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Ghostbusters: The Video Game
General Information & Multimedia
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North American Release Dates: June 16, 2009, November 3, 2009 (PSP)
Specifications: Box Backs & Specs
ESRB Ratings:
  * PC/PlayStation 3/Xbox 360 - Teen (T) for Comic Mischief, Fantasy Violence, Mild Language.
  * PlayStation 2/Wii/PSP - Everyone 10+ (E10+) for Comic Mischief, Fantasy Violence.
  * DS - Everyone (E) for Fantasy Violence.
Developers: Terminal Reality (PC/PS3/Xbox), Red Fly Studio (Wii), War Drum Studios (PS2), Zen Studios (DS), Threewave Software (multiplayer aspects)
Publisher: Atari (North America); Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (Europe and PAL regions)
Official Documents: Sierra PR, Sierra Facts, Atari PR, Multiplayer Facts, Alyssa Milano PR, Ilyssa Selwyn Facts, Worldwide Publishing PR, N. American Release PR, PSP Announcement PR, PSP Shipping PR.
Official Sites: Developer's Blog
Game Crew: Voice Artists, Motion Capture Performers, Writers, and Recognition Of An Uncredited Artist
Notable Articles: Game Informer's Dan Aykroyd Interview (December 2007), Game History, Atari/Threewave No PC Multiplayer Comments, Haunted Ham.
Additional Resources: GB Wiki, GB Fans, IMDB, Art Design Staff 2/20/2010 Q&A (event info).

Game Info/Help: Multiplayer Awards, PS3 Trophy Guide, X360 Achievement Guide, Terminal Reality's Multiplayer Achievements Guide and Tips.
Game Guides: Official Prima Realistic, Official Prima Stylized (Prima Corrections), Gamespot Realistic (online guide).
GameFaqs: PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, Wii, PSP, DS.

Comparisons: All but DS, Realistic/Stylized Differences, Opening Comparison.
Comparisons - PS3 vs. X360: Lens of Truth, GameZine, Joystiq, EuroGamer, Eurogamer (patched PS3).

Scripts: Original Story Scripts & Transcripts
Manuals: PC, PS3, X360, PS2, Wii, DS.
Publicity: Press Kit Review, Promotional Images [VIP Exclusive], Magazine Raw Scans [VIP Exclusive].
Special Downloads: Press Kit Tech Trailers DVD
Audio Links - Level Quotes & Images, All Vigo Quotes.

Some of the content below is still live in its original location. For everything else, I may have archived it for Spook Central VIP Members as a thank you for supporting the site.











  • Teaser - "Rule #1" (0:17, November 2007) (version 1, "Next Fall, Who You Gonna Call?" Sierra end screen)
    • [dead link removed]

  • Trailer #1 (2:04)
    Shown at the London Movie Comic Media Expo on May 24-25, 2008, taped by Raffaele Ruffaldi
    EctoWeb (Download Low-Res FLV File, Hi-Res download on site)

  • Trailer - "Greatest Threat" (1:48, July 15, 2008) (version 1, Sierra end screen)
    • [dead link removed]

  • Trailer - Atari Live/When Disaster Strikes Trailer (1:44, December 3, 2008) (with Winston end clip)
    • [dead link removed]

  • Trailer - Atari Live/When Disaster Strikes Trailer (1:44, re-released January 29, 2009) (with Peter end clip)
    • Available in high defintion on the Ghostbusters 2009 Blu-Ray Disc
    Blu-ray Rip [VIP Exclusive] [premieres 8/1/2021]

  • Trailer - Rule #2 (0:52, February 5, 2009)
    • [dead link removed]

  • Trailer - Alyssa Milano (1:52, March 20, 2009)
    • [dead link removed]

  • Trailer - Rule #3 (0:43, April 6, 2009)
    • [dead link removed]

  • Trailer - Wii Slime (1:02, April 17, 2009)
    • [dead link removed]

  • Trailer - WalMart.com with Dan Aykroyd intro (1:27, April 28, 2009)
    Youtube: Egonspengler2
    For those that want to hear Dan, but not fiddle with video, or see more of the gameplay, you can listen his intro at Ghostbusters Wiki or Proton Charging.

  • Trailer - Multiplayer (1:20, May 13, 2009)
    • [dead link removed]

  • Trailer - Annie Potts (1:17, May 17, 2009)
    • [dead link removed]

  • Trailer - DS (1:11, May 22, 2009)
    • [dead link removed]

  • Trailer - E3 2009 Wii (1:13, May 28, 2009)
    Youtube: Wii Minute Radio (Wii Minute Radio Logo In Corner)

  • Trailer - E3 2009 Next Gen (1:12, June 1, 2009)
    Youtube: Atari Community

  • Trailer - Ernie Hudson (1:24, June 13, 2009)
    Spook Central Facebook (800x464)

  • Trailer - Harold Ramis (1:28, June 13, 2009)
    Spook Central Facebook (800x464)

  • Trailer - DS Launch (1:04, June 24, 2009)
    GBVG Facebook

  • Trailer - Lore of the Spiderwitch (June 29, 2009)
    • [dead link removed]

  • Trailer - PSP (1:01, September 30, 2009)
    • [dead link removed]

  • TV Spot - GameStop (0:34, May 19, 2009)
    • [dead link removed]

  • TV Spot - PS3 30 Seconds (June 16, 2009)
    Youtube: Atari Community
    The PS3 spot features a player with old CRT TV (and a betamax machine on top?), while the Wii player has a LCD/Plasma HDTV. Kinda odd considering the Wii console has the lower quality graphics.

