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Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire Cast Television Talk Show Appearances

 By Paul Rudoff on Mar. 21, 2024 at 12:00 PM , Categories: Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire
Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire

With Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire set for release in theaters within the next 24 hours, the promotional train is running at full speed. Over the past week, many of the cast appeared on various TV talk shows.

These are mostly U.S. shows, though there are some international shows in here. This is not meant to be a complete list, nor are these meant to be complete interviews. In some cases, these are only the Ghostbusters-related talk. Runtimes listed are for the entire online video, which may not be the complete appearance. This whole list was compiled mostly by MrMichaelT, though I refined it, restructured it, and spend a whole day adding in all of the details.


[TUESDAY MARCH 12, 2024]

Today - Ernie Hudson (6:09, GB 0:00-2:36)
GBFE FILM CLIPS SHOWN: Peter "Can I be of any help?", Paranormal Research Center Tour (muted).

Live with Kelly & Mark - Carrie Coon (1:20) (online clip is after a film clip is shown)

The View - Patton Oswalt (8:06, GB 6:23-7:22)
GBFE FILM CLIPS SHOWN: Hubert explains the lore of Garakka and the Death Chill.

Kelly Clarkson Show - Ernie Hudson (4:40, GB 0:00-3:02) (Ernie appears via teleconferencing)

Tonight Show - Carrie Coon (7:19, GB 2:55-6:59)
GBFE FILM CLIPS SHOWN: Gary convincing Callie to stay and fight by quoting the song.
Contains footage not in the TV broadcast: 2:03-2:55 The Guilded Age talk, 4:36-5:14 Mckenna's and Finn's other ventures.

Late Show - Patton Oswalt (9:38, GB 4:31-8:10)
GBFE FILM CLIPS SHOWN: Hubert explains the lore of Garakka and the Death Chill.

Late Night - James Acaster (9:30, GB 8:23-9:10)
The Ghostbusters talk was of a joking fashion and very brief.



Spectrum News Mornings on 1 - Ernie Hudson (4:42) (can only view video 5 times online)
GBFE FILM CLIPS SHOWN: Domestic Trailer (1/29/2024) (muted), Peter "Can I be of any help?" (muted), Spectrum News Report.

New York Live - Ernie Hudson (4:37, GB 0:00-3:34)
GBFE FILM CLIPS SHOWN: Peter "Can I be of any help?" ("bitch" bleeped), Domestic Trailer (1/29/2024) (muted).

Sherri - Ernie Hudson (full ep 41:59, Ernie 19:42-31:34, GB 19:42-27:48)
GBFE FILM CLIPS SHOWN: Peter "Can I be of any help?" (shortened, "bitch" bleeped).

Watch What Happens Live - Patton Oswalt & Carrie Coon (Patton compliments Paul Rudd in clip #2)
(Both guests were on for the entire 22-minute program, what we have here is about the first 8 minutes of it (minus host Andy Cohen's intro), plus a brief "After Show". Clips are listed in chronological order per the TV broadcast; the first three clips immediately follow each other. The missing games/segments that followed are "Shotski", Fan Questions, "The Boo-FF Test", and "Watch What Happens 5" (Top 5 Paranormal Moments on Bravo). Andy never asked the guests about the movie.)
1. Clubhouse Quickie (2:15)
2. A Patton on the Back (2:57)
3. Clubhouse of Horrors (2:48)
4. Aftershow (2:58)
GBFE FILM CLIPS SHOWN (not online): Gary convincing Callie to stay and fight by quoting the song, Hubert explains the lore of Garakka and the Death Chill.

Late Show - Paul Rudd (6:10, GB 3:45-6:00)
GBFE FILM CLIPS SHOWN: Gary convincing Callie to stay and fight by quoting the song.



CBS Mornings - Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson, Annie Potts, Paul Rudd, Mckenna Grace (11:15, GB Entire)
(The show was broadcast live from 7:00-9:00am Eastern. The online video only includes the main portion [at 8:11am & 8:21am] of the cast interview. Missing is the footage that preceded it: 7:55am was the Peter clip and the two male hosts playing with Proton Packs; 8:07am was Gayle King and the two male hosts sitting on/around a blue couch with all of the Ghostbusters guests to set up the segment after the next commercial and wave "Hi" to the home audience. A second or two when the show went to commercial break mid-way and at the end is missing.)
GBFE FILM CLIPS SHOWN: Peter "Can I be of any help?" (TV only, "bitch" bleeped), Sewer Dragon "I have a ghost to bust" ("ass" bleeped).

