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Return of Shot on Site Summer - Ghostbusters 2016 Locations, Part 1 (Movie Rundown)

 By Paul Rudoff on Jun. 3, 2018 at 12:00 PM , Categories: Filming Locations, The 2016 Parody Remake , Tags:

First the Jedi returned. Then the Living Dead returned. In 2018, the Summer will return in Spook Central's "Return of Shot on Site Summer". Rated R. No one under 18 will be admitted. I hope you read all of that in the Day of the Dead trailer announcer's voice. If you didn't, watch the trailer, then go back and re-read it again. I'll wait...

During the Summer of 2012, Spook Central ran its first "Shot on Site Summer" event, wherein we spent a month covering ten different Ghostbusters 1 & 2 filming locations. After a six year hiatus, we've brought back the event in order to cover all of the filming locations for Paul Feig's 2016 Ghostbusters (aka Ghostbusters: Answer The Call). Because the remake/reboot/whatever will not be added to the backend Spook Central pages, we've decided to cover it differently.

Every Sunday - henceforth dubbed Shot on Site Sundays - at Noon (Eastern) for the next several weeks (all parts available here in reverse order), we will go through the entire movie from start to finish telling and showing you where everything was filmed in or around Boston, Massachusetts; with a great deal of quick shots in Manhattan, New York; and one spot in Los Angeles, California. We will be utilizing the Theatrical and Extended cuts of the movie from the Blu-ray, as that provides the most locations than just the Theatrical Cut alone. With that in mind, SPOILER WARNING if you read any further... though I suspect that whomever wants to see the movie already has, and those who want to avoid it won't care. Those in the latter camp have probably stopped reading this post already. That's cool. There's lots of material on Spook Central about the original movies and animated series for you to look at.

The majority of locations were identified and researched by Matthew Jordan back in 2016, way before anyone else did it. Secondary thanks go to all of the fine folks on the internet who documented the filming of the movie in 2015, which helped in Matt's research. A few locations were identified by me (Paul Rudoff) and MrMichaelT. The title graphic seen at the top was created by Matthew Jordan, based on an idea by Paul Rudoff. Now that that's out of the way, let the movie begin...

The movie opens up with the omnious Aldridge Mansion.


That's actually The Castle, part of Boston University at 225 Bay State Road in Boston. You'll notice that the skyline in the background doesn't actually exist in real-life. Some on-location photos and reports can be found on Boston.com and BU Today.

(October 2012, credit: Francois Soulignac)

Inside, Garrett is giving a tour to a gullible group of tourists.



(This is from later because there were no good shots from this direction in the tour scene)

In true Ghostbusters fashion, the interior is someplace else; though at least it's not on the other side of the country. You'll find it at the Ames Mansion, which is part of Borderland State Park at 259 Massapoag Avenue in North Easton, Massachusetts.

(Main Hall, 2015, credit: Ghostbusters 2016 Blu-ray Gallery)

(Drawing Room, November 2013, credit: Big Old Houses)

(Library, November 2013, credit: Big Old Houses)

After Garrett gets the slime scared out of him, we cut to a plain and ugly "Ghostbusters" title over a New York City skyline shot. There are a few skyline shots in the film, and I don't cover them because they're not a specific location. After a few city shots, we see the front of the Alma Mater statue at Columbia University.


This is a real statue on the Columbia University campus in Manhattan, of course. You may recall seeing the back of this statue under the beautiful "Ghostbusters" title in the original film.

(August 4, 2007, credit: Flickr user Wallyg)

The camera pans down to see Erin walking on the Columbia University campus, greeting her fellow professors and students.


The shot of Erin walking actually went on a little longer. As seen in the "Erin Walks To Class" extended scene on the Blu-ray, Erin awkwardly greets professors and students as she walks across campus. Upon getting to the door, she pushes it, only to learn that it pulls to open. That shot of her trying to open the door was used in International Trailer #1. We see a little more of this building exterior much later in the film when Erin gets thrown out and sees Abby waiting for her outside in "The Breakup" deleted scene on the Blu-ray.

("Erin Walks To Class" extended scene)

(International Trailer #1)

("The Breakup" deleted scene)

Would you be surprised to learn that this isn't New York, much less Columbia University? If you want to walk that walk, you'll have to do it at the Emmanuel College campus at 264-274 Brookline Avenue (between Brookline and Fenway) in Boston. That door Erin approaches is outside the Jean Yawkey Center at Emmanuel College.

(July 2011, credit: Daderot)

In the Extended Cut, Erin goes inside to see her boyfriend Phil and her mentor Phyllis.


(This shot from the "Phil & Phyllis" deleted scene better shows the second room)

(This shot from the "Phil & Phyllis" deleted scene better shows the second room)

They're inside the Great Hall and Summer Parlor of Stonehurst, the Robert Treat Paine Estate at 100 Robert Treat Paine Drive in Waltham, Massachusetts.

(Great Hall, date unknown, credit: Thomas P. Lang via official Stonehurst website)

(Summer Parlor, date unknown, credit: Thomas P. Lang via official Stonehurst website)

Back at school, Erin is in the Max Planck Auditorium getting out her nerves before addressing her new class.


The Max Planck Auditorium is actually Emmanuel College's Cardinal Cushing Library Lecture Hall at 400 Fenway in Boston. The auditorium is named after real life theoretical physicist Max Planck, who is most known for his work on quantum theory.

(date unknown, credit: SchoolDesigns.com)

After learning that Abby published the book that they both had worked on earlier in life, Erin goes into her office to look it up online.


Her office is located in one of the bedrooms of Stonehurst, the Robert Treat Paine Estate at 100 Robert Treat Paine Drive in Waltham, Massachusetts. Their blog post confirmed the usage. No photos were found of the bedroom. Sorry.

She tracks Abby down to the Kenneth P. Higgins Institute, formerly the Bronx Kuyper Middle School (if you read the text on the building under the banners and above the doors).


That's actually the Everett Community Health and Wellness Center (formerly Everett High School) at 548 Broadway in Everett, Massachusetts.

(Oct. 2017, credit: Google Maps)

What will Erin say to Abby? Will she ever shake that stick out of her butt? Will she ever see a ghost? Find out next week - same ghost time, same ghost channel - when we continue our look at the filming locations from Ghostbusters (2016).


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Comment from: Monk Aboo [Visitor]

I am going to be honest. I thought all the indoor locations were filmed inside a studio. Thank you. Now I have to go back to MA.

Jun. 5, 2018 @ 02:09

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