  • TV Spot - PS3 15 Seconds (June 16, 2009)
    Youtube: Atari Community

  • TV Spot - Wii 30 Seconds (June 16, 2009)
    Youtube: Atari Community

  • TV Spot - Wii 15 Seconds (June 16, 2009)
    Youtube: Atari Community

  • TV Spot - Wii 15 Seconds With Quotes (July 16, 2009)
    Spook Central Facebook

  • TV Spot - DS (July 16, 2009)
    Spook Central Facebook


  • G4TV Gameplay Footage Remix (November 16, 2007 footage, 1:38)
    Since G4 originally had YouTube remove the copies that were uploaded there, the GB Props folks took their footage and remixed it so that they can't claim copyright infringement. After all, G4 doesn't own the gameplay footage itself.
    Youtube: Ghostbusters3

  • PlayrTV on Bravo UK, May 10?, 2008 Episode (5:06)
    Youtube: Egonspengler2
    You get to see another pack weapon (slime balls?), and a much different look at the PKE meter. Not to mention the slime tethers in full action. If you watch on the roof fight, there also seems to be some sort of overheating/overcharging on the proton pack, giving the basic proton stream a short, powerful wallop. And, if that's not enough, we get a first look at Ilyssa, the damsel-in-distress for the game. Also, the game footage appears to be using the movie score in a reactive form (meaning, it changes as the action changes). Plus the narrator explains that the pack has four modes, each with a secondary fire mode (so, 8 "weapons" total.)

  • G4 Live Hands-On Demo (July 14, 2008)
    (Yes, the new rookie is modelled after the guy who demonstrates the game in this video, Sierra Associate Producer Ryan French.)
    G4 (archive) (6:46, 43.8 Mb, 480x368, MP3 44100Hz stereo 96Kbps)
    DailyMotion (includes segue beforehand)

  • Ryan French Demo Walkthrough at Comic-Con (by DreadCentral) (July 28, 2008, 9:51) (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, ESP. DOWNLOADABLE QT VERSION)
    In this video we learn that the player character (the rookie) does not talk; that there are innocent civilians hidden throughout the game being terrorized by ghosts and if you save them, you'll get an achievement for that. Also collectibles show up at the firehouse, on a display shelf or something like that. The player's health damage is noted by redness on the edges of the screen ala Gears of War. The Pause menu, on the side of the PKE Meter, is seen at 7:47.
    DreadCentral - Download MOV File
    Youtube: Andrew Kasch
    Youtube: Manueunam

  • Game Reactor: Wii gameplay footage (December 11, 2008, 10:33)
    GameReactor (Download MP4 File)


  • Ryan French Raw Interview (recorded for game promotional materials) (uploaded to YouTube by Fatdroid on May 7, 2014)

  • GameTrailers TV, May 9, 2008 Episode (21:28 total)
    Spook Central Patreon [Unlocked] (Download 4-Part FLV Files, 379 Mb total, 960x540)

  • Infernal Engine Tech Demos (July 12, 2008)
    Mark Randel, head boss at Terminal Reality, narrates three tech demo clips just recently posted to YouTube - this is as from-the-horses-mouth as it gets. Mark shows off a number of features of their Infernal Engine, so this representative of the Xbox360/PC/PS3 versions.
    Demo DVD Rips Downloads
    • Reading Tech Demo (Demo #1) (4:50)
        • Youtube: Sierralad
        • GBFans - Download FLV File
    • Physics Tech Demo (Demo #2) (1:12)
        • Youtube: Sierralad
        • GBFans - Download FLV File
    • Crowd Tech Demo (Demo #3) (2:32)
        • Youtube: Sierralad
        • GBFans - Download FLV File
    Embed as a YouTube playlist:

  • GameTrailers TV (March 14, 2009 episode) (first look at the Spider Witch)
    Youtube: Egonspengler2

  • IncGamers Ghostbusters Developer Interview (March 15, 2009)
    IncGamers got to sit down with Brendan Goss and Drew Haworth from Terminal Reality to talk about the Ghostbusters video game and there is some SWEET footage of a multiplayer game being set up and in action. You also glimpse the player sliding down the pole in the firehouse, and a couple of times you can see the pack overheat and let out some steam.
    • [dead link removed]

  • Time Magazine at NY press junket - with Dan Aykroyd int (April 23, 2009)
    Youtube: Time

  • The Game Heroes: Behind The Scenes And Elevator Cinematic (April 29, 2009)
    • [dead link removed]

  • Juvenile Sloar & Dan Aykroyd on GameTrailers TV (May 1, 2009) (GB Int from 7:17-8:51)
    • [dead link removed]

  • Realistic Version Firehouse Tour (after hidden artifacts have been collected)
    Youtube: Bryan with a Y-an

  • Fan-Made Wii Proton Pack (March 5, 2010)
    Youtube: TomServo84


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