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Hasbro Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire Track and Trap Ecto-1 Review

 By Paul Rudoff on Feb. 23, 2024 at 12:00 PM , Categories: Toys, Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire

One of Hasbro's latest Ghostbusters offerings is the Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire Track and Trap Ecto-1. Read on to find out more about it...

The official description for this product is:
(Ages 4 and Up / Approx. Retail Price: $29.99 / Available: Now)
The Ghostbusters are back, chasing down ghosts and ghouls through the streets of New York! Re-create favorite scenes from the entertainment with this Ghostbusters Track & Trap Ecto-1 toy car. Swing out the blaster seat and launch a projectile or deploy the rooftop drone trap to imagine chasing spooky specters up into the air. Includes a Fright Features Slimer toy accessory, featuring Ecto-Stretch Tech for rubbery, stretchable ghost play. This vehicle is compatible with the Fright Features 5-inch action figures each sold separately, subject to availability).
The back of the box features a beautiful shot of the car, a look at the pack-in Ecto-Stretch Tech Slimer (slightly different than the one that comes with the Trevor figure), and a "driver's license" to be cut out.


When you open the 15.5"x10"x3.5" box, you will see that it needs to be assembled. Don't worry, there is an instructions sheet to help you out. There are also some decals/stickers to affix. When fully assembled and stickered up, it looks like this:


The look and function hearkens back to the classic Kenner vehicle we all played with as kids. It even has the gunner seat, only this time coming out of the side door (like in Afterlife and Frozen Empire) and not placed on top. The two doors on the right side open up, but the driver's side door on the left does not. There are only two seats inside (driver and gunner), but you can easily just lay another figure or two inside on the floor.


The gunner seat has a peg on it which is designed to fit comfortably into the hole that's in the back of all of Hasbro's 5-inch figures (which normally is used to attach the Proton Pack to their backs). Molded onto the back of the gunner seat is a "Proton Pack". A "ghost cannon" (included) can be re-placed on the side of the gunner seat. You push the button on the back to shoot the projectile.


The car comes with a couple of accessories. While Hasbro's Afterlife Ecto-1 came with the Remote Trap Vehicle (RTV), this one comes with the new Drone Trap Vehicle (my name), as seen in the recent Frozen Empire trailer. It fits snugly on top, where the "ghost cannon" can also go. Since this car, essentially, uses the same mold as the Afterlife Ecto-1 toy, it still has the little compartment to store the RTV in the back door, which would open up to drop the RTV out. So, if you have the RTV from the Afterlife Ecto-1, you can use it with this one.


In addition to the drone, the Frozen Empire... excuse me, Track & Trap Ecto-1 comes with an Ecto-Stretch Tech Slimer figure. He is not 100% the same one that comes with the Trevor figure. This Slimer has his hands up, while Trevor's Slimer has his hands down. Otherwise, they are fundamentally the same.


Although this isn't as highly-detailed as the Plasma Series Afterlife Ecto-1, it's far more detailed than the original Kenner model. It's an officially-licensed General Motors product, so the Cadillac emblems are there on the hood and the front grill is more detailed, as well. It has the appropriate white-wall tires, although the "white" part is a decal you have to affix yourself. If I had any real complaints about it, it's that with the square edges at the top, it has more of a 1980s "boxy" car look than the smooth curves of the classic 1959 car.

The Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire Track and Trap Ecto-1 carries a MSRP of $29.99 and is available from a wide variety of retailers. The links provided here are for Amazon, from which Spook Central will earn a small commission.

Images scanned and/or photographed by me or provided by Hasbro. This item has been provided by Hasbro for review on this site. For addition information, check out the Ghostbusters News review.

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