Yeah, sure. Weirdo. That's how it starts, you know. First, there's a map. Then you move into a haunted house. Then everyone's calling you the "Dirt Farmer."

Gary smiles.

Gary: What about Phoebe? Think she'd want any of this?

Callie: Oh, I'm sure Phoebe will find something.

Phoebe is outside with the P.K.E. Meter following a reading. She sees Callie inside. Callie laughs. Phoebe continues on towards a shed. She opens the dilapidated door. It creaks as it hits the side of the shed. There is a fire pole inside. She tucks the P.K.E. Meter in the back of her pants, exhales, and rides the pole down. The room is dark. She gets the P.K.E. Meter out.

Phoebe: Hello?

Lights start turning on. It looks like an underground laboratory. There is a shelf with spores, molds, and fungus in petri dishes and glass jars. She looks at them. She hears a click and turns. There's a locker. She opens it and finds four tan flightsuits. She sees the name patch "SPENGLER" on the one in the front. She reaches into the left chest pocket and finds a crumpled Crunch Bar wrapper. She finds a pair of glasses in the right chest pocket. She places them in front of hers, about the same size and shape. A screen turns on. She gasps. There is a model of the Farmhouse and property on a table. On another, there is an unfinished Proton Pack on a table. She sits down in front of it. There are graphics of the human brain nearby. The lamp moves on its own at her face then at the pack. It is Egon again. She takes off the cyclotron cover with her hands and flips it over. She looks at the capacitors inside.

Phoebe: Two of the CRT Emitters are missing.

A drawer shoots open.

Phoebe: Thanks.

She installs them then puts the cover aside. She takes out the mini-cyclotron.

Phoebe: How on earth did you build such a small cyclotron?

The lamp head shines its light on a wall. 12 framed diplomas are on the wall.

Phoebe: Got it. You're a genius. Needle-nose pliers?

The lamp shines on a pair on the table. Phoebe grabs them off a magnet

Chapter 8

Phoebe uses the pliers on the inside of the pack.

Cut to Phoebe eating from a bowl of popcorn watching the original Ghostbusters commercial on a laptop in her bedroom. It is titled "Old Ghostbusters Ad (1984)". There are 104,807 views.

Ray Stantz: Are you troubled by strange noises in the middle of the night?

Egon Spengler: Do you experience feelings of dread in your basement or attic?

Peter Venkman: Have you or any of your family ever seen a spook, specter, or ghost?

Ray: If the answer is yes, then don't wait another minute, pick up your phone and call the professionals.

All Three: Ghostbusters.

Ray: Our courteous and efficient staff is on call 24 hours a day to to serve all your supernatural elimination needs.

All Three: We're ready to believe you.

Callie walks in. Phoebe pushes her screen down.

Callie: Hey, you're awake. What are you up to?

Phoebe: Experiments.

Callie: Ugh. Lame. Oh, you found popcorn.

Callie sits down on by her on the bed and takes some popcorn.

Phoebe: What kind of scientist was Grandpa?

Callie: The kind that repels loved ones.

Phoebe: Maybe a physicist?

Callie: Sure. So tomorrow I was thinking of grabbing dinner with Gary.

Phoebe: Who's Gary?

Callie: Mr. Grooberson.

Phoebe: His name is Gary Grooberson. You have a date with Gary Grooberson.

Callie: It's just dinner. Good night, Phoebe.

Callie takes some more popcorn and walks out.

Phoebe: Don't be yourself.

Callie chuckles. After she leaves, Phoebe opens up the laptop and writes down the Ghostbusters' phone number.

Day. Podcast sets up some glass bottles. Score track from Ghostbusters (1984) plays. Phoebe works on Proton Pack against a red wagon. In the background is the Summerville Foundry.

Podcast: Welcome to Rust City.

Phoebe: This is where they processed all the raw selenium?

Podcast: Yeah, I guess.

Phoebe uses momentum from kicking her right leg up to get the Proton Pack on.

Podcast: Cool. How'd you know how to fix it? I mean, no offense, but you are 12.

Phoebe: I kind of met my grandfather last night. He showed me what to do.

Podcast puts on a pair of Ecto Goggles. He pushes it down over his eyes.

Podcast: No way. Was he, like, howling and clanking chains?

Phoebe: No. That would have been weird.

Podcast: Oh.

Phoebe turns around so the pack faces Podcast.

Phoebe: Switch me on.

Podcast looks around. He flips a red switch under the ion arm. The cyclotron churns on. The camera moves down towards the cyclotron case. Podcast backs away then walks to Phoebe's right. A quick shot of the blue bar graph. Podcast and Phoebe nod to each other. Phoebe reaches over and tries to unholster the Particle Thrower. She gets it on the second try. Podcast gets out his boom mike. Phoebe hits activate, flips two switches on the right side of the thrower, then the barrel extends.

Phoebe: Safety's off.

Podcast: Her feet are planted. Her face is poised. Will this be the moment of her death? Nobody knows.

She fires at the targets.

Podcast: Yeah! Wow! Ha ha ha! Whoo!

Some of the targets fly off like they've been launched like fireworks.

Podcast: Oh... my... gosh.

Phoebe backs up. Podcast holsters his boom mike.

Podcast: That is the best thing I've ever seen.

He snaps a photograph and it emerges from the left side of the goggles. He waves the Polaroid around.

Phoebe: Did I hit it?

He pushes the goggles up.

Podcast: You didn't hit it. You destroyed it! It doesn't even exist anymore! My turn.

They hear a weird sound. They look around.

Phoebe: What was that?

Podcast: Probably a pigeon or something.

Phoebe: Give me the gun.

The sound again.

Phoebe: What is that? Come on.

Podcast: Hold on.

He turns and grabs his backpack.

Phoebe: You coming?

Podcast: I'm coming.

They enter the foundry. The door closes on them. Score track from Ghostbusters (1984) plays.

Podcast: Oh! I gotta come back here for my Halloween episode.

They see a bite mark with blue Ectoplasm dripping down. They keep going. They hear the sound again. Phoebe looks at Podcast. He shakes his head "no." They keep going. More ectoplasm is dripping. They spy a ghost near the ceiling chomping on a pipe.

Phoebe: It's a ghost.

Podcast: A-aren't you just a little bit freaked out right now?

Phoebe: Overstimulation calms me.

She runs to a big pipe. Podcast takes the goggles off and follows her. They make a sound. Muncher pauses.

Muncher: Hmm?

Muncher looks around then continues eating. Score track from Ghostbusters (1984) plays. Phoebe peeks then ducks. Podcast gets out the Aztec Death Whistle.

Podcast: Okay, okay, okay.

Phoebe: What's that for?

Podcast: I have a plan.

He stands up.

Phoebe: Wait!

He blows the whistle. Muncher looks up. Two deer outside look up. A flock of birds fly away.

Muncher spits metal projectiles at them. Podcast screams. Phoebe stands and opens fire. He navigates the pipes and flees. She stops firing.

Phoebe: Get the Trap!

Podcast: Okay.

Muncher peaks. She fires. She stops. He peaks. She fires and manages to wrangle him.

Phoebe: I got him! Quick!

Podcast slides the Trap out but it falls and flips upside down.

Podcast: Nuggets! Aah!

He pulls it back to him.

Phoebe: Catch him!

Muncher bites a stream, gets free, and flies out of the Foundry. She adjusts her glasses.

Chapter 9

Trevor uses a ratchet under the hood. He exhales then goes to the driver's seat.

Trevor: Okay.

Turns the key. It won't start.

Trevor: Ugh, come on! Come on, you can do this. Come on, darling.

He doesn't notice a wire move. The motor roars to life. He slaps the wheel in triumph.

Trevor: Yes!

The hood drops. He looks outward. Cut to Trevor driving around in a barley field. "Boredom" plays.

Trevor: Yes!

He drifts around. He pats the dash.

Trevor: Shit!

Panic suddenly fills him. Ecto-1 goes into the air and lands on the road. Coincidentally, just a few feet away from Phoebe and Podcast. He drives up to them then leans over to roll the passenger window down.

