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Spook Central Halloween Treat - Ghostbusters Videos Collection

 By Paul Rudoff on Oct. 31, 2019 at 11:56 AM , Categories: Ghostbusters 1, Miscellaneous, Ghostbusters 2, The 2016 Parody Remake , Tags:
Halloween Treats

This year's Halloween Treat is simple collection of Ghostbusters videos that I have uploaded to my accounts on Critical Commons and Internet Archive (there's also old stuff on YouTube and DailyMotion you can check out). There is a lot of Ghostbusters (2016) stuff because I recorded all of that stuff back in 2016 and have had it sitting on my hard drive for three years until I finally had time to do something with it.


Ghostbusters 16:9 Pan & Scan TV Edit - Aired on the Logo channel in Feb. 2018. Uses the 2005 DVD master, as evident by miscolored proton stream during the Slimer bust and overblown white in the temple at the end. Below are some notes on this edit, which was making the rounds as far back as 2014 on AMC. It's not the old edited-for-tv version. Presumably, that version only exists in a 4:3 standard definition crop, so it can't be used in a 16:9 high definition master. That left Sony or the TV station (I'm not sure who put together this Frankenstein edit), in a bit of a bind. How to edit out the curse words and still *try* to use the alternate footage? Here are their solutions:
* Both of Peter's "ass" lines - "We came, we saw..." and "sue your ass" - were left in, as was the ghostly BJ.

* "It's pissing me off" was edited out, even though it was present in the 2014 AMC broadcast and this month's Freeform broadcast (assuming the version Freeform airs on TV is the same as they have On Demand). It was cut out of the original ABC broadcasts back in the 1980s, too, only there it was replaced with an alternate shot. Here it was just simply cut out. The "make it hard" line was left it, though it was also edited out of the original ABC broadcasts.

* Dana's "Oh Shit" was cut. The alternate footage was not used at all.

* Dana's "I want you inside me" was cut down to "I want you". Although I think there is legit alt footage of this, it seems like they just edited it down and re-dubbed the line back in.

* They used the original footage of Egon and Winston both saying "shit" - Egon outside the firehouse after the explosion, and Winston's "...that'll turn you white" - but replaced the audio with the replacement word from the alt footage ("no" and "stuff", respectively). It was especially weird for Egon because he clearly was not saying "No!". As bad as this was, it's nothing compared to the AMC's GB2 edit in 2014 (see below).

* Funny enough, the "Wally Wick" and "some kind of rodent" alternate footage was used. Somehow, they actually found 16:9 aspect ratio footage of it. I checked, and it's not the 4:3 footage with the top and bottom cropped off. This was the only pieces of alt video they used. Eventhough they called him "Wally Wick," later in the scene Peter still called him "Mr. Pecker".

* Upon seeing Stay Puft, Winston's "oh shit" was cut.

I think that covers all of the edits. It's not as edited as the original ABC broadcasts back in the day, but still more edited than other cable shows. I mean, South Park said "shit" 162 times in one episode back in 2001 (episode "It Hits the Fan"), so I didn't think they'd still need to edit that out 17 years later.

I should also note that I watched this month's Freeform broadcast (the On Demand version), and they left in everything *except* every instance of "shit", which they just simply silenced out. So, according to Disney (owners of Freeform), an "asshole" is okay, but the "shit" that comes out of it is not.
Siskel & Ebert Review Ghostbusters - Ghostbusters reviewed on At The Movies (June 1984). (Originally found on YouTube.)

Ivan Reitman & Harold Ramis on The Early Show (August 2,2005) - They were on the show to promote the then recently-released Ghostbusters 1 & 2 DVD Gift Set (the one with the scrapbook). A gallery of framegrabs was uploaded to the Spook Central Facebook page.

Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary AMC Broadcast Commercial (October 16, 2014) - Both films aired on Thursday, October 16, 2014, at 8PM on the AMC cable channel. AMC didn't use the then-new 2014 Blu-ray print, but rather they used the horrible 2009 Blu-ray print. The overblown coloring in the temple at the end was the dead giveaway.

Ernie Hudson and family on Family Feud (June 26, 2016) - Ernie and his family appeared in this primetime episode of the long-running game show, hosted by Steve Harvey.

Ray Parker Jr. performing "Ghostbusters" on ABC's Greatest Hits (commercial) - This limited run series, hosted by Arsenio Hall, aired on ABC during the Summer of 2016. The first episode, titled "1980-1985", which aired on June 30, 2016, featured a performance by Ray Parker Jr. He was brought to the stage in Ecto-1, driven as usual by Winston...I mean, Arsenio. Ray was flanked on stage by female dancers dressed in the 2016 uniforms.

