Comment from: Randi [Visitor]

Is it possible to put the wifi circuit in another tv that’s not a smart tv

Sep. 28, 2019 @ 06:30
Comment from: Paul Rudoff [Member]

Hi Randi

If the TV doesn’t already support wifi, you won’t be able to use the wifi components in it.

– Paul

Sep. 28, 2019 @ 15:05
Comment from: d3rp [Visitor]

I got some random issues with unresponsive lg remote, wired network and unknown device disconnected messages
Wireless was not working for month but I never cared

I disconnected the wireless card and everything working flawlessly

Thank you sir

Oct. 20, 2019 @ 13:36
Comment from: Donald R. [Visitor]

I have that cryptic message about Unknown Device, and unable to stream anything. Sounds like a new wifi module might be the answer. This is my 4th LG tv, and never had any problems until this.

My question is: How can I find a list of LG tv models, and what part number the wifi module has. I have the 49UJ6200 model, but unable to find a number for that wifi module. I cannot find any info on the LG website.

I am able to replace the module myself, saving a service call, but don’t know what PN to buy. Does such list exist listing all the models of smart tv’s?

Thanks for your response

Nov. 9, 2019 @ 13:25
Comment from: Shawn [Visitor]

Paul, excellent write up! I have a 49″ LG TV and just recently I began to get the “Unknown Device” notification. I moved the TV from our ‘game room’ which has reverted back to a bedroom due to one child returning to the nest, I had two game consoles attached. I thought the message was because I disconnected one of the consoles - that was until I tried to watch Netflix. That sent me into the settings menus and the internet for answers, both were about as useful as screens on a submarine, but I did glean some useful info such as my unit does have a card for the wifi. I used to work with electronics in the US Navy so I have little fear digging into these things (caution - yes, fear - somewhat). I found your article at the same time I decided to remove the back of my own TV and check out the wifi card. I later compared your photos to my card and they are almost identical with the exception mine was made in Indonesia. I checked the card for any obvious damage, cleaned connectors, and lightly disturbed the flat wiring - tossed it all back together and am currently once again enjoying Netflix. For how long - who knows, but it is working.

Nov. 24, 2019 @ 19:16
Comment from: Al Young [Visitor]


Thanks very much for your post. Our LG 55UJ6300 suffered from continuous connect/disconnect on screen messages, which I believe s causing continuous buffering of streaming content. After disconnecting the wifi card (we’re using an ethernet connection) not only did the connect/disconnect messages disappear, our stream buffering problems seem to have been solved as well.

On a side note, I’ve found many posts about this problem, on LG’s own support forum as well, and can’t believe LG hasn’t responded to this issue. Not even a mention on thier site acknowledging the problem or letting consumers know if they’ve fixed the issue with subsequent TV models. I do believe this may be my last LG TV purchase.

Thank around for sharing your cure!

Feb. 9, 2020 @ 13:28
Comment from: Eric [Visitor]

Thanks very much. Without your article I wouldn’t have thought to try to fix my own TV (2016 LG 65″ UH850T). Symptoms included losing my internet link on both wired and wifi connections, Smart Remote going awol and occasional “unknown device” errors. Removing the wifi module has allowed the wired link to function reliably while I wait for a new wifi module (EAT63153401) to arrive. I want a functioning wifi connection as the Smart Remote uses it for many functions including cursor control. I can use the Smart Remote to switch on/off the TV and bring up the home screen. After that I need a mouse plugged into a USB port on the TV to get into and operate Netflix & Youtube. the mouse is actually a really useful addition to the TV but I have a 3 metre cable dragged across the carpet.
Great article!

Jun. 15, 2020 @ 01:24
Comment from: Tim [Visitor]  

Paul - thanks for this GREAT write up! I have recently started to get the annoying “Unknown Device” message and am intrigued by your option A. I use Apple TV (4) for Hulu, Fubo, Netflix, Amazon, etc. it sounds like what you are saying is, that if I do NOT use the ‘smart’ functions of my 3-year-old 55” LG, then I can simply disconnect the wifi module as my Apple TV box is doing all the heavy lifting? Does that sound about right?