Trevor: Hey.

Phoebe: Hey. This is Podcast.

Podcast waves.

Phoebe: He... He's my friend.

Trevor: You have a friend?

Phoebe: You have a car?

Trevor: It's a Cadillac.

Podcast leans into the car.

Podcast: Hey, dude. We need a ride. Do you know how to drive?

Phoebe: He doesn't. He failed his driver's test three times.

Trevor: Get in the back.

Cut to them driving to town.

"Foolish Try" plays. Drinks in orange ceramic tiki mugs are placed down.

Callie: Thank you.

Gary: It sounds crazy but Oklahoma never had earthquakes. For centuries. But then, between 2010 and 2016, they had like a thousand.

She eats.

Callie: Oh, jeez, what happened?

Gary: Oil and gas, that's what happened. Yeah, they start pumping millions of gallons of salinated water deep into the Arbuckle Formation. And then the porous limestone...

She drinks.

Gary: Are you drunk? Or are you just really bored?

Callie: No.

Gary: Because I think I can see you falling asleep.

Callie: Uh, I just have, uh, an allergy to science.

Gary: Ah. Have you tried Benadryl?

Callie: I've tried, um, whiskey.

Gary: It's better than Benadryl. But science is amazing. Science is pure. It's an absolute. I mean, it's an answer to all the madness. Why don't you like science? Was, uh... Phoebe's dad a scientist, or...?

Callie: Oh, gross. No.

Gary: No? I'm making an assumption. What's his deal?

Callie: Honestly, I don't... it doesn't matter. He was-he was fine with Trevor, but with Phoebe he just really... He couldn't really connect with her, so...

Gary: Right. Well, he sounds like a royal dirtbag.

Callie: No, he was actually just a very ordinary dirtbag.

Gary: Well, hey, at least, uh, Phoebe turned out okay, right?

Callie: I hope so. I don't know. She just--she really keeps me on the outside.

Gary: She's just an awkward nerdy kid, but she's awesome. I think she's great. I think you're great. You're a great mom. Yeah. You showed up. You win.

Callie: I just wish she'd relax, you know? Just get into some trouble.

Gary: Hey, there's plenty of time for that. Who knows. Maybe she'll take up pole dancing.

Callie: She's not very coordinated.

Gary: Oh, I don't think that matters.

He eats. She chuckles.

Podcast finds Trap on a remote controlled car. He flips it on and off.

Trevor: Okay. So, what the hell is going on?

Phoebe: In the 1980s, New York was attacked.

Trevor: Yeah, no. I know the Manhattan ghost stories.

Phoebe: Yeah, well, the stories are real.

Podcast: Yeah, and so are the guys who climbed the building and saved the world and fought back an invading army of the undead. Not to mention a 100-foot Marshmallow Man.

Phoebe finds a Particle Thrower in an army chest.

Phoebe: Our grandfather was Egon Spengler. He was a Ghostbuster.

The police CB radio chirps

Dispatcher: All units, we're getting reports of, well, some kind of animal taking a bite out of Steve Fletcher's truck. Apparently he almost took the whole tail gate off?

Podcast: Muncher.

Phoebe: Muncher.

Chapter 10

They drive past the grain elevator.

Phoebe looks around holding the thrower. They drive past Wertheimer's Hardware store. Podcast. Trevor looks around.

Trevor: So, what should I be looking for?

Podcast: Evidence.

Trevor takes a left. The part of a stop sign with the "S" is missing, bite marks are visible. Podcast and Phoebe lean towards the front. They drive past an alley where some trash cans and the dumpster have been munched on, too. There is blue ectoplasm left behind on them.

Trevor: Can you stop breathing in my ear?

Podcast: No.

Trevor: You guys, this is kind of stupid. Are you sure you didn't see, like, a raccoon or, like, a possum?

Phoebe points.

Phoebe: There!

Trevor brakes to a stop. Muncher is trying to eat a red fire hydrant.

Trevor: Is that a...?

Podcast: Free-floating metal muncher. Definitely Class Five.

Trevor. Okay, uh, what do we do?

Podcast: Let's get him.

He pulls down the goggles over his eyes.

Trevor: What?

Podcast: Let me get a photo first.

Podcast moves around and steps on a lever. The door next to Phoebe opens.

Phoebe: Guys?

The seat extends outside.

Podcast: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Whoa. It has a gunner seat?

Muncher pauses and slowly turns to face them. One of his hands unscrews the lid. He roars and flies away as water erupts out of the hydrant.

Phoebe: Go, go, go!

Score track from Ghostbusters (1984) plays. Trevor hits the gas. Podcast goes flying backwards.

Podcast: Whoa!

They turn and pass the rushing water, cleaning off some of the filth near the No Ghost Logo. Phoebe aims and fires but hits the Empress Theatre sign. Eventually, Muncher pauses and turns and fires metal projectiles out of his mouth at Ecto-1. Trevor screams and swerves. Phoebe loses hold and shoots some news stands and a store front. Muncher flies between Callie and Gary at their table. Name of Chinese restaurant on store front glass is  Enjoy Garden Restaurant. Ecto-1 zooms by. They turn to see what it was.

Callie: What the...?

Trevor: Uh...

Ecto-1 rounds a corner. Trevor hits the third pedal. The speedometer passes 60. Podcast adjusts the goggles. Phoebe fires and wrangles Muncher. He yelps.

Trevor: Yes!

Phoebe: Trap him!

Podcast grabs the Trap on wheels and heads to the back of the car. He pulls a lever with a black knob, a section of the floor opens up and a ramp descends to the street. The Remote Trap Vehicle (RTV) rolls out. Podcast mans the remote control.

Podcast: Okay. Okay. Here we go.

The RTV drives ahead of Ecto-1. A truck honks at them as they pass an intersection. Trevor swerves.

Podcast: Come on, keep it straight.

Trevor: You try driving this thing.

Podcast sighs. The RTV starts to get under Muncher.

Podcast: Left, left, left!

They turn left past the Summerville Post Office. Ecto-1 and Phoebe are dangerously close to the row of parked cars. Trevor eventually moves more left.

Podcast: Ready!

Phoebe: Trap him already!

Podcast: Three, two...

Podcast and Trevor: One.

Honk. They are about to drive head on into a truck. They scream and swerve out of the way. The RTV passes under the truck. Phoebe's Proton Stream takes off a piece off the back of the truck. She blasts part of Spinners exterior. Muncher is free and flies through the roller hop. "On the Road Again" plays. Ecto-1 slid past Spinners to a stop at the corner.

Trevor: (pants) Oh, my God, what just happened?

The gunner seat retracts back into Ecto-1. Podcast lifts the goggles up.

Podcast: He's heading for the mountain.

White sign. Bridge Closed 5 Miles Ahead. Local Traffic Only. Muncher flies by. The RTV then Ecto-1 follow after him down the dirt road.

Phoebe: Closer.

Trevor: Okay.

Podcast: I'm in range.

Phoebe pushes down the lever and heads out in the gunner seat. Podcast slides down the goggles. Trevor speeds up. Phoebe fires and wrangles Muncher.

Trevor: She got him!

The RTV speeds up but they are nearing the bridge.

Trevor: Whatever we're doing, we have to do it now.

Phoebe: Come on!

Podcast lifts up a red covering over a button and pushes it. The Trap opens and pulls Muncher into it.

Phoebe: Whoo!

Podcast: Yes!

Trevor: Yeah!!!

Phoebe: Bridge!

Trevor screams. Phoebe barely gets the gunner seat back inside in time before impact. The side of the exposed door scrapes along the bridge, then shuts after they clear the bridge. Everyone screams. Ecto-1 slides into a stop, kicking up a gravel cloud. Ecto-1 chugs. Trevor steps out first.

Trevor: What was that?

He high fives Phoebe.

Phoebe: I think we just caught a ghost.

Purple electricity arcs briefly as the red light blinks on the Trap. Podcast takes the goggles off and hugs Phoebe.

Phoebe: Ugh!

Podcast: Sorry.

