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Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire Deleted & Extended Scenes

 By Paul Rudoff on Mar. 20, 2024 at 11:25 AM , Categories: Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire
Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire

As I watched Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire, I was surprised by how many shots and scenes in the trailers and TV spots, and promotional photos, were deleted from the final film. Even some of the stuff filmed in June 2023 in New York City isn't in the film. Yes, there will always be something deleted, but the list is pretty long for Frozen Empire. I'll give a SPOILER ALERT just for the hell of it, but really, how can any of this be considered a spoiler when it's NOT in the film?!?

This list, which is in no particular order, was compiled from two viewings of the film (as of March 2024), and input from Wesley Skelly and Louis Zeddemore. It does not include minor shots, such as cityscapes and close-ups, that would require in-depth analysis to determine if they were deleted or not.

Whatever was filmed outside the Community Medical Center of Elmhurst Hospital at 80th Street and 41st Avenue in Queens on June 14, 2023. (source: real-world photo of filming location notices)

Traffic and people freezing on the streets of Eldridge and Broome, which was filmed on June 10 & 11, 2023. Extras running and pretending to be cold, with gusts of wind being produced by big fans and leaf blowers, and a little girl holding an ice cream cone. (source: real-world footage of filming taking place)

Kids playing in an opened fire hydrant. This was also filmed on Eldridge and Broome. In fact, most of the "Summer in the City" footage that opened the Teaser isn't in the film, and that includes the weather report heard. (source: Teaser, 11/8/2023)

Teens freezing in the Wonder Wheel cabin at Coney Island. (source: Teaser, 11/8/2023)

Hubert guiding Ray, Phoebe, and Podcast to the bowels of the New York Public Library in an elevator. (source: Teaser, 11/8/2023)

Lucky freezing right up to her eyeball. (source: Teaser, 11/8/2023)

The family on the firehouse roof. (Only Trevor and Lucky go up there.) (source: Teaser, 11/8/2023)

Trevor finding the vintage magazine in the attic. (source: Domestic Trailer, 1/29/2024)

Janine answering the phone with her trademark line, "Ghostbusters. Whadda ya want?" (source: Domestic Trailer, 1/29/2024)

Janine pressing the "We Got One" button on her desk. (source: Final Trailer, 3/1/2024)

People walking into Ray's Occult Books. (source: International Trailer, 1/29/2024)

Trevor firing at Slimer. (source: Teaser Trailer, 11/8/2023)

Photos of stone reliefs documenting Garraka's history being unfolded by Hubert in the library. (In the final film, his history is done as an animation.) (source: Japanese Trailer, 2/28/2024)

Gary sings the Ghostbusters song at the tailend of the scene with him and Callie in the bedroom. As he leaves the bedroom, he remarks, "We ain't afraid of no ghost." (source: "Fight" spot, "Everything in This Place is Haunted" social media spot)

Callie with Gary and Phoebe looking out of Phoebe's bedroom window. Callie then blasts at something. (source: Teaser Trailer, 11/8/2023; also B-Roll)

Gary and Peter in the basement surrounded by heaters. Gary asks Peter what he would have done "back in the day". He replies, "I would have showered, and shaved, and hit the clubs." Gary sarcastically comments, "That was really helpful. Thank you." (source: promo photo; "Courage" and "Team Up" spots)

In Ray's Occult, Ray's line about the store and paying "Top Dollar for your possessed possessions". (source: International Trailer, 1/29/2024)

Nadeem's line in Ray's Occult where he whispers "$60" after Ray says the orb is unusual. (source: International Trailer, 1/29/2024)

A whole scene in the firehouse around the kitchen/living quarters area featuring Gary, Callie, Trevor, Janine, and Ray. It would seem that this is where the following lines (and their responses) were from: Gary's "Like, literally scared to death?" and Trevor's response, "That's messed up." Trevor's "Ghost Chopper". Ray's "We might be looking at an army of ghosts." Callie's "So, what is the plan?" (Gary: International Trailer, 1/29/2024; Trevor: "Upgraded Gear" social media ad, 2/29/2024; Ray: "Help" spot; Callie: "Plan" spot)

Peter saying, "That was some talent" Looks like it would have happened at the end after they defeat Garraka, in reference to Nadeem's special power. (source: "Raving" spot)

Lars being slimed by Pukey. The movie cuts away, so we never see the action or the aftermath. (source: "Ice" spot)

Trevor's line, "You know, I wasn't sure about you guys wanting to move to this place. [...] Garbage... Ghosts... Garbage ghosts." I'm assuming this is all from one scene, and wasn't edited together from two different scenes. (source: Japanese Trailer, 2/28/2024)

After Slimer eats the possessed pizza, and Callie enters the kitchen area, Trevor looks up at the slime dripping from the ceiling that Slimer left in his wake. (source: promo photo)

Winston gives a completely different speech to the reporter at the end: "All over New York City, ghost attacks are on the rise, and we are the only ones equipped to fight back." (source: International Trailer, 1/29/2024)

Phoebe and Melody on a subway train. (source: Emily Alyn Lind Instagram, 3/23/2024)

Winston in Mayor Peck's office as the Ghostbusters are being reprimanded for the Sewer Dragon chase mess. Note: Winston was not purposely added to the sides of the ScreenX version, as he can be glimpsed on the extreme left side of the frame as the scene ends in the Domestic Trailer. (source: Domestic Trailer - ScreenX Version, 3/13/2024; Domestic Trailer, 1/29/2024)

Nadeem's grandmother "Dadi" was credited, but doesn't appear in the film (aside from a still photo). This tells me that she had to have had a scene with a line in it, as usually only actors who have lines receive a credit.

A guy in Ray's Occult holding a possibly-possessed doll is credited as "Doll Owner". We see him among the people in the store, but he never speaks. If he's credited, he had to have had a line, and that's not in the film. There are a few other people in the IMDb cast list (which does seem accurate to the film's end credits) that did not speak in the film. It makes me wonder if they had their lines cut.

VIP Exclusive - The original 1920x1080 videos files for some of the deleted scenes included on this page.

That's it, so far. If you spot something I missed, post a comment below. (UPDATE: I will revisit this in a few months when the movie officially is released on Blu-ray and make corrections or additions, but it won't be as complete as the Ghostbusters Wiki and this GBFans forum thread.)

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Comment from: Ectopher [Visitor]

Really interesting, and frankly encouraging, how much stuff from the trailers isn’t going to be in the final movie. It’s nice to know that I haven’t seen the majority of the movie already!

I’ll look forward to your review on Monday, by whcih time I’ll have seen it twice!

Mar. 20, 2024 @ 14:27
Comment from: Wesley Skelly [Visitor]

Don’t forget Trevor firing the neutron wand at Slimer. And the line about do we have a ghost chopper.

Mar. 24, 2024 @ 16:18
Comment from: [Member]

There may be yet another deleted scene in the "Raving" (3/21/2024) spot. I’m 99% positive that the clip at the end of Peter saying, “That was some talent.", is not in the film. I do not remember that at all. Looks like it would have happened at the end after they defeat Garraka - which is not a spoiler :-) - Paul

Mar. 24, 2024 @ 19:10
Comment from: [Member]

Found another one in this "Everything in This Place is Haunted" social media ad (3/22/2024). At the start, the shot of Gary saying, “We ain’t afraid of no ghost” was deleted from the film. It would seemingly take place at the end of the scene where he quotes the song, right after he sings a little bit of it.

Mar. 25, 2024 @ 20:25

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