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Botchamania #422

Yes, I've written about Botchamania before. I'm writing about it again because in the latest episode, Botchamania #422, three botches that I spotted were used. Read on to find out more... more »

AEW: Dynamite Arena Experience Website Review

Ahead of Dynamite's one-year anniversary, All Elite Wrestling and TNT launched the website on or around October 14, 2020. Read on to find out more about it... more »

Botchamania #421

Botchamania is a popular video series created by Maffew Gregg (his name being a botch on "Matthew") that highlights humorous, embarrassing, and sometimes painful botches in professional wrestling. Each installment compiles clips of in-ring wrestling… more »

MJ Holding Company Walmart Wrestling Mystery Repack Box Review Break

Surprise, surprise. I'm writing about another mystery repack box, but this time it's not from The Fairfield Company. This one is from the MJ Holding Company, LLC (in Bedford Park, IL), and it's apparently a… more »

The Fairfield Company Target Wrestling Figure Mystery Repack Box Review Break

I've written about The Fairfield Company's Target-exclusive mystery boxes in the past. Each of these boxes, whether they be for wrestling, The Walking Dead, or something else, contains a bunch of previously-released "blind box" cards/collectibles… more »

The Fairfield Company Target Wrestling Mystery Repack Box Review Break

Undoubtedly, if you've been to a Target store, you've seen the "cards and collectibles" section at the end of the checkout lanes. It's where you'll find all of the sports cards, Garbage Pail Kids, Wacky Packages, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and all of that other… more »

Recommended Wrestling Autograph Dealers

Back in the 1990s and 2000s I used to be an autograph collector. I had quite a large collection featuring a wide variety of actors, actresses, singers, models, voice actors, animators, wrestlers, and wrestling personalities. A good chunk of it got… more »

WWE 2K17 Video Game Welcome To Suplex City Trailer Easter Eggs

(View on YouTube) WWE and 2K released a new trailer for the new WWE 2K17 video game (due out in two weeks), and as I was watching it last night on Raw, I couldn't help but notice a bunch of Easter Eggs. I knew that I would have to get an HD copy from… more »

TNA The Best of the Asylum Years, Vol. 1 DVD Review

This review was originally written on August 18, 2011 Archive Footage Shown In Wrong Aspect Ratio (4:3 Stretched Or Cropped Into 16:9), Stretched Footage Gives Me A Headache I really don't understand why any company would author a DVD like TNA did with… more »

TNA Lockdown 2005 & TNA Anthology: The Epic Set Box Set DVD Review

This review was originally written on September 23, 2010 An Analysis Of The Lockdown 2005 DVD Alterations Included in the TNA Anthology: The Epic Set box set are the following three pay-per-views: * Victory Road 2004 (November 7, 2004) [TNA's first… more »