Trevor: I was here last night.

All three look at the Shandor Mining Company mountain. Score track from Ghostbusters (1984) plays.

Evening. The sound of crickets can be heard.

Trevor: Does any of this bother you?

Phoebe: What do you mean?

Podcast: Dude, your grandfather was a legend. You can literally be anything you want. Like an influencer... or a DJ.

Trevor: I guess I just thought it was easier when I thought he went nuts.

Phoebe: He didn't go nuts.

Trevor: Exactly. So why did he leave Mom?

Siren. Trevor turns and looks then the others. He pulls over.

Trevor: Oh no, no, no, no, no. We're screwed. We're so screwed.

Phoebe: What do we do?

Podcast: I say we fight.

Trevor: What? No, just check the glove box.

They pop the glove box open. There's an unopened Twinkie on top of the papers.

Sheriff Domingo taps on the driver side window.

Sheriff Domingo: License and registration.

Cut to the inside of the Summerville County Sheriff's office. Two officers stare at the Remote Trap Vehicle and the controller as Trevor talks to Podcast, and Phoebe in a jail cell. One officer pushes a button and the Remote Trap Vehicle springs up. The camera pans right of the officers to the jail cell.

Trevor is sitting on one cot. Phoebe and Podcast are sitting on the cot across from him.

Trevor: We were on that big mountain, and I went to go hang out with this girl in this old rusty mining cage. And then all of a sudden, it started shaking, like an earthquake. And there were lights, and then I looked down in this giant hole. And inside of it, right in the middle of it, was either a person or a reptile--

Podcast is grinning.

Trevor: Are you even paying attention right now?

Podcast: Yeah. I'm just excited we're in jail.

Trevor: I thought I heard something say, "Gozer."

Lucky: He speaks the truth. I was there.

She stands up in the other cell behind Trevor. He turns.

Trevor: Hey. Hi. How--? What brings you here?

Lucky: Actually, you could really help me with hiding something.

Trevor: Oh, yeah, yeah. Uh...

Lucky: Do you have priors?

Trevor: No.

Lucky: 'Cause they'll charge you as a minor. You'll get two years. Max.

Trevor: Two?

Lucky: I'll visit you, okay?

Sheriff Domingo (off screen): Lucky.

The camera pans to Sheriff Domingo.

Sheriff Domingo: Quit messing with my inmates.

Lucky: Sorry, Dad.

Trevor: "Dad." So you're just...

Lucky steps out her cell, nods, and closes the door.

Lucky: Waiting for my ride. Yeah. But you look good behind bars.

Lucky walks away. Phoebe turns and stands up.

Phoebe: Hey. Don't we get a phone call?

Sheriff Domingo: Sure you do. Who you gonna call?

Chapter 11

Cut to Phoebe sitting at a desk. Sheriff Domingo puts a phone set down in front of her.

Sheriff Domingo: Make it quick.

Sheriff Domingo walks away. Phoebe waits until the coast is clear then she gets out a folded up piece of paper and unfolds it. The original Ghostbusters commercials flashes on screen and intercuts with Phoebe making her phone call. She dials the 212 area code first.

Egon: Do you experience feelings of dread in your basement or attic?

Phoebe dials the Ghostbusters phone number.

Peter: Have you or any of your family ever seen a spook, specter, or ghost?

Ray: If the answer is yes, then don't wait another minute. Pick up your phone and call the professionals.

Phoebe adjusts her glasses and waits.

The interior of Ray's Occult Books. The red phone at the register rings. Revelations quote is tattooed on Ray's left arm. Ray Stantz is working on brushing a crystal and looks at the phone. He puts the crystal and brush down and picks up the receiver.

Ray: Ray's Occult, and we're closed.

Phoebe: Wait! I only get one phone call. I'm... in prison.

Ray: Hmm. The slammer, huh? I've been there myself. I'm not a lawyer, but I'm listening.

Phoebe: Are you Ray Stantz, the Ghostbuster?

Ray: And now I'm hanging up.

Phoebe: Hang on. Please. I... I'm calling about Egon Spengler.

Ray is silent then...

Ray: Egon Spengler can rot in hell.

Phoebe is silent then...

Phoebe: He died last week.

Ray's expression changes. He lets out a soft exhale.

Ray: Oh, man. No kidding.

Phoebe: Weren't you two friends?

Ray: That was a looong time ago.

Phoebe: What happened to you guys?

Ray sighs.

Ray: Oh, well, look, when we started, busting ghosts was a gas. The economy was good. Reagan years. People believed in us. Then things got slow, hauntings got thin.Venkman thought we did our job too well. Uh, we could barely keep up our mortgage. Some actor bought up most of Tribeca, and we lost the firehouse. It's a Starbucks now.

Ray switches the receiver from his right to left ear.

Phoebe: So then you all just walked away?

The receiver is back on Ray's right ear.

Ray: Peter went back to academia. He's at SUNY Cortland now. He's a professor emeritus. He teaches advertising and promotion. Winston went into finance. He worked hard, coined a fortune and-- And I'm here.

Phoebe: Well, what about Egon?

Ray: Well, he wasn't helping. We went from ten calls a week to one if we were lucky. And... and Egon started to tell people that their little ghost problems didn't matter because the world was coming to an end. He got spooky. Freaked me out.

Ray moves the receiver to his left ear.

Ray: One morning, I go to work and Ecto-1, our old Cadillac, is gone, his neutrona thrower, collider pack, all the traps, 16 ounces of fuel isotope, all gone! He cleaned us out. Now we were the dead ones.

Phoebe: Don't you think he might have had a reason?

Ray: He phoned me about ten years later, some small town in Oklahoma. He kept rambling on about "the rising storm" and "the huge psychic tornado that was gonna "consume humanity in darkness forever." And, kid, I wanted to believe.

Phoebe: You don't understand. There is this mountain and it has these ancient carvings--

Ray: Kid, kid, kid, there are a lot of mountains out there with ancient carvings. Take a little advice. Don't go chasing ghosts.

Phoebe: Egon Spengler was my grandfather.

Sheriff Domingo pushes the switch hook's button to hang up.

Sheriff Domingo: Time's up.

He takes the receiver away.

Ray Stantz: Hey, hello?

Ray puts the phone down and thinks.

Callie and Gary enter the sheriff's office. Deputy Medjuck is at the front desk.

Callie: Where are my kids?

Deputy Medjuck: They're in the lockup.

Gary: What are you doing?

Callie: My children are not criminals.

Deputy Medjuck: Sure they're not.

Sheriff Domingo steps out of his office. Lucky is sitting inside.

Sheriff Domingo: Driving without a license. Expired registration. Speeding.

Callie: They can't be the first to go joyriding.

Gary: Come on, it's a Saturday night.

Sheriff Domingo: No, they are not. But they are the first to destroy half of Main Street with whatever the hell that thing is.

Sheriff Domingo points at Proton Pack on the desk.

Gary: Whoa!

Callie turns. Phoebe and Trevor walk out.

Phoebe: Sorry.

Officer uncuffs Trevor.

Callie: What the hell were you thinking?

Gary: You know, you two could have really hurt yourselves.

Gary's face indicates the opposite and he thought they did something really cool.

Gary: Hey. I'm Gary.

Trevor's face is "What the hell?"

Sheriff Domingo: You process them out yet?

Callie angrily takes the cap off a pen and looks at the release form. Gary leans toward Phoebe and speaks softly.

Gary: Did you catch anything?

Phoebe: It's inside the trap.

Gary: Right now?

Phoebe: Yes.

Callie: Let's go. You were supposed to look after her this summer.

Gary: I was?

Callie: Not you. Him.

Trevor: This was her idea.

Phoebe: Wait. But what about our stuff? The Ecto-1?

Sheriff Domingo: Everything will remain nice and safe in our impound locker.

Phoebe: No! We need it.

Callie: Phoebe, let's go.

Phoebe: We caught a ghost tonight.

Deputy Medjuck: (snickers) Dirt Farmer's family.

Phoebe: It's true. And there will be more.