Freeform's 31 Nights of Halloween Fan Fest (October 5, 2019) - This Halloween special from the teen-centric Disney-owned Freeform channel was hosted by Vanessa Hudgens and Jordan Fisher. Recorded at the Hollywood Forever cemetery in Los Angeles, California on September 12, 2019, the special opened with a skit involving Vanessa and the cast of Hocus Pocus, in which they discuss their favorite scary movies. When Vanessa mentions Ghostbusters, Doug Jones quotes the "dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria" line. After the GhostFace killer from Scream scares them all away, Vanessa runs into the safe confines of the Ecto-1, which Jordan drives to the event stage. The special ends with a 35th Anniversary tribute to the "2019 Fan Favorite" award-winning Ghostbusters, for which Dan Aykroyd comes out to accept the award. This is immediately followed by a performance from Ray Parker Jr. to close out the show. It should be noted that when Jordan introduces Ghostbusters, he mentions that the film is currently available in a double feature 4K set. By the time this special was taped, much less when it aired, that set was already out of print. Oops, Sony.

Ghostbusters II

Ghostbusters II 16:9 Pan & Scan TV Edit - Aired on the Logo channel in Feb. 2018. I can not tell what master was used here. It's not the 1999 or 2005 DVDs, or the 2014 Blu-ray. Also, this airing uses Peter's "three million completely miserables assholes" line and not the re-edit that AMC used back in 2014 (see below).

Siskel & Ebert Review Ghostbusters II - Ghostbusters II reviewed on At The Movies (June 1989). (Originally found on YouTube.)

Ramis/Potts/Hudson on GMA (June 1989) - Harold Ramis, Annie Potts, and Ernie Hudson on Good Morning America in June 1989, in support of Ghostbusters II. (The video is badly defective during the second half.)

Bobby Brown's "On Our Own" Behind The Scenes - An MTV news piece on the music video for Bobby's hit song.

Ghostbusters II AMC Re-Edit - For the Thursday October 16, 2014 broadcast of Ghostbusters II, AMC didn't use the old edited-for-tv version. In that version, Peter's "There seem to be three million completely miserable assholes living in the tri-state area." line was replaced with alternate footage in which he says that "There are about three million completely miserable wretched walking worms in this town." You can see both versions on Spook Central's GB2 Deleted Scenes page (scroll to bottom of page). Presumably, that alternate footage only exists in a 4:3 SD crop, so it can't be used in a 16:9 HD copy. That left AMC, or Sony (I'm not sure who put together this Frankenstein edit), in a bit of a bind. How to edit out the curse words and still *try* to use the alternate footage? Their solution was to keep the original footage, but when Peter would say "assholes", insert a mayor reaction shot from earlier in the scene (when Peter tells him that "we always have to meet under these circumstances") and dub in the "wretched walking worms" audio from the alternate footage. So, in this unique cut, Peter ends up saying, "There seem to be three million completely miserable wretched walking worms living in the tri-state area." What's weird, is that even though it's Bill Murray saying "wretched walking worms", it sounds like a completely different voice! In case you're wondering, for the movie's only other curse word, they simply edited out the part where Peter says "Sometimes shit happens" in the courtroom, leaving just the rest of the line. I don't think I've ever seen a TV edit with the "weird things" alternate line used in the trailer. I wonder if Sony even has that original footage.

The Real Ghostbusters

Episode Master: Adventures in Slime & Space - Several of the masters used in the TimeLife DVD set contained commercials from 1991 in them. I bought James Eatock's set of production DVD-Rs, which contains straight copies of the masters. Since nothing is edited from them, they have the color bars, video production cards, LOTS of blackness, and commercials in about a dozen of them. Obviously, I'm not going to provide copies of all of the masters from the 51 discs, but I thought it would be of historical interest to see what one of these masters looks like with their original commercials in them. This episode contains commercials for Twizzlers, Magic Nursery: First Surprise Babies (with Danielle Fishel), and Swamp Thing toys. Two years later Danielle Fishel would play Topanga in Boy Meets World.

The Real Ghostbusters

Darkness at Noon - Parts 1 & 2 - See how a bunch of college teens, including Kylie Griffin, the first regular female ghostbuster, join Egon, Janine, and Slimer to battle a new breed of ghosts in the two-part premiere episode of this 1997 animated series that has still yet to be officially released on DVD. If you'd like to own it on physical media, you'll have to go the unofficial/bootleg route until Sony realizes that there's money to be made with this.

Back in the Saddle - Parts 1 & 2 (Patreon-Exclusive Bonus Feature) - Watch the Real meet the Extreme in what was intended to be the two-part series finale.

Ghostbusters (2016)

Ghostbusters 2016 - Theatrical Cut (Open Matte) (Standard Definition) - Presented in a 1.78:1 open matte widescreen aspect ratio. This aired on the Starz cable channel on January 28, 2017. Although the movie is in 1.78:1 (16:9 fullscreen), the end credits are in the 2.40:1 (16:9 letterbox) aspect ratio.

Ghostbusters 2016 - TV Extended Cut (Open Matte) - Presented in a 1.78:1 open matte widescreen aspect ratio. This aired on the FX cable channel on August 25, 2018.
This is the Blu-ray's Extended Cut with two changes reverted back to the Theatrical Cut.

