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Eaglemoss Hero Collector Build The Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Model Subscription Review - Issue #6

 By Paul Rudoff on Aug. 1, 2020 at 9:01 PM , Categories: Toys , Tags:

This is one of an ongoing series of reviews that looks at the "Build The Ghostbusters Ecto-1" model subscription from Eaglemoss, through their Hero Collector imprint. Let's take a closer look at Issue #6...

This review remains online for posterity only.
Deagostini's Fanhome brand took over the model after Eaglemoss went out of business.
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My review of Issue #3 went over the concept of "issues" and "car parts", so be sure to read that if you need a better understanding of terms being used here. Also, be sure to read my review of the introductory package to fill you in on what to expect from the "Build The Ghostbusters Ecto-1" model subscription. Okay, now that we're all on the same page, let's look at what is in the latest package.

(click for enlargement)

Taking everything out of the large box, I find the Issue #6 magazine; Ecto-1 model parts sets #15, #16, #17, and #18.


The magazine is slightly bigger than 8.5"x11" and contains 30-pages. The magazine contains a parts list (so you'll know what parts accompany that issue) with instructions, followed by a new interview/article. In Issue #6, you get articles about the Terror Dogs and Elmer Bernstein's score (titled "The Big Score" on the contents page, and "The Perfect Score" atop the article itself); and the usual "Ecto–101" section, which provides "a monthly list of all the things that make Ghostbusters great".

It should be stated that the majority of the articles from the magazines included with the model subscription have been collected in the Ghostbusters: The Inside Story hardcover book (reviewed here). So, if for some reason, you want the magazines, but not the Ecto-1 model, you can get most of the content in that book. However, the magazines do have an exclusive "Ecto-101" feature, and *MAY* have exclusive articles. I can't confirm that until I have all 36 issues, but doing a little mathematics tells me there will be more articles in the magazines than in The Inside Story.

(click for full page)

I don't usually discuss the "Ecto-101" section, for fear of spoiling the magazine, but I have to do it this time. You see, the topic of Issue #6's "Ecto 101" section is the Ghostbusters ABC TV edit. At the end, Spook Central's 20th anniversary online broadcast of the January 29, 1989 ABC Broadcast is mentioned. It's nice to be recognized.

(click for enlargement)

The model pieces are large and heavy due to the fact that this is made of die-cast metal! When finished, it will measure a whopping 31.5" long. That's roughly TWO AND A HALF FEET! The four parts sets included with this issue are:
  • Parts Set #15 - Further suspension parts for dy to be fitted to the frame.
  • Parts Set #16 - Integral parts for the steering, as well as final parts for the front suspension.
  • Parts Set #17 - The right front wheel and tire, ready to be fixed to the suspension of your vehicle.
  • Parts Set #18 - The front parts of the chassis for the underside of your Ecto-1 model.
All parts either snap or screw in place. No glue or paint is needed, though you will need the mini-screwdriver included with the introductory package and your own pair of pliers. Obviously, I don't have the completed model to show you. The most I could do right now is to assemble the parts given to me. My current plan is to wait until I have all of the parts, and then I will post a daily build report for an entire month taking you through the process from start to finish. That plan may change if I run out of physical space to store all of these boxes in the meantime.


Included in this package is an "Ecto-1" logo Baseball Cap. I dig it, and it gives me something to switch off to when I want to give my usual No Ghost Logo cap a rest.

(click for enlargement)

Also included is a "Binder IOU" sheet, explaining that a Magazine Binder was also going to be included in the package, but that it is currently on backorder. It will be shipped at a later date, perhaps in next month's shipment. Honestly, I did not know they were planning on sending a second binder. One came with Issue #3, but it makes sense that they would give you two binders. I really could not see how 36 magazines would fit into that one binder.

This is one of several gifts included with the subscription, as detailed in my review of the introductory package. Later packages will include a T-Shirt and a Display Base, which are the only gifts I have left to receive.

You start your subscription with the introductory package, which contains the "Introduction" magazine, Issue #1 and Issue #2 magazines, a fold-out poster that shows you the model in full actual size, and the first two sets of Ecto-1 parts for just $1.95 with FREE SHIPPING!!! Further issues are $10.90 per issue plus $2.45 for shipping per issue. In addition to the 36 magazines and 141 model parts sets, you will also get a beautiful binder in which to store all of your magazines, an Ecto-1 license plate replica, an exclusive baseball cap, an exclusive t-shirt, and a display base for your model. If you're willing to pay an extra $1.00 per issue, you can upgrade to a Platinum subscription, which entitles you to a specially-designed crystal case with an amazing lighting kit to add onto your display base.

I will continue to review all of the magazines and model pieces that Eaglemoss sends me, and in a few years, I'll build the Ecto-1 and show it off to all of you.

All photographs and scans used in this review were taken by me, Paul Rudoff. This item was provided by Eaglemoss for review on this site.

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