Sheriff Domingo: Kid, you're starting to sound like your lunatic grandfather.

Phoebe grabs the particle thrower and arms it. Callie steps in front of Phoebe.

Callie: Phoebe! She didn't mean it.

Sheriff Domingo: You wanna spend the night in my jail?

Callie forcefully takes the thrower away.

Callie: You can--You can keep it.

She holds it vertically. Sheriff Domingo grabs the wooden grip.

Callie: Go. Now.

Phoebe storms off.

Callie: Trevor.

Callie walks out.

Trevor: I'll see you at work.

Lucky nods.

Lucky: Yeah. See you.

Gary: Hey.

Gary nods and points at the Proton Pack then leaves.

Score track from Ghostbusters (1984) plays. Gary parks in front of the Farmhouse. Everyone gets out.

Gary: All right, you guys. Remember that--

The children walk into the house. Callie stops in front of Gary.

Gary: Yeah, you got it.

They both half shrug to each other.

Callie: I'm sorry the night went sideways.

Gary: No. I-I had a blast. Why don't we just pick it up tomorrow night, same time.

Callie: You really want more of this?

Gary: Are you kidding me? We had kung pao shrimp. We went to jail. I mean I don't know how we're gonna top this. This is a home run.

Callie looks down, exhales, and looks up again.

Callie: Um, my life is a dumpster fire.

Gary: I love dumpster fires. You should see my apartment. I don't mean now. Or a-anytime soon. You don't want to--

Callie leans in and kisses his cheek.

Gary: I'd need to clean...

She walks towards the front door.

Gary: This is moving way too fast. You gotta just relax.

Gary holds up a while plastic bag.

Gary: The kids hungry? They want some of this, uh, unrefrigerated shrimp?

Callie closes her door.

Chapter 12

Phoebe is staring at the P.K.E. Meter in the study. It is off. Callie walks in and drops her purse.

Callie: We're barely hanging on here.

Phoebe: You don't understand.

Callie: I understand you drove around town, destroying expensive property.

Phoebe stands up.

Phoebe: Don't you think your father came out here for a reason?

Callie: No. No. I think he was a sad old man who turned his back on his family, his partners. And for what? For a stupid farm in a town nobody cares about. Where, by the way, everybody thought he was nuts. Yeah, great decision, Dad.

Phoebe: He was special. He loved science, like me. Why didn't you tell me my grandfather was Egon Spengler?

A tear runs down the right side of Phoebe's face.

Callie: Hey, I'm glad you found yourself here. I really am. But all I see are reminders that I didn't mean a thing to him. He never cared about me.

Phoebe: He's not nuts.

Callie: Well, then he's an asshole. Welcome to the family.

Trevor sits out in the hallway upstairs.

Score track from Ghostbusters (1984) plays.

Flashes of the mountain temple on the Shandor Mining Company that Podcast and Phoebe visited a couple days ago. The ancient stone depicting Gozer and the Terror Dogs cracks. The eye of the Terror Dog glows red. Snarls.

Evening. A Walmart. A pink P.K.E. wisp flies in. The doors open seconds after the wisp flies in. Gary Grooberson makes his way to the frozen foods aisle.

Gary: Yeah.

Gary opens a door of a refrigerator fully stocked with Baskin-Robbins ice cream. He takes one out. A woman screams elsewhere in the store. Gary turns his head but continues on to the next aisle.

Gary: Jamoca.

He sees the toppings and walks to the shelf.

Gary: There we go. Strawberry, red velvet... Blue velvet? (snickers)

He walks past a shelf of Stay Puft Marshmallows. There is something moving in one of the 10 ounce bags. Gary walks back and looks at the bag. It rips a hole and emerges from the bag, yawns, and rubs its eyes. It is a Mini-Puft, a tiny version of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. It sees Gary, smiles, steps forward, and falls off the bag onto its face. It stands up. The imprint of the shelf vanishes. It steps forward. Gary is in awe. He laughs and waves to it. It marches forward but stops at the edge. It turns around and looks around. Gary pokes its butt. The Mini-Puft frowns, turns around, and smiles. It bites Gary's finger.

Gary: Aah! Ah.

More Mini-Pufts burst out of bags. Several on a Roomba drive into Gary's left shoe. One hops on and they ram into the shelving on the opposite side. Now there are tons of Mini-Pufts all over the aisle. The Roomba runs over one as it drives out of the aisle. A few float onto the shelf of Stay Puft Marshmallows with little paper umbrellas. One impales another Mini-Pufts' head from behind. It pulls on the handle and the umbrella closes on its head. One punts a regular marshmallow off the shelf.

Gary: Oh, God.

Gary walks past a Fourth of July display. A lone Mini-Puft on a grill throws its hat like a discus onto another grill populated with many Pufts. One jabs two Pufts with a skewer. One on the dial manages to turn the grill on. A Puft on top melts. One lies on its stomach and watches its spit lower down. The Pufts on the skewer roast.

A Mini-Puft kicks the head off another. Another forces a Puft onto a Stay Crisp graham cracker and lays a Hershey bar on top it. Several carry a blow torch over and heat up the chocolate bar.

Two Mini-Pufts push a blender off a shelf with one inside. Another Puft lands inside another blender. They race over. One pushes the other off the shelf then turns the blender on and watch as the Puft inside levitates. The one on the shelf mashes buttons. A Puft comes up from behind and headbutts the other into the buttons. The Puft inside splatters.

Splattered Mini-Puft: Whee!

Gary comes out an aisle then pauses. Vinz Clortho is across from him with his head in a Purina Dog Chow bag scarfing away. Gary quietly backs up. The Mini-Pufts on the Roomba crash into his shoe then drives on. Vinz lifts its head out of the bag and stares at Gary.

Gary: Hey...

Vinz roars. Gary throws his Baskin-Robbins at Vinz's head and runs away. Gary screams. Vinz chases him and knocks clothing racks aside. Vinz slides into mannequins. Gary runs away. Vinz shakes a mannequin arm off its horn.

Gary runs into the parking lot. Just when the automatic doors close, Vinz bursts through the glass a bit too fast and stutters. Gary runs to his car. He jumps in headfirst through where the windshield was, sits up in the driver's seat and fumbles with his keys. One of Vinz's paws stomps the hood. He snarls. Gary whimpers. The tires squeal and flatten. He looks down then roars and lunges at Gary.

Day. The Spinners sign is as is after Phoebe blasted it the previous day.

A map of Summerville is unrolled in a booth inside Spinners. Trevor and Lucky sit on one side. Podcast and Phoebe sit on the other. The other teenagers sit in the other booth behind Phoebe and Podcast.

Trevor: Okay, so, what exactly is happening with the map?

Phoebe: See the concentric circles around the mountain?

Trevor: No.

Phoebe: Do you see the circles?

Trevor nods.

Trevor: Yes.

Phoebe: Something's happening inside that old mine.

Trevor: Yeah. I know that. It's pretty obvious.

Podcast: Right. So I did some digging on the word you heard in the mountain. "Gozer."

Trevor: You did some digging?

Podcast, annoyed, looks at Phoebe.

Phoebe: Gozer was a Sumerian god who once walked amongst the living.

Podcast: A soul-eating, flame-dripping deity of evil. And I think it wants back.

Lucky: Here?

Swayze looks over at them.

Podcast: I know. I would've picked Orlando.

Phoebe: What does the name Ivo Shandor mean to you guys?

Lucky: Ivo Shandor? He built this whole town. He built the mine, foundry, the school, library. His name is on everything.

Trevor: That's tacky.

Phoebe: In New York, he created an apartment building made out of selenium girders, mined from right here. On that same rooftop is where our grandfather fought to keep a horde of ghosts from entering our dimension.

Trevor: Phoebe, what exactly is happening here?

Phoebe: I can only think of one way for us to find out.

Chapter 13

Cut to Trevor, Lucky, Phoebe, and Podcast riding the mine elevator down into the Shandor mine. The elevator ominously creaks.

Phoebe: So, what do a cigarette and hamster have in common?

Lucky shakes her head.