1. "Once you pop" changed back to "salty parabolas".
2. "Fuck you" changed back to "Burn in Hell" (in the realtor scene).

The rest of the film is the Extended Cut unchanged, including the use of the words "shit", "asshole", and "ghost tits". I am not sure if there are any edits in order to fit in more commercials, but I doubt it as it aired in a three hour timeslot. The full runtime is 2:07:51 without commercials, while the Extended Cut on the Blu-ray runs for 2:13:44. Of course, the scrolling end credits on the TV edit have been re-typed as white text on a black background, and they are greatly sped up, so this may account for the almost 6-minute difference. Prior to the scrolling credits, the TV Edit is 2:06:50 in length, with the "Gozer credit cookie" placed between the "GB Love Skyscrapers" shot and the scrolling credits. I don't think there is anything edited out from the movie, though any of you that want to check are free to post your results in the comments below.

Unlike the home video releases, it's a 1.78:1 open matte aspect ratio. This means that you see more picture on the top and bottom because the black bars no longer cover up that area. No more stupid "effects leaking out of the screen".

It was rated "TV-MA L" for Mature Audiences and Language. I thought this was a bit harsh since MA is equivalent to R, and the theatrical movie was PG-13. I guess they thought there were too many instances of "shit" and "asshole" to be TV-14.

Also, regarding the added/deleted scene with the hotel guest: The close captions say "Mrs. Ponner", and it sounds like that's what Rowan says, too. However, the end credits say "Mrs. Potter", as does the deleted scene description on Blu-ray/digital.

Because the film was never released open matte on DVD or Blu, it would be nice to grab this copy of the movie in high quality 1280x720 or 1920x1080. The Starz theatrical cut broadcast was also shown open matte. Unfortunately, the only way I could "archive" these was to do an analog SD capture from the cable box to my capture card. You may notice some scrolling horizontal lines or a hum in the audio. I think I may need to get a new 12-foot A/V wire. If anyone can provide a better copy, particually in HD, I'm all for it.
Ghostbusters 2016 - Extended Cut - Presented in the original 2.35:1 matted widescreen aspect ratio, this is the same as released on Blu-ray. A playlist of different dubs and resolutions: English 1080, English 360, English 720, Spanish 1080, Spanish 360, Spanish 720. (not my upload)

GB2016 Trailers Collection - All of the trailers and TV Spots I have for the film.

GB2016 Official Press Site Assets - All of the super high quality MOV video files that were originally provided on Sony's press site. Includes trailers, vignettes, interview clips, red carpet footage, Guiness World Records event footage, and more!

GB2016 Promotion - Cartoon Network Low Down - Taped on 7/13/2016 from Cartoon Network

GB2016 Promotion - NBC/Universal Stars (30-Seconds) - Taped on 7/11/2016 during WWE Raw.

GB2016 Promotion - NBC/Universal Stars (Full) - The full version of the above commercial.

GB2016 Promotion - Nick Kids Ghostbusters - Taped on 7/15/2016.

GB2016 Promotion - NBA's The Finals - An ad for the NBA baseketball game that aired in June or July 2016.

GB2016 Digital Exclusives - All of the special features that were never included on the physical disc releases.

Paul Feig on Talking Dead (February 22, 2015) - The director of the movie appears on the AMC after-series months before filming starts.

GB2016 References on March 7th & 8th, 2016 - I was rather astonished by how many times the new movie was referenced in the few shows I watch on a regular basis in just TWO SINGLE DAYS!
    1. WWE Raw (3/7/2016, Live) - Social Outcasts members Bo Dallas and Adam Rose mention the movie when discussing teams that their opponent Ryback can never be a part of.
    2. At Midnite (3/7/2016) - One of Doug Benson's "YouTube Specific Emmy Categories" is "Most Incoherent Complaint About The Female Ghostbusters Movie".
    3. At Midnite (3/8/2016) - On International Men's Day, pretty-eyed Jen Kirkman would celebrate "by getting angry at a movie that hasn't come out yet, such as a Ghostbusters".
    4. Tosh.0 (3/8/2016) - Daniel Tosh asks anti-feminist divorce lawyer Marilyn York what she thinks about the all-female new film.
I don't even watch a lot of shows, and here it popped up four times in just two days. It just shows that people are talking about it...and in these case, in a fairly positive way.

Paul Feig on The Soup (April 17, 2015) - The director of the movie appears on the E! series months before filming starts.

Leslie Jones on Match Game (July 17, 2016) - The actor who plays Patty Tolan appeared in this primetime game show hosted by Alec Baldwin.

That's all folks.


Comment from: NSGhostbusters (Noah) [Visitor]

Los Cazafantasmas II has been taken down.

Nov. 20, 2021 @ 22:47
Comment from: [Member]

Thanks for letting me know. It’s been removed from the list. - Paul

Nov. 20, 2021 @ 23:31

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