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Eaglemoss Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Model Subscription - FanHome Relaunch Is Live!!!

 By Paul Rudoff on May. 3, 2023 at 8:20 PM , Categories: Toys , Tags:

From Apr. 18, 2020 to Nov. 17, 2021, I had been reviewing the "Build The Ghostbusters Ecto-1" model subscription from Eaglemoss, through their Hero Collector imprint. Back in July 2022, Eaglemoss went out of business, leaving many subscribers to the build-as-you-go model in the lurch. To add insult to injury, Eaglemoss never contacted any customers at all! The company just simply disappeared one day. Read on to learn more...

Long story short, the Ecto-1 model has just been relaunched by Fanhome (a division of DeAgostini). PRE-ORDERS ARE LIVE NOW (see also the United Kingdom and Germany sites).

I have contacted DeAgostini/Fanhome to see if they would be willing to continue the sponsorship I had with Eaglemoss so that I could continue reviewing the Ecto-1 model subscription for all of you, or if my coverage of the model will end with Magazine #27 with Parts Sets #99-#102. Stay tuned.

I should point out a few changes that Fanhome has made to the subscription.

Eaglemoss made things really confusing by referring to both the magazines AND model parts as "issues", even though the word "issue" is more frequently used for readable periodicals and not model parts. Since you usually got one magazine with four sets of parts, I tried to make things easier by referring to each package as an "issue" based on the magazine that came inside, and the parts were simply "parts sets". Fanhome is calling each package an "Assembly Stage", the magazines are "magazines", and the parts sets are "parts". Simple enough.

Fanhome's prices differ from what Eaglemoss was charging. (Fanhome charges sales tax, I do not know about Eaglemoss, and all prices I'm about to state don't include the tax.) The first three Stages have reduced prices: $1.00 for Stage #1, $7 for Stage #2, and $41.97 for Stage #3. From Stage #4 onward, the cost is $55.96 per Stage. Shipping is charged at $9.60 per Stage, with your first package shipped for free, regardless if you start at the beginning or not. So, normally, it will cost you $65.56 ($55.96 + $9.60 for shipping) per Stage. On a new subscription, you can pay an additional $5.00 for a "Premium Offer", which will get you the display base, though I don't know if it still comes with the "specially-designed crystal case with an amazing lighting kit to add onto your display base". I don't see any mention of it on Fanhome's site, so I assume that it's no longer an option. I also do not see the premium subscription option on a "continued" subscription. The site claims that it's $1.25 extra per Stage from #3 onward, and that you'll receive it in the final package. (Eaglemoss sent me the display base [no plexiglass or lighting kit] with Stage #10.)

As I noted in my unboxing review of Issues (Stages) 1 & 2, Eaglemoss was selling Stages 1 & 2 together for $1.95 with free shipping. Eaglemoss was charging "$10.90 per issue, plus $2.45 per issue for shipping". Knowing Eaglemoss, I have to assume that "issue" means Parts Set, so times that by four to get the price per package/Assembly Stage: $43.60 for the stage and $9.80 for shipping ($53.40 total). Eaglemoss was charging $1.00 extra per "issue" ($4.00 per Stage) for a "Platinum Subscription" that would "entitle you to a specially-designed crystal case with an amazing lighting kit to add onto your display base". As far as I'm aware, the display base itself was always included by Eaglemoss with a subscription; it's the plexiglass protector and lighting kit that you'd have to pay extra for.

Since Fanhome's website allows you to start a new subscription at any point, it helpfully provides us with a list of all assembly stages. I don't know if Stage #37 is Eaglemoss's "Special" package (build four Proton Packs and one Ghost Trap to put on the gurney inside the car), or if Fanhome is not including the "Special" package at all. Back in 2020, my source at Eaglemoss told me that there were a total of 36 magazines and 141 model parts sets in the subscription. The Fanhome list shows 37 magazines and 140 model parts sets. (You can also download the Introduction Guide that comes with your introductory package.)
  • Assembly Stage #01 (Magazine + Parts 1)
  • Assembly Stage #02 (Magazine + Parts 2)
  • Assembly Stage #03 (Magazine + Parts 3 to 6)
  • Assembly Stage #04 (Magazine + Parts 7 to 10)
  • Assembly Stage #05 (Magazine + Parts 11 to 14)
  • Assembly Stage #06 (Magazine + Parts 15 to 18) [Spook Central mentioned on page 30]
  • Assembly Stage #07 (Magazine + Parts 19 to 22)
  • Assembly Stage #08 (Magazine + Parts 23 to 26)
  • Assembly Stage #09 (Magazine + Parts 27 to 30)
  • Assembly Stage #10 (Magazine + Parts 31 to 34)
  • Assembly Stage #11 (Magazine + Parts 35 to 38)
  • Assembly Stage #12 (Magazine + Parts 39 to 42)
  • Assembly Stage #13 (Magazine + Parts 43 to 46)
  • Assembly Stage #14 (Magazine + Parts 47 to 50)
  • Assembly Stage #15 (Magazine + Parts 51 to 54)
  • Assembly Stage #16 (Magazine + Parts 55 to 58)
  • Assembly Stage #17 (Magazine + Parts 59 to 62)
  • Assembly Stage #18 (Magazine + Parts 63 to 66)
  • Assembly Stage #19 (Magazine + Parts 67 to 70)
  • Assembly Stage #20 (Magazine + Parts 71 to 74)
  • Assembly Stage #21 (Magazine + Parts 75 to 78)
  • Assembly Stage #22 (Magazine + Parts 79 to 82)
  • Assembly Stage #23 (Magazine + Parts 83 to 86)
  • Assembly Stage #24 (Magazine + Parts 87 to 90)
  • Assembly Stage #25 (Magazine + Parts 91 to 94)
  • Assembly Stage #26 (Magazine + Parts 95 to 98)
  • Assembly Stage #27 (Magazine + Parts 99 to 102)
  • Assembly Stage #28 (Magazine + Parts 103 to 106)
  • Assembly Stage #29 (Magazine + Parts 107 to 110)
  • Assembly Stage #30 (Magazine + Parts 111 to 114)
  • Assembly Stage #31 (Magazine + Parts 115 to 118)
  • Assembly Stage #32 (Magazine + Parts 119 to 122)
  • Assembly Stage #33 (Magazine + Parts 123 to 126)
  • Assembly Stage #34 (Magazine + Parts 127 to 130)
  • Assembly Stage #35 (Magazine + Parts 131 to 134)
  • Assembly Stage #36 (Magazine + Parts 135 to 138)
  • Assembly Stage #37 (Magazine + Parts 139 to 140)

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