Lucky: What?

Phoebe: They're both completely harmless until you stick one in your mouth and light it on fire.

Podcast snorts. Lucky looks at him trying not to laugh and looks away.

Trevor: The worst time.

They turn on their flashlights as they get closer to the landing. They shine lights on statues of Terror Dogs in Sentinel form.

Trevor: Hey, guys, look.

There is a large statue of Gozer in the same pre-chosen form in the original movie. Below it is a statue of a horde of vaguely human spirits reaching up to the Gozer statue. Once the elevator lands, Trevor pushes up the side then Lucky helps. Trevor shines his light on the Gozer statue.

Trevor: Is that her? Is that Gozer?

Phoebe: Gozer isn't he or she.

Lucky: Pretty woke for 3000 BC.

Trevor: Everyone watch their steps.

Trevor raises a leg on the rim of something. They all look down it.

Phoebe: Another hole?

Trevor: I wonder where this one leads to.

Podcast: A sacrificial death pit.

Phoebe: What were they sacrificing?

Lucky: Virgins, probably. Tough luck for you, dude. Sorry.

Lucky walks away.

Phoebe: Well, statistically, most 15-year-olds are virgins.

Trevor: Shh! Uh...

Lucky: Fifteen? You're 15?

Trevor turns to Lucky and gestures.

Trevor: I'll be 16 in February.

Lucky: It's June.

Trevor: What are those holes in the wall?

Lucky turns and looks up.

Phoebe: They're vacancies.

Lucky: If this is a tomb, where are all the bodies?

Podcast: Found one.

Podcast is standing near a glass tomb with a man in a purple suit inside. Lucky and Trevor walk over.

Lucky: Oh. What?

Trevor: Oh, my God. Is he sleeping?

Lucky: Dude, he's in a coffin.

Phoebe climbs up a wooden ladder.

Podcast: It's Ivo Shandor. He's been in here for 75 years?

A little plaque reads "Ivo Shandor 1855-1945."

Lucky: He looks fantastic.

Podcast: You know when you die, your fingernails actually keep growing.

Lucky: Not true. Your skin just shrinks.

Phoebe: Something was coming and he knew it.

They look up at her. She found numerical inscriptions. 1821. 1823. 1883. 1908...

Phoebe: I think these are years. 1883.

Podcast: The Krakatoa eruption. The most violent volcanic activity in human history.

...1908. 1945.

Trevor: What happened in 1908?

Podcast: Probably the Tunguska blast over Siberia.

Lucky: 1945. What didn't happen?

Phoebe: 1984. Ghosts attack New York City.

Podcast: The Manhattan Crossrip.

Phoebe turns. The next years are 2021 and 2134.

Phoebe: It's a countdown.

Podcast: Like a prophecy?

There is a noise.

Trevor: Do you guys hear that?

Phoebe shines her light. Lucky looks to her right. Phoebe comes down the ladder.

Lucky: Yeah, I do.

They shine their lights into the pit. There is an orange glow coming from the pit.

Lucky: I think it's coming from the death pit.

Podcast whimpers. Phoebe leans over and looks down. There is a spectral mass rising up. The eyes of the Gozer statue have a faint orange glow.

Trevor: Phoebe.

There are vague figures and arms in the mass. A familiar powering up sound is heard. A proton stream is fired at the pit. It zooms past Phoebe's left side. Three other proton cannons are fired into the pit. The streams all cross. The mine rumbles. The spirits in the pit react to the crossed streams.

Trevor: Phoebe!

Phoebe: The earthquakes.

Ivo Shandor's eyes open and his head turns at the freaked out Podcast.

Podcast: Oh, my gosh!

Trevor: Phoebe!

Voice: Phoebe.

A figure forms.

Figure: Phoebe.

Trevor pulls Phoebe away. The crossed streams force the mass back down. A modified P.K.E Meter turns off. The proton cannons each turn off. Shandor turns his head and is back at "rest." Phoebe and Trevor stand. Lucky runs over. Podcast points at Shandor.

Podcast: I think he's alive.

Lucky: Are you okay?

She brushes the dirt off Trevor.

Trevor: Yeah. Yeah. Are you?

Lucky: Yeah.

Phoebe walks between them.

Trevor: Pheebs, what's wrong?

Phoebe looks at one of the proton cannons.

Phoebe: He was right all along.

Podcast: What do you mean?

Phoebe: Our grandfather. He was right here. He built this. He was standing guard, even when no one believed him. He sacrificed everything. His life. His friends.

Phoebe pauses.

Phoebe: Us.

There is a silence.

Podcast: Bummer.

Trevor and Lucky look down at him.

Trevor: Dude.

Phoebe: We need to tell Mom.

Shot of the P.K.E. Meter in Phoebe's bedroom.

Callie: Phoebe? Pheebs?

Callie stands in Phoebe's doorway then walks in. She sighs and picks up the P.K.E. Meter.

Chapter 14

Callie looks at the back of of the P.K.E. Meter. It registers an entity. She waves it to the right, it goes dark. She waves it back to the left. It registers.

Cut to Callie opening the door of the shed. She moves the P.K.E. Meter down in a vertical motion. She walks to the fire pole. She slides down. She looks around the laboratory and sighs. A lamp turns on. She walks over and picks up a photo frame. The lamp moves closer towards her. She turns and looks at it. The lamp tilts up. She puts the frame down. It is of a girl in a white dress doing a ballet pose. She walks over and sees a wall with tons of photographs and notes. A newspaper clipping cites a girl noted as "Ms. Spengler" who sold 10,000 boxes of Girl Scout cookies. The article was written by Joel Tobman, a Chicago freelance journalist. Another note reads "1987 Freckle count has doubled. Braces are next." Another note reads "Roadtrip '84' Must Research R.E.M." Another article clipping about a player with a #3 jersey on a woman's soccer team with a major/minor in English/Spanish/Psychology. It notes she was a four year letterwinner and co-captain and last season she was a second team All-OAC and third team All-Ohio pick. Some photos are of a girl running track. Another article is about a title being won. Another note has statistics: retention of 84%, fourth year graduation rate of 80%, domestic students of color of 21%, international student enrollment of 10%, ACT 25th-75th percentile, class rank 25th-75th percentile of 71% and 94%. Another note reads "Moving Day Dorm Room shows serious fatigue in all load bearing" Callie is moved. A mist floats down into the laboratory.

There are several baby photos. One note reads "1983 Received my B-Day... Curious if subject is soldering iron" and another "198x First Snow Image has Strong Impact on my Pulse + Body Temperature Potential Frost Bite"

There is a snarl. She turns her head. From the darkness, Zuul lunges and roars.

Phoebe looks up from the backseat. A black cloud is forming above the Shandor mine. Trevor is driving everyone in the Subaru Outback. Lucky is in the front passenger seat. Lucky and Trevor exchange looks. Score track from Ghostbusters (1984) plays. Cut to Trevor turns up the driveway to the Farmhouse. The Revelation signs. Cut to Phoebe running inside.

Phoebe: Mom?

Callie is in the foreground out of focus. She is sitting on the ripped armchair in the study.

Phoebe: Mom?

Podcast comes inside.

Without looking up at them, Callie whispers.

Zuul: There is no Mom. There is only Zuul.

Phoebe and Podcast exchange looks and slowly steps forward.

Phoebe: Mom, are you okay?

Zuul turns her head to them. Callie's eyes are red. Zuul's demonic voice is heard. She breathes quickly.

Zuul: There is no Mom. There is only Zuul.

Trevor and Lucky run in.

Trevor: What's happening right now?

Phoebe: Mom?

They slowly step forward.

Lucky: Is she okay?

Trevor: Mom?

The P.K.E. Meter registers. Phoebe and Lucky lean in.

Phoebe: Mom?

Podcast gets on his knees. Callie gets in his face and snarls then strokes the left side of his face.

Zuul: Are you the Keymaster?

Podcast: Um, I don't know.

Phoebe: Mom!

Podcast: Phoebe, what do I do?

Phoebe: Mom, stop!

