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Hasbro Ghostbusters Proton Blaster M.O.D. Children's Roleplay Toy Review

 By Paul Rudoff on Oct. 18, 2021 at 12:00 PM , Categories: Ghostbusters: Afterlife, Toys

One of Hasbro's latest Ghostbusters offerings is the Proton Blaster M.O.D. roleplay toy, which they sent me as part of the Ghostbusters Training Kit. Read on to find out more about it...

The official description for this product is:
(Ages 5 and Up / Approx. Retail Price: $29.99)
Kids can imagine busting ghosts all kinds of ways with this modular and customizable GHOSTBUSTERS Proton Blaster M.O.D. ("Made on Demand") role-play toy from Hasbro. The primary blaster, complete with sound and light effects, comes with two attachments - the Blast 'n Trap and the Plasma Stream. When kids attach either accessory, unique lights and sounds are activated. Attachments can be placed in three locations: on the front, side, or back of the main blaster so kids can customize their blaster to fit their Ghostbustin' adventure.
As I mentioned when I reviewed Hasbro's Proton Pack, consumers have two options when it comes to adding a Neutrona Wand to it. There's the no-frills Proton Blaster, which has no lights or sounds and is 100% mechanical in it's functionality. Then there's the Proton Blaster M.O.D. - the "deluxe" version, if you will - which I first saw at Hasbro's Toy Fair event in February 2020.


It measures 18" long without either of the two attachments. The base wand continues the use of the cool blue casing, ala the old Kenner roleplay toys. One attachment is yellow and black, while the other is silver with red near the end. There is a little bit of assembly required, once you take it out of the box. A small red piece, and a small blue piece of "buttons", have to be attached onto the left side of the wand.


For the most part, it looks very similar to the wand used in the movies; aside from the blue color, of course. Obviously, the movie wand doesn't have attachments, but this is a "fantasy roleplay" toy, and not a replica, so that's okay. Hasbro added some caution striping on the handle, as we can't have anything Ghostbusters without caution striping. A No Ghost logo has been applied to the right side.


The item has lights and sounds, which requires 3 AAA batteries that are not included. To turn on the electronic light show, you press the grey trigger button on the wand's grip. The first time you press it, you'll hear the sound of a Proton Pack powering on. Press it again, and you'll hear the streams being released from the wand. As this is going on, the tip of the wand will light up, thanks to a little white light inside. In true Ghostbusters fashion, if you hold down the trigger for too long, the wand will overheat. A beeping will be heard, followed by the sound of it powering down. As a nice surprise, if you leave the wand alone for a while, you will eventually hear some ghostly groans. The wand tip lights up at this point, too. If you press the trigger when a ghost is heard, this will trigger the sounds of you zapping the ghost. Such a really nice touch.


It's a customizable neutrona wand that can make over 10 different combinations, according to the box. This mostly involves putting the yellow and silver attachments in various configurations on the front, back, and side of the wand. Depending upon which attachment you snap onto which place on the wand, you may hear more unique sound effects. For example, if you put the yellow attachment onto the front, you can trap a ghost inside the wand! Not only will you hear the ghost inside the wand, but the yellow attachment will also light up green. Rotating the barrel lets you see Slimer inside a little "window" on the yellow attachment.


Putting the sliver attachment onto the end of the wand, provides a different experience. For starters, the tip of the silver attachment has some physical orange "streams" coming out of the end, which can be rotated, though they are much MUCH shorter than the ones on the no-frills Proton Blaster. Much like its yellow brethren, the silver attachment also has a light show inside; this time it's blue/white and yellow/orange. Again, there are also ghostly sounds and the ability to auditorily capture that ghost if you press the grey trigger button.


As with the other roleplay toys I reviewed, the M.O.D. is capable of being attached to Hasbro's Proton Pack.

The Proton Blaster M.O.D. carries a MSRP of $29.99 and is available from a wide variety of retailers. The links provided here are for Amazon, from which Spook Central will earn a small commission.

Images scanned and/or photographed by me or provided by Hasbro. This item has been provided by Hasbro for review on this site. For addition information, check out the Ghostbusters News review.

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