Late Night - Paul Rudd (10:02, GB 00:00-7:15)
GBFE FILM CLIPS SHOWN: Sewer Dragon "I have a ghost to bust".


[FRIDAY MARCH 15, 2024]

Tonight Show - Bill Murray & Ernie Hudson
(Clips are listed in chronological order per the TV broadcast, with each clip following each other; though the intro and outro to the musical performance is missing - which means the short bit of Bill walking towards the house band [The Roots] and dancing along as they play the song is not here. Part 3 is missing seven seconds at the end of Jimmy playing around with the pack as the house band plays to commercial.)
1. Monologue Interrupted (5:03)
2. Musical Performance (2:19)
3. Interview (10:53)
GBFE FILM CLIPS SHOWN: Peter "Can I be of any help?".
Part 3 contains footage not in the TV broadcast: 2:28-4:16 talk about their early career paths (9:12-10:58 if all clips are edited together).


[MONDAY MARCH 18, 2024]

El Hormiguero - Paul Rudd, Mckenna Grace, Finn Wolfhard (5:07) (talk show in Spain)
This clip features the cast trying to play the Ghostbusters song on harmonicas using vacuum cleaners. The audio is entirely in Spanish, but it's not hard to figure out what's going on.
* There are three additional clips from the episode on the show's Youtube channel, but the English spoken by the actors is dubbed over by a Spanish translator, making it hard to actually hear their responses. Also, the questions they are asked are about Friends (Paul), Stranger Things (Finn), and Mckenna's career; making them irrelevant to this article.


[TUESDAY MARCH 19, 2024]

Kelly Clarkson Show - Finn Wolfhard (11:57, GB 4:26-7:13) (taped on 3/14)
GBFE FILM CLIPS SHOWN: Trevor meets Slimer (TV only).

Sherri - Annie Potts (full ep 41:16, Annie 18:38-31:42, GB 18:38-22:35)
GBFE FILM CLIPS SHOWN: Peter "Can I be of any help?" (edited out of online show at 19:15 and 20:39).



Kelly Clarkson Show - Mckenna Grace (taped on 3/14) (5:25, GB 2:58-5:06)
GBFE FILM CLIPS SHOWN: Sewer Dragon "I have a ghost to bust" (TV only). (The online video cuts off right before the film clip.)

Today Show Australia - Paul Rudd & Carrie Coon (4:35, GB 0:00-4:18)


VIP Exclusive - The archived copies of the original video files (Ghostbusters segments only).

That's it, so far. If you still have not purchased tickets to see Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire, do so now. If you'd rather wait a few months and buy it on physical media, pre-order listings have just gone live at Amazon: Standard 4K/Blu-ray, Steelbook 4K/Blu-ray (Parkas in Front of Firehouse), Blu-ray/DVD, and DVD.

There will also be sets containing Afterlife and Frozen Empire: 4K/Blu-ray with Ice Mold, Blu-ray, and DVD.

Walmart has a few exclusives: Steelbook Blu-ray/DVD (Pop Art-ish Style), and 4K/Blu-Ray with Skateboard.


Comment from: Jason A. Matthews [Visitor]

You know, in the Tonight Show interview with Carrie Coon, she mentioned DVD Beaver. And if you all do not know what it is, here’s a link for the Ghostbusters (1984) review on the same site: http://www.dvdbeaver.com/film2/DVDReviews46/ghostbusters_blu-ray.htm

Mar. 21, 2024 @ 05:35
Comment from: [Member]

Thanks, Jason. I visited DVD Beaver many times over the years. It’s a great site. - Paul

Mar. 21, 2024 @ 10:24
Comment from: Jason A. Matthews [Visitor]

And I think (to my knowledge) that this is the first time that a Ghostbusters cast member mentioned DVD Beaver anywhere, not just The Tonight Show.

Mar. 21, 2024 @ 11:00
Comment from: Wesley Skelly [Visitor]  

Could you please direct me to the clip that has a longer version of Paul Rudd singing the Ghostbusters song? It’s not in the movie or the other clips but I saw it somewhere this week. He’s singing the instrumental part “dun nun nun nun na, Duna nuns nun na” and dancing in a goody way.

Mar. 22, 2024 @ 16:10
Comment from: [Member]

Wesley, all you have to do is look at the main page here on Spook Central. You’ll find the Ghostbusters Frozen Empire Deleted & Extended Scenes page. - Paul

Mar. 22, 2024 @ 20:06

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