Phoebe pulls at Callie. Zuul snarls at her. The taser setting suddenly activates on the P.K.E. Meter. Zuul takes cover behind the armchair.

Trevor: Whoa!

There is another earthquake.

The Wertheimer's Hardware owner looks up from his chair. The Sheriff's office rumbles. An officer is on the phone. A donut hole rolls away from the plate.

Gary, possessed by Vinz Clortho, uses a pipe wrench to move a proton cannon and destroys one of the other cannons. Wisps fly out of the pit. The stone art of Gozer and the Terror Dogs cracks even more.

The Wertheimer's Hardware owner stands up and tries to stop things from dropping.

The stone art bursts. An orange beam shines through a hole. Score track from Ghostbusters (1984) plays.

The officer on the phone is now standing trying to keep the things on his desk from falling off. Someone behind him braces the black binders.

Patrons hold the objects on their tables in Spinners as a server rolls over to a table.

A stairwell passes through the space where the stone art was. There is a throne in the center of it.

Zuul sees the atmospheric disturbance, snarls, and jumps through a window, shattering the glass.

Phoebe: Mom! Mom!

Phoebe takes the P.K.E. Meter and runs outside.

Lucky: What the hell is going on?

Phoebe pants. She looks at "Dirt" on the barn. She goes on her knees and digs with her hands. She pulls up a black wire.

Podcast: What is all this?

Phoebe: This isn't a farm. It's a trap.

Thunder flashes in the black clouds above the Shandor Mine.

Cut to the Summerville Post Office. Ectoplasm drips out of the miner monument. Then to Wertheimer Hardware. People look up at the sudden black clouds above the town.

Podcast slides down into laboratory. He puts on the Aura Video-Analyzer colander. Lucky slides down. Trevor slides down and lands awkwardly. They each grab a flightsuit out of the locker starting with Phoebe, Trevor, Lucky, and then Podcast. Trevor cops a look at Lucky's black bra.

Lucky: What?

Trevor turns around and zips up.

Trevor: Nothing.

Phoebe stands near a model of the Farmhouse property. It lights up.

Phoebe: This is what he's been working on all those years.

Trevor: What? Building this model?

Lucky: The detail is amazing.

Phoebe: No, he came here to finish what the original Ghostbusters started.

Lucky: To trap Gozer...

Trevor: Out in that dirt field.

Phoebe: Exactly. These big silos act as a capacitor.

The model capacitors activate and short. They back off.

Trevor: Uh, what's a capacitor?

Phoebe: Would it kill you to read?

Trevor: Would it kill you to just tell me?

Phoebe: Once activated, these towers can hold a charge for one moment. But in that one moment, they can power hundreds of traps.

Lucky: So how do we get Gozer into the field?

Phoebe: Gozer's protected by two evil spirits.

Podcast: The Keymaster and the Gatekeeper.

Phoebe: She needs both of them. No Gatekeeper, no Gozer.

Podcast: But first these spirits must possess two human souls.

Trevor: Like Mom.

Phoebe: So they can unite... formally.

Trevor is silent. Lucky shakes her head.

Lucky: What are we talking about?

Podcast: We're thinking at least third base.

Lucky: Go, Mom.

Vinz rests on the edge of a cliff. He looks up. Zuul walks towards him. She opens her shirt and throws it to her side. Her clothes morphs into a shiny dress. Vinz quickly gets up and briskly walks to her.

Vinz: I like your eyes.

Zuul speaks in dog gibberish.

Vinz: Thanks.

He takes the daisy off his ear and offers it. She eats the flower. They embrace and drop down.

Chapter 15

The children run into sheriff's office. Lucky hops over the counter and checks the radio. There are weird sounds coming over the radio. Podcast touches a liquid from a cup on its side. He tastes it.

Podcast: They were just here.

Lucky and Trevor run down a corridor.

Lucky: There she is.

Ecto-1 is up on a lift. They walk under it.

Podcast and Phoebe are in the evidence room dumping stuff on the ground.

Podcast: Got anything?

Phoebe: No, just more stupid guns.

Podcast comes around a corner.

Podcast: A jail inside a jail.

The Remote Trap Vehicle, controller, Proton Pack, and Ecto Goggles are behind bars. Phoebe walks to him.

Phoebe: What are you talking about?

She runs up to the bars.

Phoebe: No, no, no! It's an ANSI Class One electromagnetic deadbolt.

Podcast: I believe in you.

Phoebe: It's unpickable.

Podcast sighs and looks inside. He gets an idea and reaches.

Phoebe: What are you doing?

Podcast: I have a plan.

He flips the red cover on the controller.

Phoebe: Wait!

Too late. Muncher is released. Podcast and Phoebe back up. Muncher immediately eats many of the metal bars, making a space he squeezes out of and flies up through the ceiling. One side of the bars creaks open. They run inside. Cut to the rear hatch of Ecto-1 opening. Phoebe pushes the equipment in on a cart. Trevor hands the equipment to Podcast inside Ecto-1.

Podcast: Come on. Let's go.

Trevor: Okay.

The garage door lifts up, revealing Ecto-1's grill. Lucky gets into a squad car.

Trevor: Ready?

Lucky: I'll be waiting.

Lucky goes left. Trevor turns right with the sirens on. Ecto-1 passes a Stay Puft Marshmallows mural on the side of a building. Cut to them on the dirt road to Shandor Mining. Cut to Ecto-1 driving over the bridge. Zuul and Vinz walk hand in hand to the stairwell in the temple. Ecto-1 is off to the side hidden behind rock. Podcast and Phoebe sneak closer on foot. Score track from Ghostbusters (1984) plays. Zuul and Vinz takes their places on each side.

Phoebe: That's my mom.

Zuul and Vinz raise their arms up.

Gozerian lightning from the disturbance above the mine strikes Zuul and Vinz.

Trevor: What?

Vinz and Zuul transmogrify into their Terror Dog forms. Phoebe and Podcast are in dismay. Wisps continue flying out of the pit. One wisp flies through and shatters Shandor's glass tomb. A figure climbs out of the pit. It is Gozer. The wisps fly around the town. People look on. Gozer climbs out of the pit like an animal. Ivo Shandor approaches Gozer.

Ivo Shandor: Your Eminence. Goddess of Gods. I have built this temple for you, so that you might return to Earth...

A female employee inside Spinners pours coffee for a patron. The patron is a Miner Ghost. Outside a Fire ghost chases after people and a fire truck.

Ivo Shandor: and together...

She realizes the patron is not a person. The Miner Ghost turns its head at her.

Ivo Shandor: we... We can rule the world.

Gozer places her hands on both sides of Shandor's head and... rips him in two.

A fissure opens up in center of a street in town.

Gozer scratches the chin of Zuul.

Another shot of the disturbance above the mine.

The Terror Dogs hop down to their places.

It is 6:05 on the clock posted on the sidewalk. An eyeball pops out of a building followed by the rest of the entity, the Bug-Eye Ghost. It vocalizes and flies off. The wisps fly around in a circle above the mine. Gozer is seated on its throne then goes into a relaxed pose. Trevor waits inside Ecto-1. Phoebe approaches the stairwell.

Phoebe: Excuse me. Uh...

Gozer turns her head to Phoebe.

Phoebe: P-pardon me. Yeah, hi. Uh...

Podcast gets the controller ready.

Phoebe: Uh... Tss... What do you call a fish with no eyes? A fsh.

Gozer stares at her. Phoebe chuckles.

Phoebe: Uh...

The Remote Trap Vehicle drives towards the rear of Zuul.

Phoebe: A whale... There's two whales in a bar. One of them goes:

The Remote Trap Vehicle bumps Zuul's rear foot and reverses. Podcast ducks down.

Phoebe: (imitates whale sound) And then the other one goes: "Go home. You're drunk." Uh...

Gozer sits up and stands.

Podcast: Okay.

The Remote Trap Vehicle drives under Zuul.

Phoebe: Uh... So a grasshopper walks into a bar... and the bartender's like: "We have a drink named after you." Then the grasshopper's like: "You have a drink named Steve?"