I’d love to get your opinion.



Dec. 31, 2020 @ 10:57
Comment from: Paul Rudoff [Member]

Tim, that is correct. - Paul

Dec. 31, 2020 @ 11:40
Comment from: Steven Erat [Visitor]

Thank you for the article with explanation and photos. This turned out to be very useful. My issue was solved by a technician that came out to repair. Here’s what happened…

In spring 2019 (~21 months ago) I started having the same problem of Unknown Device is Disconnected appearing frequently whenever my LG TV was on. About the same time it started I realized that the TV was no longer connected to wifi, and I was unable to reconfigure WiFi. The WiFi screen actually said “Wi-Fi is turned off. Turn it on to see the list of available networks that you can connect to…”, except there is no setting to turn it on anywhere in the settings. The TV has continued like this for the last 21 months until I received a letter from LG asking me to renew my premium care warranty which I forgot that I bought.

I decided to call for premium care to try out their support. Long story short, it was a horrendous experience that cost me 4 hours on hold including having actually gotten through to someone after an hour on hold that transferred me where I waited about 3 more hours. When I finally got through to someone again it was a like a WWI dog fight where they did every trick to try to shake me off, looking for reasons for why they could just terminate the call, but I did my homework including reading this post first, and I persisted. Finally, after 40 minutes speaking to the rep she agreed to send a technician out. Note, after that ordeal I would strongly advise against LG premium care and just take the DIY route.

2 days later the tech came out, took the back off the TV, and went straight for the WiFi module. I asked if he was replacing the wifi module, and he looked really surprised that I knew what part he was handling. Later he explained that this was a common problem caused by interference as a result of the module ribbon being too close to another ribbon. Without replacing the module he just taped the 2 ribbons apart so they no longer overlapped. Once the back was on again, the Wi-Fi Connection screen showed the list of available network SSIDs and I was able to successfully connect.

No charge from LG, but I tipped him on the way out. I cannot state strongly enough how difficult the LG “Premium Care” was to deal with, but the tech was in an out in 20 minutes.

Jan. 9, 2021 @ 18:04
Comment from: Keng [Visitor]

I opened up my tv and took the white ribbon off from the wifi module. And it solved the problem! No more pop-up messages. If you do attempt this just becarfull.

Apr. 26, 2021 @ 02:18
Comment from: alan frederick sacre [Visitor]

thanks for info SPOT ON disconnected wi fi module and the unknown message has ceased

Jun. 27, 2021 @ 04:20
Comment from: Daniel & Lola [Visitor]

Querido como te llames:

Esto solucionó a la perfección un modelo de 60 pulgadas que teníamos jodido hace 2 años.
Creíamos que no habría solución, pero esto lo resolvió de manera sencilla y realmente apreciamos mucho tu esfuerzo.

Sos el mejor, gracias por tu trabajo.





This perfectly solved a 60 -inch model that we had screwed 2 years ago.
We believed that there would be no solution, but this solved it in a simple way and we really appreciate your effort.

You are the best, thanks for your work.

May. 24, 2022 @ 13:32
Comment from: Tulley [Visitor]

This was an excellent write up! I have a similar version. LG Electronics 65SK8000 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2018 Model)

The resolution was the exact same steps. The only difference between this TV and the TV model in the article is, they hid the wifi adapter in the bottom plastic housing of the TV. So you do not immediately see it when you remove the back cover. You have to also remove the screws for the plastic molding at the bottom. This is where the power switch nub and the wireless adapter are stored. Disconnecting the connector from just the wiresless adapter board solved my problem.

Thank you Paul, I saved your article here in 2022 and finally got frustrated enough to go tear apart the TV. Your guidance was super helpful.

Feb. 18, 2024 @ 14:05

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