Gozer: Have you come to offer yourself in sacrifice?

Phoebe: What?

Gozer: Are you prepared to die?

Phoebe: No, I'm 12.

The Remote Trap Vehicle gets into position.

Phoebe: Are you?

Gozer is mildly puzzled. Podcast opens the Trap and captures Zuul. Gozer violently reacts and energy shoots out of its body. Callie appears and falls down the stairs.

Phoebe: Mom!

Ecto-1's sirens blare. It slides in with its rear facing the stairs. The Remote Trap Vehicle heads down to it. Gozer is on its knees. Podcast and Phoebe head in the rear with Callie. Phoebe closes the door.

Cut to Ecto-1 on the dirt road. They clear the bridge with the Remote Trap Vehicle following. Phoebe switches on the Particle Thrower. Callie comes to.

Callie: Wait, wait. Wh-What's going on?

Trevor: Hey!

Callie: Wh-What's happening? Where am I?

Phoebe: Mom, it's okay.

Podcast: You were kind of possessed.

Callie: Possessed?

Phoebe: Then you turned into a dog.

Podcast: Then you got kind of humpy.

Callie: Humpy?

Trevor: Hold on!

They turn at Spinners. Podcast lowers the hatch for the Remote Trap Vehicle.

Callie: Oh, Phoebe. Phoebe. There's this, um, there's this basement... this secret basement...

Phoebe: Mom, we know.

Callie: ...with all these computers and equipment.

Podcast: Isn't that place insane?

Callie: Yes! And! And it seemed like he had a plan.

Phoebe: We're aware.

Callie: Oh. Oh. And there were all these photos--these photos of me. Like--Like he was tracking my entire life.

Podcast: How rewarding.

Phoebe: Super news. We really wanna hear about it.

Trevor: Yeah, but we're kind of trying to save the world right now.

Callie: Oh. Okay. Cool. I'm in. Uh, how can I help?

Vinz attacks the rear.

Podcast: No!

Callie: What the hell was that?

Trevor: That was your boyfriend Gary.

Callie: Boyfriend?

Vinz chases the Remote Trap Vehicle onto the sidewalk ramming benches, tables, chairs, and newsstands before stumbling and tripping.

Phoebe: Inside that trap is the Gatekeeper.

Callie: Gatekeeper?

Phoebe: If the Gatekeeper and the Keymaster reunite...

Callie: Keymaster?

Phoebe: One second.

Phoebe pulls the lever and she and the gunner seat go outside. She shoots Vinz. Vinz yelps. She returns inside.

Callie: Phoebe. You're... You're...

Phoebe: I'm a scientist.

The Remote Trap Vehicle goes up the ramp but falters then goes up and enters Ecto-1.

Podcast: Oh. We got her!

Trevor: Yes!

Phoebe: This was Grandpa's plan.

Trevor: Uh, coming in hot!

Ecto-1 plows through some of the Revelation signs. They scream. Ecto-1 comes to a stop by the dirt field. Score track from Ghostbusters (1984) plays. Phoebe comes out of the rear with the Trap holding Zuul. Callie comes out and stares upwards. The Psychokinetic atmospheric disturbance is now above the Farmhouse. Trevor looks up.

Phoebe: Mom, come on!

Trevor: Oh, my God.

Phoebe heads on to the porch. Callie stops in front of the porch. The field rustles. Callie goes up on the porch in front of Phoebe.

Callie: Get back. Get back.

Phoebe: Mom.

Trevor gets in the back with Podcast.

Trevor: What's up?

Podcast: Hey.

Callie: No, no, no.

Phoebe steps out. Gozer, in an incoherent form not fully corporeal anymore, pushes the field and walks out onto the dirt. Phoebe hold out the Trap.

Phoebe: Pull the lever.

Callie: Pull--?

Callie sees and pulls it.

Callie: Aah!

The capacitors surge on.

Gozer turns and look at the capacitor silos. The field hums. Lucky kicks the front door open. She has the Proton Pack on.

Lucky: Hey!

Lucky fires and wrangles Gozer. Trevor comes out of Ecto-1 on the gunner seat. His thrower doesn't work.

Podcast: Come on, what are you waiting for?

Trevor: I'm waiting for this thing to work! It's not working!

Podcast: Uh...

Mini-Pufts are on the back of the gunner seat disabling the pack. Podcast sees one on his left cuff. He screams. Gozer grabs the stream and wraps it around its right arm.

Phoebe: Mom, hit the pedal!

Callie: Pedal?

Callie stomps the pedal. The red lights on hundreds of buried Traps turn on. The capacitors go offline. Gozer tugs the stream and Lucky goes flying forward.

Trevor: Lucky!

Phoebe and Callie run to Lucky.

Trevor: Podcast, what are you doing?

Podcast: I've got my own problems!

Phoebe goes for the Proton Pack. Vinz roars at Phoebe. Callie and Gozer tug at the Trap. Gozer wrests it away. Callie falls over. Gozer rips the Trap in two. Lucky is possessed by Zuul and transmogrifies. Trevor is speechless. Zuul snarls at Callie. Callie screams. Gozer is restored. It pets Vinz then Zuul.

Callie: Oh, no.

Gozer's fingertips energize.

Callie: No.

Callie closes her eyes as the energy nears her face.

Peter (offscreen): Hey, flattop.

Chapter 16

Ray Stantz, Peter Venkman, and Winston Zeddemore are in their flight suits and have Proton Packs.

Peter: Have you missed us?

Three Mini-Pufts inside Ecto-1 are enamored with the Ghostbusters.

Ray: Gozer the Gozerian... in the name of the county of Summerville, state of Oklahoma, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, all the members of Ducks Unlimited--

Peter makes a face. Winston side-eyes Peter.

Ray: the Association for the Advancement of Retired Persons, I command you under the National Invasive Species Act to depart this world immediately.

Peter: Bravo.

Winston: I think she remembers us.

Gozer: Are you... a god?

Ray is speechless. Peter and Winston look over at him in disbelief.

Winston: Ray?

Peter: Oh, come on, Ray.

Ray: Yes.

Winston: Yeah, we're all gods.

Peter: Yeah, I mean, we're all pretty dang special down here. On a personal note: I thought that we had busted up for good. It wasn't working for me. My friends didn't think so. I know yours didn't.

Gozer gestures the Terror Dogs to stand down as they snarl.

Winston: Okay, playtime's over. Let's toast this muffin.

They unholster their throwers.

Peter: Light them up. (chuckles)

Winston: Man, I love that sound.

Peter: On the count of three. Go on "two." One. Two.

They blast Gozer.

Ray: Yeah, nothing stings like a billion electron volts!

They cross their streams. Gozer clutches at the streams.

Callie: Yes!

Winston: Do you feel that?

Ray: Yeah.

Peter: Uh-oh.

Gozer pulls the streams apart.

Ray: She's uncrossing the streams!

Gozer whips the stream. The Ghostbusters are launched up the air and hit the side of Ecto-1. Winston hits the front end.

Phoebe: No!

Callie: Oh!

Podcast: Are they dead?

Ray: I don't remember this job being so painful.

Winston: I do.

Peter: You got a lot of nerve. Coming back here, crawling back to me. We could've been the most spectacular power couple. You know, my sense of fun and your personality.

Gozer walks past Callie and Phoebe.

Peter: But, no, you always had to vanquish and conquer. Always had to maim somebody.

Winston aims his thrower.

Peter: And that's probably the number one reason why--

Gozer zaps Winston's hand.

Peter: Good try, anyway. Now we're finished, babe. We're finished.

Gozer is shot in the back the head. She turns. Phoebe has the other pack on. They fire at each other. The streams of energy collide.

Callie: No.

Phoebe starts to get pushed back.

Callie: Come on, Phoebe.

Suddenly, an ethereal hand grabs onto the thrower, too. Callie is shocked. The camera reveals it's the ghost of Egon helping Phoebe. Egon and Phoebe exchange looks.

Callie: Holy shit.

Ray, Peter, and Winston blast Gozer, too. Phoebe and Egon inch their way to the Ghostbusters. Podcast picks up the P.K.E Meter and tasers a Mini-Puft apart. The others pause and gasp. He starts tasering all the Pufts. Trevor peeks inside. The guys looks at Egon in dismay. Podcast zaps a Mini-Puft. A machine turns back on.

Podcast: We're on!

Trevor takes aim then looks at the capacitors and fires at them instead of Gozer. The Traps hum on. Callie notices and runs up to the porch and stomps the pedal. The Traps all open. The wisps and disturbance are pulled down to the Traps. Gozer is ripped apart. Souls of those it consumed are pulled out of its body and trapped. The remaining Mini-Pufts's essences are pulled in, too, and their bodies are roasted. The Terror Dogs fall to their stomachs. The Traps close. The Ghostbusters and Phoebe switch off their throwers. Phoebe runs off. Winston is speechless at the sight of Egon. Peter and Ray turn to Egon.

Peter: I thought you might turn up.

Egon turns to them.

Ray: I'm sorry... I didn't believe you.

Egon nods.

Winston: I should've called. I miss you, my friend.

Egon nods.

Phoebe is on her knees and slowly moves a finger towards a Trap and is zapped. Callie grabs Phoebe and hugs her tight.

Callie: Are you okay? Oh, my God. You scared the shit out of me.

Phoebe: Mom. I can't breathe. Okay.

Peter down on one knee near them.

Peter: Hi there. Pete Venkman from the home office.

Peter shakes Phoebe's hand.

Peter: Thanks for pitching in.

Phoebe: You're welcome.

Peter: I like your style. Who's that one?

Peter shakes Callie's hand.

Callie: Callie. Callie Spengler.

Peter: Spengler?

Callie: Mm.

Peter:Weird name. Try to make the best of that. All right. We're gonna have cocoa inside. And some of us will have rum with it.

Peter stands back up.

Trevor: Lucky!

Trevor pulls the head off one of the charred Terror Dogs. It's Gary.

Trevor: Oh.

Gary: God. Hey. Hey, man.

Trevor: Are you okay?

Gary: Yeah, I... Yeah. My hands hurt from galloping.

One of Lucky's hands emerges from the other husk. Trevor runs over and tries to pull the husk apart. Lucky emerges.

Trevor: Oh, my God. I totally thought I lost you.

Lucky: Sorry about that.

Trevor helps her up. They walk away. Callie is sitting by Gary.

Gary: Well, that was weird.

Callie: Mm-hm. Yeah.

Gary touches his head.

Gary: I'm bleeding. Why am I bleeding?

Callie: Um, you headbutted a park bench.

Gary: Oh, right. Yeah.

Callie: Yeah.

Gary: Hi.

Callie: Hi.

Gary: Um, back there, yeah.

Callie: Yeah.

Gary: I mean, before we became dogs and opened the gates of hell, I think that uh, maybe we, uh...

Callie: Yeah. Yeah, I think so too. But then we saved the world, so...

Gary: That's true.

Podcast steps out of Ecto-1 covered in marshmallow residue. Score track from Ghostbusters (1984) plays.

Ray: Are you all right, son? You just singlehandedly defeated a manifestation of Gozer.

Podcast: You gotta be on my podcast.

Ray: Sure. What's it called?

Podcast: Mystical Tales of the Unknown Universe.

Ray: M.T. Double U., that's you?

Podcast: Wait. You're my subscriber?!

Ray: Really found its voice in the 46th episode.

Winston touches the hood of Ecto-1.

Winston: What did they do to you? Don't worry. I'll take you home, get you all cleaned up.

Trevor and Lucky slowly approach Egon. Lucky pushes him forward.

Lucky: Go.

Trevor: Hey.

Egon puts his left hand on Trevor's right shoulder. They turn to Phoebe. Egon kneels down and parts her hair. She tears up. Egon turns to Callie. He stands. She walks over. They look at each other. Callie runs up and hugs him. He hugs her back. Trevor puts his left hand on Phoebe's left shoulder. Lucky puts her left hand on Trevor's right shoulder. Winston and Ray. A tear streams down from Callie's right eye. Peter. Egon peacefully disperses. They all look up into the sky. Callie opens her eyes and looks up. The Icon Ghost vaguely forms in Egon's spectral trail.

for Harold.

New York City. Evening. Sirens. Ecto-1 heads across the Brooklyn Bridge. The siren blares. The No Ghost logo appears full screen then the GHOSTBUSTERS logo appears on screen with the No Ghost taking the place of the "O". "Ghostbusters" plays as the credits begin. The background images are schematics of the equipment like the Proton Pack, Gunner Seat, and Ecto Goggles. On Eric Steelberg's credit, a map of Summerville appears. On Francis Audouy's credit is a map of the Farmhouse property. The credits that follow are above blueprints of the Gozer statue, the seismic map, the enigma trap, the roof rack, P.K.E. Meter, the ancient map, a map of the mountain temple, and temple art.

Dana Barrett holds up the three wavy line Zener card. Pan to Peter Venkman seated across her. They are in their home in upstate New York.

Dana: Tell me what this is.

Peter closes his eyes and concentrates.

Peter: Lines. Two---No, three... wavy lines.

She reveals the card to him.

Dana: It's amazing.

Score track from Ghostbusters (1984) plays.

Peter: You're amazing. With your ability to... flood my psychic powers.

Dana holds up another card.

Dana: I can't believe you used to shock your students.

Peter: Between us, I only zapped the guys.

Dana switches on the electro-shock generator. Peter is hooked up to it. He is zapped.

Peter: Aah! It was flawed science. I know that now. I admit that.

Dana: Ready? Try this one. Take a moment.

Peter: Uh... It's a five-pointed star. Yes?

She puts the card down in amazement.

Dana: How are you doing that?

Peter: Some believe that true love imbues a subject with the ability--

She zaps him.

Peter: Ah!

Dana: Did you mark the cards?

Peter: No.

Dana: You did, didn't you?

He nods and points to her.

Peter: Yeah.

She zaps him.

Peter: Ah!

She taps the box  on both sides and smiles.

Dana: It works well.

"Haunted House" plays as credits continue.

The formerly deleted scene from Ghostbusters (1984), "Busy" plays at the 2 hour, 1 minute, 53 second mark. It begins on the part when Janine gives Egon her lucky coin at the rear of Ecto-1 as the Ghostbusters prepare to leave City Hall with a police and National Guard escort back in 1984.

Janine: I want you to take this.

Egon: What is it?

Janine: It's a souvenir from the World's Fair at Flushing Meadow in 1964. It's my lucky coin.

Egon: I shouldn't take it. We might not be coming back.

Janine: Take it anyway. I got another one at home.

Janine hugs Egon.

The interior of a posh firm. Close up of the lucky coin in Janine's hand. Janine is seated in front of Winston's desk.

Winston: Egon was the brains. Ray was the heart. Peter just kept it cool.

Janine: Mm-hm. Who were you?

Winston: The sex appeal.

She smiles and chuckles. Winston grins.

Janine: You've done very well for yourself. A lot of shelf space.

Winston enters the run-down Firehouse through the inner door on the right from the audience POV.

Winston: Well, see, that's the thing. I don't do it for me. I do it for my kids, and I wanna be an example of what's possible.

Janine: You still covering the rent at Ray's bookshop?

Winston: Ray's gonna turn a profit one of these days.

Janine: Ha ha. I remember the day you came in.

Winston looks up the fire pole.

Winston: I came in looking for a steady paycheck. But busting ghosts with the guys... taught me not to be afraid. That I had the tools and I had the talent. I started this business with one employee. And I've grown it into a thriving global enterprise. I may be a businessman, but I will always be a Ghostbuster.

The doors of the Firehouse open up. Winston motions the driver to drive Ecto-1 inside. He places a hand on the hood.

Cut to the basement. Close up, pan up to the Containment Unit. A red light on the unit is blinking. It makes an odd sound.

Mooglie is replaced in the No Ghost logo by a Mini-Puft.

The End

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